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We consult & operate Australia-wide

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Author: Paula Grossbard

16.02.2015 blog

Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery

Five Types of Options In Different Areas Of Cosmetic Surgery : Cosmetic surgery continues to expand with many new options. Dr. Daniel

01.12.2014 blog

What Clinic?

What Clinic? One of the most common queries that we receive particularly by Google and the internet in Australia is, "What clinic

20.11.2014 blog

A Current Affair program Ran A Story About Dr Lanzer

Current Affair: Last week, the Nine Network’s A Current Affair program ran a story about a man who weighed 320 kilograms. Over

28.10.2014 blog

Dr. Daniel Lanzer Looks at Skin Complaints

Skin Complaints Discussed By Dr Lanzer One of the most common complaints that comes to Dr. Lanzer from his patients as a

28.10.2014 blog

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer (Unusual Complaints Regarding Cosmetic Factors) Over the years, I have seen many different complaints about patient's appearances and what

14.07.2014 blog

Patient Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Learn More About Patient Complaints After practicing for so many years, I have been able to identify different trends about what patients

10.07.2014 blog

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer Dr. Lanzer is known to be a very caring cosmetic surgery and dermatologist. He understands that patients are

10.07.2014 blog

What Are Interesting Cases of Doctors in Court or Sued

Interesting Cases of Doctors I have been practicing cosmetic surgery and general dermatology for over 25 years. During that time, I have

10.07.2014 blog

Litigation Credentialing

LITIGATION CREDENTIALING blog || Comments are off for this post One of the most common questions that I am asked is what is your

08.07.2014 blog

Court Cases By Doctors In The Media

In The Media: One of the natural fears of any doctor throughout the world is that a patient will become upset and

30.12.2013 blog

Dr Lanzer On Channel 10 Today

The Dr Lanzer's Body Dysmorphic Disorder Interview for Channel 10 Dr Lanzer is one of the most prominent cosmetic surgerys in Australia, so

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