A Current Affair program Ran A Story About Dr Lanzer
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A Current Affair program Ran A Story About Dr Lanzer

20.11.2014 - written by Paula Grossbard

Current Affair:

Last week, the Nine Network’s A Current Affair program ran a story about a man who weighed 320 kilograms. Over a 2-year period he lost 200 kilos, through dieting and exercise. Dr. Lanzer helped this gentleman in 3 ways , highlighting how cosmetic surgery can play a role with patients who lose a lot of weight, and also with women, who have the so called “mummy makeover”.

Dr Daniel Lanzer was the chosen Cosmetic Surgeon to operate on a man who lost 200 kilo’s!! He performed a very large Lipo-Tuck on the stomach, a Neck Lift with Liposculpture & a Face Lift with stem cells. To view a short summary of A Current Affairs that was shown nationally this week, click this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=httvvNCcKt8&feature=youtu.be

Jordan BigJordan Evolution (3)

The procedures included:
– Lipo tuck: Dr. Lanzer removed skin, nearly a meter wide, as well as fat from the lower stomach. The lipo tuck involves initially performing a tumescent liposuction of all the unwanted fat, followed by tightening of the weak stomach muscles and then removal of the excess skin. This is generally an outpatient procedure, performed in Dr. Lanzer’s Day Surgery Centre.
– Liposculpture of the neck: Unfortunately, with excessive weight loss, the skin can often become loose and drooping. This is often most noticeable as sagging on the neck. The first approach to this area is tumescent liposculpture, which was performed on this gentleman. The liposculpture not only removes fat but also stimulates the skin to contract and tighten. For patients who want an even better lift, then Dr. Lanzer performs the mini face and neck lift. A few more long term sutures are placed in the muscle to elevate the sagging structures along the sides of the face and neck. Excess skin is removed by an incision around the ears.
– Stem cell fat transfer to the cheeks: With both weight loss and general aging, people might find that they lose the supporting structure of the cheeks. The impact may be that rather than possessing the curved round cheeks that we see in children, the face may become depressed and hollow. Fat can be taken from other areas of the body. Through a process, stem cells are removed from the fat. A combination of stem cells and fat cells are injected into the cheeks to re-create the shape before the weight loss and aging. Dr. Lanzer maintains a cosmetic bank which allows him to store patients’ fat cells for many years of further use.

We took the opportunity of asking Dr. Lanzer cosmetic procedures have changed over the past 25 years.

1. “There are many more non-surgical devices for fat blasting and face rejuvenation which did not exist in the past. New ones this year include the Viva fractionated radiofrequency and the Energet facial rejuvenation. They all add a new element of finesse, enhancing the results with little or no downtime.”
2. The introduction of tumescent liposculpture has meant that surgeons are able to fairly safely remove fat via keyhole surgery, which produces a significant and dramatic result.
3. Men are more accepting of , and interested in, cosmetic surgery. The procedures I regularly perform on men include removal of man boobs, high-definition liposculpture with the removal of the flanks and development of the 6-pack, and mini facelift surgery.
4. Mini facelift. There is more emphasis these days in having procedures that produce a natural result rather than a dramatic, startled result. This is particularly relevant with patients having mini facelifts and laser eyelid rejuvenation.
5. 25 years ago, wrinkles were removed with dermabrasion, which had a high risk of complications. Today, lasers such as Contour Erbium are much safer and more effective.
6. Breast reduction. We were able to help introduce breast reduction for large breasts via liposuction alone, which means a quicker recovery and less scarring.

Jordan EvolutionOne can see an edited version of the A Current Affairs program on Dr. Lanzer’s website www.drlanzer.com.au. Dr. Lanzer does warn that results do vary between patients.

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