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The Fat Transfer to Breasts

Patients who have suffered a reduction in breast volume, want to increase their breast size or correct breast asymmetry – may be a suitable candidate for the fat transfer to breasts procedure. During this treatment, cosmetic surgery uses the patient’s own fat to increase the patient’s cup size. To learn more about the procedure, please read our comprehensive guide to the fat transfer to breasts procedure below.

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How Much Does a Fat Transfer to The Breast Cost?

How Much Does a Fat Transfer to The Breast Cost?

The cost of a fat transfer can be variable, as there are different cost factors that can play a role in determining the overall cost of the procedure. Firstly, there is the liposuction procedure, which is the stage where the cosmetic surgery harvests fat from a certain area. Evidently, this treatment is also accompanied by a certain cost. Please note that patients are not obligated to have the liposuction and the fat transfer all at once. In fact, most patients have their liposuction six months before the fat transfer takes place. The harvested fat is then stored in Dr Lanzer’s fat bank until it is used during the fat transfer.

What Fees are Included?

What Fees are Included?

Liposuction procedures are subject to costs such as the surgeon and anaesthetist fee and can be subject to the anaesthetics used during the treatment. The fat transfer itself is also accompanied by a treatment cost. Therefore, we advise patients to take advantage of the free no-obligation consultation offered by the Dr Lanzer Clinic to get an accurate estimate for their treatment.

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    Is The Fat Transfer to Breasts Safe?

    The fat transfer to breasts treatment is considered a safe procedure. Even though most cosmetic treatments are associated with some degree of risk, breast enhancement with fat injections provides patients with an alternative to silicone breast implants and can deliver a more natural result.

    To execute the procedure, cosmetic surgery will harvest a certain amount of fat from specific parts
    of your body; this is usually an area that is prone to fat accumulation and quite resistant to weight
    loss. Common locations where fat cells are harvested include the outer thighs, hips, and abdomen.

    Once the fat has been harvested, it is treated and concentrated; this will filter out any impurities from
    the fat and make it suitable to be injected into the breast. The increase in breast size can be several
    cup sizes (usually up to two cup sizes). Of course, the transferred fat can also be used to change
    the breast shape and still achieve a natural look. However, if you wish to have a larger increase in
    breast size, then a treatment with breast implants may be recommended instead.

    To reduce the chance of complications, patients are required to attend a follow-up appointment with
    Dr Lanzer or one of his associates. While cosmetic surgeries always aim to reduce the chance of complications after a breast augmentation procedure, this does not mean they cannot occur. During
    a follow-up appointment, Dr Lanzer or one of his associates can evaluate how the breast tissue and the breast area responded to the transfer of fat. He can also check the treatment area for possible signs of complications, ensuring you can leave our clinic healthy.

    Please note that the fat transfer is not solely used as an alternative for traditional breast augmentation,
    it also has applications in the Brazilian butt lift and countless rejuvenating procedures.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer to The Breast?

    Pros Of Fat Transfer to The Breast

    Pros Of Fat Transfer to The Breast

    Breast reconstruction or breast augmentation with fat grafting has become a lot more popular over the years. It provides patients with the opportunity to increase the size of their breasts without using breast implants, which can deliver a more natural and subtle result. If a patient has excess fat in another area, then this unwanted fat can be used to increase the size of small breasts.

    As the fat from the fat graft is injected during an autologous fat transfer procedure, no incisions need to be made to provide the patient with an increase in breast size. Getting breast implants usually involves an incision. Even though this incision can be well-hidden, some patients prefer to have their procedure without the need for incisions.

    Cons Of Fat Transfer to The Breast

    Cons Of Fat Transfer to The Breast

    Even though the increase in cup size can be quite dramatic with a fat transfer, patients who want a breast enlargement size increase of three to four cup sizes may need to look at the breast implant alternative. To determine if your desired cup size can be obtained through the fat transfer, please book a consult with Dr Lanzer. During this consultation, Dr Lanzer will be able to tell you more about the results you should expect.

    Even though the fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure, patients should still consider the risks that accompany liposuction surgery and fat transfers. As an incision and cannula are used to graft the fat, there is always a slight chance of infection.

    Side-Effects and Downtime

    Side-Effects and Downtime

    Please note that patients will need a surgical procedure such as liposuction before the patient’s own body fat can be transferred to the breasts. During this procedure, body fat will be removed from the area and the patient will be required to wear a compression garment afterwards; this helps with side effects that can be experienced during your downtime. Patients should always consider downtime for this body contouring procedure. If you have questions about the duration of fat removal recovery, be sure to ask any questions you may have during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgery.

    Discover Fat Transfer to Breasts Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients now opt for fat transfer to breasts. If you’re looking to have your fat transferred to your breasts to achieve great results, get a free no-obligation consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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    What Else Do I Need to Know About Fat Transfers to the Breast?

    How Long Does the Fat Transfer to The Breasts Last?

    The duration of the fat transfer can be variable from patient to patient. Evidently, severe weight loss post-procedure could impact the desired results patients receive after the treatment. Therefore, we advise patients to be on or around their target weight before coming in for their natural breast augmentation through fat transfer.

    Can You Transfer Fat from Your Stomach to Your Breast?

    As mentioned earlier, fat can be harvested from various areas of the body. The areas where the fat is taken is usually subject to fat accumulation and the fat cells can be resistant to weight loss. Therefore, it is common for cosmetic surgeries to harvest fat from the abdomen or the thighs.

    Some patients have liposuction sometime before they decide to use their stored fat, as the harvested fat has more benefits than just altering the size of the breasts. Fat has also proven to be an effective anti-ageing treatment. The fat can be introduced in areas that are susceptible to signs of ageing; this includes the hands and the face. Therefore, it is not uncommon for patients to store their fat in Dr Lanzer’s fat bank until they are ready to use it later.

    Can Fat Be Used for A Breast Lift?

    For a natural breast lift, cosmetic surgery can remove fat from the breasts; this makes the breast lighter and gives them a more natural lift. A breast lift can also be executed by skin removal and suturing of certain muscles. The type of procedure that will be most suitable for your breast lift needs to be discussed with Dr Lanzer.

    How Can I Get a Consultation with A Board-Certified Practitioner for A Fat Transfer to The Breasts?

    New patients can take advantage of a free no-obligation consultation, which can be accessed by entering your information on the online enquiry form on the website. If you rather not use the website form, you can also contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone.

    Dr Lanzer has clinics all across Australia, so it is likely that you will have a clinic near you. At the moment, you can find the Dr Lanzer Clinic in areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, and NSW. To find the various locations of our clinics, please refer to the information on the website. If you wish to enquire further about the fat transfer, liposuction, or a related procedure, please use our online enquiry form or contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Fat Transfer to Breasts

    Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation surgery starts at $3,995 plus hospital fees, subject to consultation plus the cost of the liposculpture performed.

    It is normal for the breasts to decrease slightly post-procedure however a significant amount of fat lasts indefinitely.

    The recovery time can vary from patient to patient. Dr Lanzer suggests resting between one-two weeks after your procedure. Typically, minor swelling and bruising will settle down in one-two weeks. Your final results will be 3-6 months post-procedure date.

    Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation surgery starts at $3,995 plus hospital fees, subject to consultation. Additionally, pricing for the area of the body being liposuctioned in order to obtain the fat being transferred must be included.

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