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Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal – Soprano Titanium

Laser Hair Removal – Soprano Titanium

Laser Hair Removal – Soprano Titanium

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Soprano Titanium is a painless laser hair removal method offered at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. As this is a relatively new method, we would like to introduce this hair removal method to our patients. If you are curious about Soprano Titanium and its related laser hair removal treatments benefits, please read the information below.

What Is The Soprano Titanium?

The Soprano Titanium is one of the latest laser hair removal treatments, which uses laser energy to stop unwanted hair growth. The treatment works like most hair removal methods but comes with additional benefits such as reduced treatment time. The method has also shown to be suitable for all skin types; this is especially beneficial when you consider that patients with darker skin often find it difficult to find a suitable hair removal treatment.

Through the use of so-called Alexandrite lasers, the Soprano Titanium can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual patients; this instead of providing a standard hair removal treatment. The benefit of this laser is that it delivers various wavelengths, enabling dermatologists to target various hair colours and skin types. Wavelengths that can be used with the Soprano Titanium can usually be divided into two categories:

  • Speed 810nm: Dermatologists will use this particular wavelength for patients with darker hair and skin. Skin and hair types are important when it comes to the type of treatment you receive, but Soprano Titanium makes it easier. With Speed 810nm, targeting of deeper hair follicles is possible. Subsequently, this laser hair removal works on treatment areas such as the face but also arms and legs.
  • YAG 1064: This wavelength is seen as the most effective hair removal method, as it targets the pubic area, armpits, and other areas that may have embedded hairs.

In addition to the standard Soprano Titanium, you will find variants of this device depending on which is used by the laser clinics you visit. Two of the popular variants you can encounter are the Soprano Ice Titanium and Soprano Platinum. It is important to remember that there can be differences in treatment time as well as suitability for certain skin types depending on the device used by the laser clinic in question. Therefore, it is important to speak to a member of staff about your hair removal treatment to ensure the best results.

laser hair removal treatments

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is a safe hair reduction treatment offered by laser and cosmetic clinics. However, the treatment must be executed correctly by a trained medical professional. Even though the hair removal method is safe, unwanted side-effects may occur post-treatment if the procedure is not executed correctly. Dr Lanzer and his associates are trained in the use of the Soprano Titanium, enabling to provide patients with a safe and effective treatment.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses a device that produces a concentrated light beam, which is aimed at the treatment area. The light used by the device is absorbed by a compound in the hair called melanin and is then transformed into heat. The converted heat then travels to the location of the hair follicle and causes targeted damage; this in turn prevents hair from growing back for a longer period of time.

Which Laser Hair Removal Is Best?

There are countless hair removal methods in existence today; this ranges from the Alma and SHR (Super Hair Removal) to our Soprano Titanium method. Evidently, not all hair reduction treatments are as effective for certain people. Certain laser devices used at home can reduce hair growth but are often not as effective as the treatments obtained from laser clinics. To gain the most effective treatment for your needs, it is important to speak to a professional who is trained in hair removal. Based on their recommendations, you can obtain the treatment that suits your needs best.

laser hair removal treatments

Is Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The Soprano Titanium provides a permanent hair reduction treatment; this means that it will slow down the regrowth of hair over a longer period of time. To ensure unwanted hair does not grow back in time, it is usually recommended to top up your treatment. To ensure you have treatments at the right intervals, please speak to Dr Lanzer or his associates.

Does The Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is a painless hair removal procedure. It is often a suitable alternative for patients who experience grown-in hairs from shaving or who experience too much pain when waxing.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for laser hair removal treatments. 

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What Body Areas Can Be Treated With Soprano Titanium?laser hair removal treatments

The entire body can be treated with the Soprano Titanium; this includes the arms, shoulders, buttocks, pubic area, underarms, jawline, face, and more. The device can also be used on both men and women for hair reduction.

What To Do Before And After A Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Even though some devices can have specific care guidelines, most laser hair removal treatments require similar care weeks before and weeks after the treatment. Here is a brief overview of things to take into consideration.

Avoid too much sun exposure: Patients should avoid tanning before most hair removal treatments. Even though the Soprano Titanium can work on tanned skin because of the nature of the device, a tan may cause burns and blistering when combined with certain laser devices.

The sun should not only be avoided before your treatment, it should be avoided after your treatment too. Your skin can be somewhat sensitive after a hair removal treatment, so protecting your skin is essential. You should also avoid sun exposure for your follow-up treatments.

Don’t remove the roots: Laser light interacts with the root of the hair, so you should not remove the hair roots before you go in for your treatment. Instead, you can shave the area in question with a good razor.

When you don’t know when you should shave, it is advised to speak to your clinic and ask for the necessary information. It is important to shave at the right time to maximise the results from your hair removal treatment.

Please note that you should not remove the roots after your treatment either, as the hair will fall out naturally some time after your treatment.

Use a gentle cleanser: Clean skin is essential for a laser treatment, although you should avoid moisturising before you come in. Instead, use a gentle cleansing solution on the treatment area and ensure there is no makeup left on the treatment area.

Hair loss – Once you had your hair removal treatment, the remaining hairs will not fall out immediately. Patients should expect hair loss approximately 10 days after their treatment. Any hairs that fall out of the skin can be washed away easily in the shower and do not require any special removal method at home.

Does The Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal Have Side-Effects?

To avoid side-effects, it is important to follow the guidelines provided by your clinic. For example, you should always have a shave before the treatment, otherwise the wrong parts of the hair can be targeted during your treatment. You should also avoid excessive tanning, as this could make the hair removal more difficult.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The price of hair removal with laser can be variable. It depends on where you have your  treatment but also the devices used and the experience of the professional who is implementing your treatment. When you look online, you are bound to find some hair removal prices that look too good to be true. Unfortunately, these offers are often too good to be true. They can be offered by someone who did not have the appropriate training, leaving you with serious side-effects after treatment. laser hair removal treatments

Please note that the cost of hair removal can be influenced by the size of the treatment area. For example, smaller areas such as the underarms may cost less than a full body or legs treatment. 

As you will require multiple treatments to keep hair growth at bay, it can be a good idea to look for package deals. Most laser clinics will offer you a discounted price for multiple sessions; this can save you a considerable amount in the long run. For more information about our hair removal prices, please get in touch with our friendly receptionists. 

Book Your Soprano Titanium Hair Removal At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Are you searching for a hair removal method that takes less time? Or maybe you need hair removal that is suitable for darker skin types? Whatever your requirements are, you can benefit from the latest hair removal technology with the Soprano Titanium at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. To book a consultation for this hair removal method, please contact our friendly receptionists through the website or via telephone. Our receptionists will be more than happy to provide you with a suitable appointment or more information about the hair removal method if you require it. 

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