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Cellulite Removal In The Gold Coast

Cellulite Removal In The Gold Coast

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Patients who are looking to treat cellulite might look at cellulite removal in the Gold Coast. Cellulite removal in the Gold Coast can envelop a number of treatments too, this includes Cellulaze as well as lymphatic drainage massage. To understand how cellulite is treated and what it is affected by, please read the information overview below.

What Causes Cellulite?

Scientists have not been able to determine the exact cause of cellulite. But while the cause for cellulite is unknown, scientists do know why the skin gets that typical orange-peel appearance when cellulite occurs. The problem lies with the connective tissue or fibrous cords that lay between the skin and muscle. When the fat cells put pressure on these cords, it creates the characteristic cellulite look on the skin.

Cellulite removal in The Gold Coast is mostly obtained by women. This is not that unusual, especially when you consider that the condition is far more common in women than men.

There is some evidence that hormonal fluctuations could influence the development of cellulite. In some cases, genetics can influence fat deposits and the fibrous bands around it, making cellulite more prominent in commonly affected areas.

It is important to know that there are some risk factors when it comes to cellulite. Women are more likely to develop cellulite due to natural fat accumulation in the thighs, hips, and buttocks. These are areas that are much more prone to problems such as cellulite.

cellulite removal in the Gold Coast

Can Running Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Treating cellulite can sometimes be down to making smarter lifestyle choices. Of course, this is not the case for everyone and sometimes a surgical cellulite removal in the Gold Coast may be required.

Aerobic exercises have been shown to be beneficial for the long-term management of cellulite. Therefore, they are often considered as an additional management step alongside conventional treatment options. Running is a great aerobic exercise to add to your regular routine.

Can You Permanently Remove Cellulite?

Treatments such as laser cellulite removal can reduce the appearance of cellulite tremendously. Treatments such as Cellulaze have also shown to have a beneficial effect on collagen production, making the skin smoother.

While treatments with radiofrequency waves can reduce the appearance of cellulite, the large majority of removing cellulite is a combination of surgical treatment and lifestyle choices.

Patients who are obese are first advised to lose some weight before considering cellulite treatment. For patients who are obese, weight loss can cause a reduction in cellulite.

Most patients who are prone to cellulite will notice a serious reduction if not elimination of the problem after the treatment. However, management with lymphatic drainage massage could prove quite beneficial long-term as well.

Please note that surgical procedures such as fat freezing and liposuction body contouring are not used for the treatment of cellulite. However, if cellulite is a concern post treatment, a standalone treatment for cellulite will help to manage the problem.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Cellulite Removal in the Gold Coast procedures. If you’re looking for Cellulite Removal in the Gold Coast, enquire and get a free no-obligation consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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What Is The Best Procedure To Remove Cellulite?

The best procedure for cellulite removal will depend heavily on the source of the problem. As mentioned previously, some patients who are obese could experience a reduction in cellulite by losing weight. Other patients who are on or around their target weight can get procedures such as Cellulaze or lymphatic drainage massage to eliminate cellulite.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Cellulite?

Cellulaze will provide an immediate improvement of your cellulite. Of course, other treatments will have to be repeated to provide the same result over time. For example, repeated lymphatic drainage massages will provide a reduction in cellulite, but have to be repeated over time to provide the same results as a Cellulaze treatment.

The appearance of cellulite can also be reduced by better lifestyle choices. Of course, patients who suffer from cellulite due to genetics or hormonal problems may need cellulite treatment to tackle the problem completely. However, if poor lifestyle choices are the cause of cellulite, then lifestyle changes can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of cellulite over a longer term.

cellulite removal in the Gold Coast

How Much Does It Cost To Get Cellulite Removed?

The cost of cellulite removal will be subject to the treatment you have. For example, the cost of lymphatic drainage will be different than a treatment such as Cellulaze. Treatment cost is also subject to the treatment area. There are numerous areas that can be affected by cellulite, this includes the buttocks, thighs, and hips. Each of these areas has a different complexity, so the cost for treatment will vary too.

To get an accurate estimate for your cellulite removal, it is best to get a quote directly from the cosmetic surgeon or the dermatologist. If you are a new patient of The Dr Lanzer Clinic and want to obtain cellulite removal, you can benefit from a free and no-obligation appointment. To obtain this appointment, simply enter your information on the online enquiry form or contact us by telephone.

How Long Does Cellulite Removal Last?

Cellulite removal is long-term for most patients. However, to keep benefiting from the results you obtain from a procedure, it is essential to continue living a healthy lifestyle. This means that patients should enjoy a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise post-treatment.

Patients who have Cellulaze can do some light walking during the first two weeks after their procedure. However, they should avoid strenuous activities, as these could cause complications shortly after the treatment.

Most patients recover relatively quickly from Cellulaze, but it is best to listen to your own body. If you believe you need some extra time after the initial two weeks of recovery, be sure to take some extra time to recover. You can also get some additional treatments at The Dr Lanzer Clinic to speed up the recovery process. For more information about these treatments, simply refer to the information pages on our website or speak to Dr Lanzer or one of his associates for an overview of the treatments available. They will be more than happy to assist.

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