The Best Diet For Lipedema Explained By Dr Lanzer
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What is lipedema?
Lipedema Diet

Lipedema Diet

Lipedema Diet

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Many patients suffering from lipedema wonder if the condition can be treated with a lipedema diet. Unfortunately, lipedema is a complex condition, so the treatment plan usually consists of more things than a lipedema diet alone. If you wish to know more about the treatment and the lipedema diet overall, please read the information provided by Dr Lanzer and his associates below.

How Do You Treat Lipedema Naturally?

Depending on the cause of your condition and its severity, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the occurrence of lipedema; this includes using a special lipedema diet. We will elaborate on a diet for lipedema a little further in this article. Now, we will discuss some of the additional things that can be done to reduce the symptoms of lipedema.

One of the common symptoms associated with lipedema is pain. To reduce common pain symptoms, physicians and medical professionals recommend combining lipedema treatments with some exercise. Exercise that has proven effective to reduce pain symptoms include walking, swimming, and cycling.

There are several physical and occupational therapies that can aid patients with lipedema too. One of them is manual lymphatic drainage therapy, a gentle rhythmic massage therapy. During this treatment, the skin is gently stretched and massaged. The treatment has shown somewhat effective to help contain the fat cells and reduce symptoms associated with lipedema.

Patients with a severe case of lipedema, or those who suffer considerably due to their symptoms, choose a liposuction treatment instead. However, patients that choose liposuction should always combine their treatment with a suitable lipedema diet plan and plenty of exercise. Combining liposuction with plenty of exercise and a good diet can prolong the results obtained through liposuction and prevent the return of the problem.


What Is The Best Diet For Lipedema?

A healthy diet for lipedema usually depends on the person, as certain diets are more effective depending on your body type and the severity of the condition. Therefore, to determine the best diet for lipedema, it is always a good idea to speak to a dietician or a nutritionist. In addition to recommending a suitable diet, a nutritionist or dietician can also provide you with lipedema diet recipes that make it easier to adapt to your new lifestyle.

In most cases, patients are advised to reduce their intake of pasteurized dairy products, animal proteins and fats. There are also many benefits to reducing the intake of simple sugars, carbohydrates, salt, wheat, and products containing processed flour. Instead, patients should consume more fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy protein.

While there is general advice available, diets can be quite diverse, going from the lipedema carnivore diet to the lipedema vegan diet. All these options can make it more difficult to choose a lipedema treatment diet that is suitable for you. This is also the main reason why visiting a nutritionist or dietician is so important.


Can The Keto Diet Help Lipedema?

Some patients consider the ketogenic diet for lipedema. The keto diet for lipedema can be effective in many cases. Patients on the diet often experienced reduced swelling and less pain. However, any diet should always be discussed with a trained medical professional.

Discover Lipedema Diet!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt to treat lipedema. Various areas can be treated with tumescent liposuction or water jet assisted liposuction; this includes the legs and thighs.

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What Makes Lipedema Worse?

Diet plays a huge role in a condition such as lipedema. Consuming too many of the “wrong” foods can make the condition progressively worse. Therefore, it is best to contact a nutritionist or dietitian early in your diagnosis. However, once you have been diagnosed, your primary care physician should provide you with a referral.


Can You Reverse Lipedema?

The symptoms of lipedema can only be revered in the early stages. For example, most patients find that the swelling caused by lipedema reduces after they had a good rest. However, the later stages of lipedema can only be reversed with the correct treatment. For patients who are affected by the condition to the point where it affects their daily live, liposuction treatment can be recommended.

Can You Get Rid Of Lipedema?

It is possible to get rid of lipedema, but the condition must be managed over a long period of time. For example, patients can treat the condition with a liposuction procedure, but it is necessary to keep managing the condition. To do so, patients must follow the appropriate diet and avoid severe weight gain. While a condition such a lipedema is not caused by obesity or overweight, it can contribute to a return of your symptoms.

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