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Cellulite Treatment Sydney

Cellulite removal in Sydney is a popular treatment among female patients. These patients often struggled with cellulite for years, so they look at laser cellulite removal in Sydney to correct the problem. But what does cellulite removal in Sydney entail? And what is cellulite exactly? These questions are all answered by Dr Lanzer and his associates.

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What Is Cellulite?

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite can be described as a common skin condition. While it does not cause any physical harm, the lumpiness, and dimples on the surface of the skin can be distressing for most patients. To this day, no exact cause has been pinpointed for cellulite. However, scientists and medical experts were able to pinpoint the condition has to do with the connective tissue that connects skin with underlying muscle. The fat cells and fat deposits lay between these two layers, so they can exert stress on the connective cords and subsequently cause the unique look that is associated with cellulite.

Does Fat Reduction Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Does Fat Reduction Get Rid Of Cellulite?

This should be evaluated on a case to case basis. For example, patients who are obese or overweight could experience a reduction in cellulite when they experience weight loss. However, most patients who come to The Dr Lanzer Clinic for cellulite removal in Sydney tend to be on or around their target weight. For these patients, an alternative treatment is needed to remove or reduce cellulite.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Remove Cellulite In Sydney?

    The cost of cellulite removal treatment can be quite variable. After all, there are numerous treatments that are available to tackle the problem and manage it over the course of time. These treatments include Cellulaze as well as lymphatic drainage massage.

    Another reason why the cost can be quite variable is the treatment area. Some patients only require a smaller surface treated with Cellulaze, while others require quite an extensive treatment for full cellulite removal. So, the size of the treatment area can have a detrimental influence on the overall cost.

    To get the most accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to get your estimate directly from the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, new patients can benefit from a first free and no-obligation appointment. During this initial consultation, you can get more information about your cellulite treatment, but also get an accurate cost estimate for your treatment.

    Many patients can benefit greatly from a free no-obligation consultation for cellulite removal. Since there are many potential treatments for this problem, a free no-obligation consultation can give these patients a full overview of the options available to them. It also enables patients to make an informed decision, without feeling the pressure of going ahead with treatment.

    More information about cellulite and the accompanying treatments can be found on our website. If you have any additional questions about lymphatic drainage massage or Cellulaze, you can also contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic by filling in the online enquiry form. Dr Lanzer and his associates will be more than happy to assist.

    What can I expect after the procedure?



    Patients who have cellulite treatment tend to resume their normal activities within two weeks of the procedure. Of course, recovery time is different for everyone. Some patients can get back to their regular routine almost immediately, considering the recovery downtimes from their surgeon or dermatologist. Other patients might require an extra week or two to recover from their procedure. It all depends on the healing speed of the patient in question.



    To ensure a speedy recovery, it is recommended to follow the guidelines provided by your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. There are also certain additional treatments that can be obtained from The Dr Lanzer Clinic to promote body contouring/body sculpting/body shaping.

    Side effects

    Side effects

    Non-surgical procedures for treating cellulite tend to have few side effects. Shortly after Cellulaze, patients can experience common side-effects such as bruising and discomfort. A small amount of fluid can also come from the areas where incisions were made.

    Discover Cellulite Removal in Sydney, NSW!

    An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Cellulite Removal in Sydney procedures. If you’re looking for Cellulite Removal in Sydney, enquire and get a free no-obligation consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Cellulite Treatment

    How Does Cellulite Removal Work?

    Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure. A tiny cannula is inserted just underneath the skin and it releases the fibrous bands that pull the skin downwards through the use of radiofrequency. In addition to that, it also improves the skin of the treated area by promoting the production of collagen.

    To promote the healing process, your cosmetic surgeon can ask you to wear a special compression garment. Patients should also enjoy a healthy diet and do some gentle exercise such as walking. However, strenuous activity should be avoided for a period of at least two weeks (unless stated otherwise by your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist).

    Can Cellulite Be Removed Surgically?

    Cellulite is usually treated with non-surgical treatments such as Cellulaze or lymphatic drainage massages. However, surgical treatments should not be ruled out completely for some patients. In some carefully selected patients, cellulite reduction treatment can involve the use of liposuction as well as laser treatment. However, treatments specifically designed to target cellulite tend to be the best options.

    How Long Does Cellulite Removal Last?

    Patients who are prone to cellulite might not be able to fully eliminate it. However, treatments that are geared towards cellulite removal can reduce the appearance of cellulite dramatically. The results obtained from these procedures are usually long-term, providing the patient can maintain a healthy lifestyle, involving a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercises.

    Are there other effective treatment options for cellulite?

    Additional services are available to patients who need some help with their new healthy lifestyle. For example, patients who struggle with their diet can always come to The Dr Lanzer Clinic for some additional advice.

    Lymphatic drainage massages can be used to maintain the results from cellulite removal as well. This unique technique continues to reduce the appearance of cellulite by using a special massage technique that stimulates the lymph system. By stimulating the lymph system, fluid and waste are drained away from the cells. Repeated lymphatic drainage massages have been proven incredibly effective for the long-term management and reduction of dimpling and cellulite.

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