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Cellulite Removal In Melbourne

Cellulite Removal In Melbourne

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Cellulite removal in Melbourne can provide smoother skin in patients who struggle with cellulite. But what does cellulite removal in Melbourne actually entail? And which patients can take advantage of cellulite removal in Melbourne? For all these questions and more, please refer to the information overview about cellulite removal in Melbourne below.

What Causes Cellulite?

While doctors struggle to understand to the true cause of cellulite, it is known that the condition is caused by an accumulation of fat cells underneath the skin, which in turn pulls on the fibrous bands of connective tissue and causes the typical lumpy appearance of the skin.

There is no exact cause of cellulite, but there are certain factors that are known to contribute to the problem. For example, the appearance of cellulite can be due to hormonal changes as well as genetics. The condition can also occur in obese patients, in which case weight loss could help to get rid of cellulite or reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Does Walking Help Get rid Of Cellulite?

Aerobic exercises such as walking and running have been shown to have a beneficial effect on the appearance of cellulite. Since regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the size of fat deposits, patients always try to adjust their lifestyle before choosing from the available cellulite treatments.

While some patients will get a reduction in cellulite through regular exercise and diet, others will find that their cellulite remains in spite of these healthy lifestyle choices. For these patients, a cellulite reduction treatment will be more effective.

Cellulite Removal In Melbourne

What Is The Best Treatment For Cellulite?

There are several treatments available for cellulite reduction. To ensure patients are fully informed, Dr Lanzer and his associates have briefly described each of these cellulite treatments below.

One of the most commonly used treatments for cellulite is a procedure called Cellulaze. This treatment is a revolutionary and minimally invasive laser cellulite removal method. It focuses on the structures of cellulite just underneath the skin, which means patients can see a dramatic reduction after only one laser treatment. By targeting structures and fat deposits underneath the skin, the foundation of cellulite is broken, and collagen production is promoted.

Lymphatic drainage is another treatment that is often used for cellulite. It usually involves multiple treatments and works by helping the body evacuate excess fluids. These treatments can also be combined with cellulite creams for maximum effect.

There are also certain non-surgical body contouring procedures that can be effective for cellulite, including the Velashape. This procedure usually involves three treatments that have a rejuvenating effect on the skin with minimal side effects. It is also implemented for the treatment of cellulite, as it targets the skin and fat underneath with penetrating heat.

Standalone cellulite treatments can be equally effective for cellulite, providing the right patient is matched with the right treatment. However, patients must consider lifestyle choices post-procedure as well. Some lifestyle choices can cause cellulite to return, so it is always best to have a healthy diet and exercise plan ready to prevent the problem from returning.

Some patients who are prone to cellulite despite their best efforts may need repeated treatments of a certain therapy for long-term maintenance. Some advice from your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can also help you to find a more long lasting solution for your cellulite problem.

Discover Cellulite Removal in Melbourne Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Cellulite Removal in Melbourne procedures. If you’re looking for Cellulite Removal in Melbourne, enquire and get a free no-obligation consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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What Is The Difference Between Cellulaze And Cellfina?

The Cellulaze and Cellfina have the same treatment goal but is there a difference between these two treatments. The short answer to this question is yet because the difference lies in the device used for the cellulite treatment.

With the Cellulaze, the handheld device will use heat energy to cut the fibrous connective bands that pull the skin down and caused the dimpled appearance. Cellfina on the other hand uses microblades to achieve the same goal. In other words, Cellfina treatment is mainly mechanical, while Cellulaze uses energy.

These two treatments are available throughout Australia, but certain clinics tend to have their own preferences. Contact your clinic to discover which treatment is offered by them before committing.

Does Cellulaze Hurt?

Patients can experience some mild discomfort during the procedure. Of course, every patient’s pain threshold is different, so some patients do not experience any discomfort at all. Others might experience a little discomfort during the Cellulaze treatment.

It is not uncommon for patients to have some discomfort for a couple of days after the treatment. However, this discomfort is quite manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

Cellulite Removal In Melbourne

Is Cellulaze Long Lasting?

The results obtained through Cellulaze treatment are long lasting. However, patients are required to maintain the results by making healthy lifestyle choices. This means getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet.

It is important for patients to avoid strenuous activities during the first two weeks after this procedure. Patients are encouraged to do some light walking to promote the recovery process during those first two weeks, but any heavy exercise should be avoided.

Some patients might have to wear a compression garment shortly after their treatment. This compression garment can promote the healing process and reduce some of the discomfort patients can experience post-treatment.

How Much Does Cellulite Removal Cost In Melbourne?

Patients will find that the cost of their treatment can be quite variable depending on the clinic they choose. The cost of cellulite removal will also be subject to the technique used by the cosmetic surgeon or the dermatologist. For example, the cost of lymphatic drainage massages will be different than a session with the Cellulaze.

For patients, it can be difficult to get an accurate cost overview of their treatment. Fortunately, new patients at The Dr Lanzer Clinic can get an accurate cost estimate for cellulite removal by benefiting from the free and no-obligation appointment. If you are a new patient of The Dr Lanzer Clinic and would like more detailed information about cellulite treatment, simply enter your information on the online enquiry form or contact Dr Lanzer and his associates by telephone.

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