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Concerned about the Safety of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures? Discover How Safe Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Really Are!

Many patients often postpone their cosmetic surgery procedure because they are concerned about their safety. Some patients believe that all cosmetic surgery procedures are very invasive and are accompanied by a long recovery time. Nothing could be further from the truth though, because cosmetic procedures are constantly evolving and have become a lot less invasive. To learn more about the safety of cosmetic surgery procedures, please read our information below.

What Are the Risks Involved in Cosmetic Surgery?

According to research recently executed in the most prominent countries where cosmetic procedures are often used, the biggest risk lies in the abilities of the cosmetic surgery and the facilities you will encounter as a patient. Below, you will find an overview of the most common risks in these fields.

Evaluation and Follow-Up

In order to reduce the risk for the patient, a cosmetic surgery must always evaluate the patient properly; to reduce the chances of complications or other similar problems. Patients must also receive proper aftercare, but not all cosmetic clinics are able to provide such service. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, each patient is evaluated on an individual basis. Patients can also count on a proper aftercare service, where they are able to always contact the surgeon or the team of professionals at the clinic for immediate advice and follow-up appointments.


While many clinics in Australia do not come with such risk, a study in the UK showed that some cosmetic surgery facilities could do better. A report released by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death looked at 361 facilities within the United Kingdom. From their findings, they found that there were many teams in these facilities who were too inexperienced to perform such procedures.

At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients do not have to worry about such risks, considering the fact that Dr Lanzer is one of the most renowned cosmetic surgerys in Australia. He also has more than 30 years of experience and performs multiple cosmetic procedures on a daily basis. Dr Lanzer is also supported by an experienced team with the right qualifications, which greatly reduces the risk for patients coming to the Dr Lanzer Clinic for their procedure.

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Medical Tourism

The greatest risk can be found in medical tourism, in other words, patients who seek their treatment abroad in a bid to reduce the cost of their procedure. Even though treatments abroad could be considerably cheaper, they are accompanied by a lot more risks. Cosmetic surgery facilities abroad may not have the same hygiene standards as a facility in Australia. Patients could also be dealing with an inexperienced surgeon or communication problems before, during and after their procedure, which increases the risk of complications and problems greatly.

Can I Do Anything to Increase My Own Safety?

As a patient, there are many things you can do to increase your own safety and reduce the risk of something wrong during a procedure. First of all, it is extremely important to feel comfortable with the cosmetic surgery and the facility you have chosen. The cosmetic surgery and facility must be able to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable. If not, it is best to look elsewhere.

Many specialists will also recommend not having your procedure during a stressful time in your life, for example when you moved house or changed jobs. Stress can have an impact on your recovery, so it is best to choose a time that is convenient for you.

The location of the clinic you choose is important as well. Having to travel long distances for your procedure can make follow-up appointments difficult, so choosing a facility that is nearby can be a lot easier for you in the long run.

Last but not least, patients should always take their time when deciding on a cosmetic procedure. No matter how you look at it, a surgical procedure is always a big commitment. Therefore, patients should be well-informed and absolutely certain of their decision.

How Reliable Is the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the most reliable facilities for cosmetic procedures in Australia. Dr Lanzer’s Cosmetic Day Surgery has obtained specific accreditation for cosmetic surgery and dermatologic surgery. Thanks to these accreditations, the Dr Lanzer Clinic is able to provide a healthcare assurance of safety and quality in all levels of the facility.

In addition to the accreditations, the Dr Lanzer day hospital has obtained international recognition of Safety and Standard of Excellence. To obtain this type of recognition, the clinic, as well as the staff, have to be able to show impeccable management of each aspect of the services provided.

What Safety Techniques Are Used by Dr Lanzer?

To increase the safety of patients taking advantage of cosmetic procedures at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, Dr Lanzer aims to provide low invasive procedures to his patients. By being able to provide these less invasive procedures, patients can expect shorter recovery times as well as fewer side effects after a certain procedure.

At Dr Lanzer, there is no talk of “general treatments”. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis and given a personal treatment plan to match their needs and the situation they find themselves in.

Before a procedure takes place, Dr Lanzer and his team make sure that the patient is fully informed; this means that each patient will receive a detailed explanation from

Dr Lanzer and his professional staff before the procedure actually take place. The most important thing to Dr Lanzer is patient satisfaction, not only in the area of results but also in the area of comfort and the treatment obtained from staff.

Patients interested in obtaining a cosmetic procedure from the Dr Lanzer Clinic, but who are still concerned about their safety or complications that may arise from a certain procedure, can always contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. By gaining this valuable information, patients can make an informed decision about a surgical procedure.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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