57 year old breast augmentation from size B to size C large

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Case Study

57-year-old patient went from Size B to size C post Breast Augmentation


Before Breast Augmentation procedure this 57 year old patient presented with a size B cup.


3 weeks post implant 400 ml Silicone - size B to large C

Case Study: Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

One of the after effects of any surgery which penetrates the skin is scarring. The extent and visibility of scarring of course varies dependent upon where and what surgery is being performed.

Breasts are an area which women associate with their femininity, therefor it can be quite a major decision as to how they will feel about the scarring afterwards.

The great thing about our breast augmentation procedures is that Dr Lanzer inserts the implant through an incision in your natural breast crease. Post procedure this is rarely visible from front on and can usually only be seen if looking closely from underneath.

This is a photo of a 57 year old lady 3 weeks after her saline implant. Majority of women seeking implants are younger however in all areas of cosmetic surgery older people are seeking improvement. It relates to people living longer and feeling younger.

Dr Lanzer has no age barrier for cosmetic surgery and has even operated in eighty year olds. He does choose the least invasive options.

The advantage of the saline implant using Dr Lanzer’s method as shown is : no risk of saline leak, safe water product, implant inflated inside body so only a small incision and mark: incision increase under breast so not easily visible: implant under the chest muscle so it feels really natural and less mammogram issues.

A breast lift involves a larger incision around the nipple, vertically down to the crease where it meets a horizontal line. We talk to our patients in depth about their expectations and explain in detail what they can expect from their results.

Dr Lanzer pioneered Breast Liposuction in Australia and has been achieving excellent results. For patients who are wanting a reduction and possible lift but not too sure about the scarring afterwards, we may suggest that they have some breast liposuction first. Once the final results are gained (usually after 6 months) we can then assess whether the patient still feels they want a lift. Breast liposuction itself encourages skin contraction, so for some women this may be enough.

In a similar way a breast augmentation procedure may be enough to give the illusion of a lift rather than actually having the lift performed. This is because in many cases the distance between the nipple and the infra mammary fold (breast crease) increase, therefor making the nipple appear to sit higher.

Dr Lanzer assesses each case individually and will develop a procedure plan which best suits your needs and expectations.

The treatment plan provided by Dr Lanzer will include important information about your procedure, so it is important to read your treatment plan thoroughly when you leave our clinic. The treatment plan includes information such as the number of appointments needed, the cost of your procedure and other vital info. So, if you have any questions after reading through your treatment plan, we recommend contacting the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. Before you have your breast augmentation procedure, you will be required to sign a consent form. In this form, you declare to understand the nature of the procedure and the risks involved in it, so it is important to understand what your breast augmentation will entail before you have the procedure done.

Even though technology and surgical techniques have evolved over the years, there is always some risk involved with a cosmetic surgery procedure. These risks must be explained clearly to the patient before the surgery takes place and the patient must fully understand the risks to give their consent. If you have any concerns about the risks accompanying a breast augmentation, we recommend speaking to your local physician or making an appointment with Dr Lanzer. By speaking to a medical professional, they can explain everything in more detail to you, after which you can make the decision whether to choose breast augmentation or not.

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Dr Lanzer has found that the best and most natural results can be obtained by combining multiple procedures. Each procedure is directed at a particular issue and thereby produces the best overall result. Dr Lanzer has found that combining a number of focused procedures he can obtain an excellent natural result.


Dr Lanzer has over 30 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and is regarded as one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia. Dr Lanzer is skilled in Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and many other Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

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Surgical Warning: Every form of surgery has a possibility of a complication and these are given to you in detail by Dr Lanzer. It is a good idea to understand your surgical procedure well, and to obtain further advice from another Specialist Cosmetic surgeon such as a Dermatologist like Dr Lanzer.

All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up.

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