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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

IPL and Revlite Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal is a common procedure with medical-grade lasers (Laser and IPL) used for laser hair removal treatments. Dr Lanzer has been involved with Laser hair removal since its inception. Together with other Dermatologists, he has arranged conferences to teach other doctors how to use different devices and laser technology for Laser Hair removal. One of the most common questions patients ask regarding this is whether the laser hair removal treatments lead to permanent hair removal. Although often the result is a more long-term hair removal, a doctor cannot promise permanent hair reduction as each patient is different when it comes to laser hair removal. Occasionally the initial result is a more long-term hair removal yet other follicles start to grow, so maintenance laser hair removal may be required.

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Why use laser hair removal?

Why use laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal works and offers the following long-term benefits over waxing, plucking, bleaching and shaving: The confidence and comfort of hair-free, smooth skin, all year round; Save money on at-home waxing kits or depilatory creams; No more frequent shaving, ingrown hairs or shaving rashes.

Who is laser hair removal for?

Who is laser hair removal for?

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution to remove unwanted hair for: Busy people who don’t have time for frequent at-home hair removal methods; Anyone who likes silky smooth, hair-free skin every day; People with sensitive skin who react to waxes, shaving, plucking or hair removal lotions; Swimmers or athletes who may find it difficult to cover up during the hair growth phase required for other hair removal methods; People with dark skin types and dark hair where early regrowth of new body hair is very obvious.

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    Lasers or IPL devices can give longer results when compared to shaving or waxing. Lasers are concentrated, high-intensity light sources that target specific areas depending on their wavelength and strength. The laser is faster, more accurate and is cost-effective. We can usually treat any skin colour. Our new IPL’s are much less painful and very effective.

    The laser hair removal process targets the pigment in hair shafts and especially follicles, removing these while leaving the skin intact. It offers less painful, efficient and faster treatments, allowing larger areas to be treated with long-lasting results. Dr Lanzer warns that this only helps hairs that have pigments in the follicles as white hairs cannot be treated.

    The new Revlite laser and our IPL’s have a longer pulse duration which allows hair removal
    treatments, via a process called thermo kinetic selectivity. As a result, the laser can now also be used
    for people with olive and darker complexions. Areas which can be treated are vast and include bikini
    line, underarms, chest, facial hair, legs and back. Dr Lanzer does not promise more long-term hair
    removal but with enough laser hair removal treatments often there is a long-term result.

    What to expect from laser hair removal?

    Before the procedure

    Before the procedure

    Prior to treatment, you will need to shave or use hair removal cream in the area either that day or the night before. You cannot wax, pluck or have threading done at any time during the course of your treatment. The hair needs to stay in the follicle in order for the laser to destroy the hair. If you remove the hair from the follicle prior to treatment, the treatment won’t work. As the pigment is the target, the sun should be avoided so as to prevent a tan which would interfere with the delivery of the laser beam to the hair follicles, and increase the risk of side effects. Solariums and fake tans need to be avoided and make-up removed prior to treatment.

    During the procedure

    During the procedure

    The treatment is very quick and efficient. A treatment on the face can take a few minutes whereas larger treatment areas on the body can range from 15min to 1hr. Most people say that this treatment is pain-free. Some people feel a slight elastic band flicking sensation. Burning, pigmentation and scarring are risks of Laser Hair Removal however they are very rare. Here at the clinic, we provide a test patch for the skin one week prior to treatment to see if your skin is suitable for the treatment. You are always under the care of Dr Lanzer which makes this treatment safer than if you go to a beauty salon.

    After the procedure

    After the procedure

    After the treatment, you will need to wear sunscreen, avoid sun exposure and avoid tanning. Some slight redness may occur however this is rare. The treatments are long-lasting however some maintenance sessions may be required every 6-12 months. After the course of treatments, hair can be reduced in the long term but it is impossible for us to give any guarantee as to the success of an individual’s treatment. Laser lights are not as effective for darker skin tones or white hair.

    Discover Laser Hair Removal Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients now opt for Laser Hair Removal procedures. Patients require generally at least 6 treatments of laser hair removal and can be performed in any one of Dr Lanzer’s clinics.

    If you’re looking to remove hair from the face, get a free consultation at Dr Lanzer laser clinics.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

    Why doesn’t everyone use the laser?

    Not everyone uses the laser due to cost. It is much cheaper to shave however you will not get the same long-lasting results like Laser and IPL.

    The laser machine is very expensive and the operator needs specialised, supervised training in order to safely use the laser. Our doctors, nurses and beauty therapists are trained and have experience in the latest laser methods, so will be able to answer any further questions.

    What other laser devices are there?

    Other dermatology clinics use lasers such as Alexandrite (for fair skin) and nd:YAG (for dark skin). The Nd:YAG technology has a weaker melanin absorption rate and longer wavelengths which make it safe to use on dark skin tones.

    What are commonly treated areas?

    • Face (chin, neck and upper lip)
    • Bikini and Brazilian
    • Half or full legs
    • Underarm
    • Chest and upper body

    Not all hair lasers are the same. Dr Lanzer uses the laser chosen by Victorian dermatologists to be the most effective and the safest. Check out the latest laser hair removal treatments method, Soprano Titanium here.

    What is the cost?

    The cost varies with each area and the amount of hair. Dr Lanzer offers a free consultation and will advise you of the price once he sees your skin.

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