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Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review

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A Personal Insight Of Dr Lanzer

Dr Lanzer is a known cosmetic dermatologist, who has contributed to numerous developments in cosmetic surgery for several decades. As there have been countless new technologies and developments in cosmetic surgery, Dr Lanzer has been involved in implementing and developing them.

Many of these changes and developments were followed by national television programs. Dr Lanzer was often invited to discuss these changes and explain how they are relevant to patients and what sort of results could be obtained.

Dr Lanzer is known to be very friendly and warm and takes a particular interest in his patient’s aftercare. He follows his patients very closely and all aftercare is included; there is no charge. Dr Lanzer has also been a very keen follower of the latest technologies and was one of the first to use many of the lasers and devices for face and body rejuvenation.

Timeline Of Dr Lanzer’s Personal Achievements

In 1992, Dr Lanzer helped convene the first hands-on conference on a brand-new procedure called tumescent liposuction. This method was developed by an American dermatologist. Dr Lanzer, being a dermatologist, had direct access to this method and he arranged the first hands-on meeting and actually operated at that meeting on a young girl’s outer thighs. The results were dramatic. Her progress was followed on shows such as the Ray Martin mid-day show and Steve Vizard’s program called Tonight Live. Many women’s magazines also documented the new methods including the new weekly and New Idea. Dr Lanzer explains that liposculpture initially was thought to be just for localised areas such as saddlebags or flanks but with more experience, we realised that we could treat large areas and often full body liposuction which would be done under general anaesthetic.

Another major development was the introduction of cosmetic lasers. Many of these developments were also created by dermatologists. Dr Lanzer and a few other dermatologists bought the first cosmetic lasers and held conferences to teach other surgeons how to use them. For the last 30 years, Dr Lanzer has been performing laser resurfacing, laser removal of unwanted lesions, and laser blepharoplasty. The laser is a light that specifically attacks different areas of the skin.

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1996 saw Dr Lanzer using liposuction to help patients with excess weight and obesity. The Good Medicine program followed Dr Lanzer’s progress on this, as did a number of cosmetic magazines such as The Women’s Day. Dr Lanzer now has a full team of experts that help patients with excess weight including his more long-term nutritional dietitian.

In the year 2000, Dr Lanzer helped develop breast reduction via liposuction. Until that point, the only method available was mammoplasty, which involved cutting out large areas of the breast. With the liposuction alone method, fat could be removed just through suction and a few small nicks under the skin. A very large study was performed of over 250 patients and Dr Lanzer was amazed at how well patients took to the procedure. It was an immediate lightening of the breast so that the breast contracted and elevated, and a reduction in pain around the shoulders, neck, and back which was related to heavy breasts. Dr Lanzer presented his findings in America at a number of national conferences and was featured on television throughout the world.

Dr Lanzer was the first to use a more long-term filler on the face. Fillers have become the mainstay of facial rejuvenation to improve the lips and cheeks in particular. Dr Lanzer then showed a keening interest in suture lifts. He helped to bring the concept of using just threads under the skin to the forefront. More recently, Dr Lanzer has been using threads to tighten the muscles in the mini facelift procedure; this combines tumescent liposculpture around the neck and jowls together with skin tightening and removal of skin.

One of the big changes in cosmetic surgery has been male liposuction. Dr Lanzer discussed this approach and changes on the SBS Insight Program and on A Current Affair. Many men are concerned by the female looking breasts called man-boobs. These can be treated in an effective way. Dr Lanzer also performs a “6-pack” liposculpture method.

Dr Lanzer is also one of the first to perform the lipo-tuck, which combines the liposculpture tumescent method with removal of loose skin, typically after weight loss or the woman’s makeover procedure.

The clinics of Dr Lanzer offer many non-surgical devices such as Ulthera for face lifting, Cool Shaping for the removal of fat, Viva for facial rejuvenation and many other facial procedures.

Dr Lanzer has been studying different creams and cosmeceuticals for many years and is launching a new range that contains anti-aging products. His range will be the first of its kind in the world.

Dr Lanzer is known as a family man with many children and grandchildren. He spends many hours a day doing charity work and is involved in the education of ethics courses.

Education – A Personal Insight

Dr Lanzer travels overseas regularly to continue his education and is often called upon to give his opinion. Dr Lanzer is on the dermatologist’s surgical sub-committee as the liposuction representative and for advanced surgery.

Theatre Accreditation – A Personal Insight

Dr Lanzer has a keen interest in maintaining the highest standards in healthcare. He was one of the first practices in Australia to receive the 10 standards for the NSQHS (National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards) in Australia. This was introduced in 2013 and Dr Lanzer was awarded the full standards. This involves a constant assessing and proving of all sterile techniques and methodology in all areas of his practice.

Clinics – A Personal Insight

Besides the wonderful state-of-the-art day surgery centre in Melbourne. He also has a new day surgery clinic in Pitt Street Sydney. He has been traveling to Sydney for over 25 years and now has a direct video link to this practice so that he can consult on a daily basis.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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