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Leg Lipedema Explained

Leg Lipedema Explained

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The accumulation of fatty tissue in the legs is a common characteristic of lipedema. But what causes lipedema in the legs and what are the symptoms of this condition? For patients with lipedema, these are valid questions to ask. If you want to know more about lipedema in the legs and thighs, please read the information provided by Dr Lanzer and his associates below.

What Causes Lipedema In the Legs?

Lipedema in the legs is usually characterised by a symmetrical swelling in the legs, this due to the accumulation of abnormal fat in that area. The condition is relatively common and can occur in various stages, with the more severe cases experiencing serious problems with the lymphatic system.

The accumulation of fat cells can evidently have a serious impact on the quality of life of a patient, so many seek treatment to manage the condition better. At the moment, there is no known cause for the condition. However, researchers executing fat disorder research believe there could be a genetic component as well as hormonal influence that contributes to the development of lipedema.

Leg Lipedema

What Are The Signs Of Leg Lipedema?

Symptoms of leg lipedema tend to appear during puberty, pregnancy and more rarely the menopause. The common symptoms of lipedema include an accumulation of fat tissue in the legs, this usually from the patient’s buttocks to the ankles. Patients with the condition also tend to bruise easily.

While lipedema is most common in the lower extremities, it can occur in the upper body as well. However, this condition is exceedingly rare.


Leg Lipedema

How Do You Test For Leg Lipedema?

Unfortunately, lipedema is one of the chronic conditions that can be difficult to diagnose. For most patients, several tests are required before the diagnosis of lipedema can be provided. Common tests that may be requested by a medical professional include an ultrasound, MRI, or lymphangiogram.

The problem with the diagnosis of lipedema is that the results from the tests can come back as normal in the earlier stages of the condition. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many patients to be diagnosed in one of the later stages of lipedema.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Leg Lipedema?

Since there is no cure for lipedema, the condition needs to be managed and controlled long-term. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available which include liposuction, manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, and more. We will now discuss the most common treatments implemented for lipedema.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique that is often used as a part of complete decongestive therapy, which we will elaborate on later. The massage technique has shown to reduce some of the discomfort caused by the condition, but also to reduce some of the swellings.

Medical professionals can also recommend the use of compression garments. There is significant evidence that the compression garment can reduce the speed of fat cell growth when worn appropriately. In addition to that, the compression garment can also reduce some of the pain and heaviness experienced in the lower limbs.

Complete decongestive therapy is also a term you will hear as a lipedema patient. This treatment basically envelops a range of treatments to help control and manage your condition. It may include compression garments, manual lymphatic drainage, a special diet, and other measures that are tailored for your requirements. The nature of these treatments can be dependent on the stage of lipedema you find yourself in.

Tumescent liposuction and water assisted liposuction are used for the treatment of lipedema as well. The treatment is often acquired by patients who experienced a reduction in mobility caused by the condition. Since the fat is surgically removed during the procedure, the patient can experience some regained mobility after their treatment.

In addition to all these available treatments, diet and exercise remain the foundation of lipedema treatment. Certain foods and a lack of exercise can make lipedema considerably worse or even cause the condition to progress. Therefore, it is important for lipedema patients to contact their doctor and get a referral for a nutritionist and physiotherapist. These professionals can help you develop a diet and exercise plan to reduce the chances of lipedema advancing to the next stage or help manage your condition after you had liposuction surgery.


Where To Get A Leg Lipedema Treatment?

There are various options available to you if you are seeking treatment for lipedema. If you are unsure about the options laid out in this article, it can be a good idea to contact your doctor and discuss the most viable treatments for you.

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we offer several treatments for lipedema, this includes both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. If you wish to discuss the lipedema treatments available to you, please contact our friendly receptionists by telephone or the website enquiry form.

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