Stomach Lipedema: Treatments, Causes, Symptoms + More
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What is lipedema?
Stomach Lipedema

Stomach Lipedema

Stomach Lipedema

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Patients with lipedema can experience an abnormal accumulation of fat in different areas of the body. While this accumulation of lipedema fat occurs most in the legs, thighs and arms, areas such as the stomach and the hips are possible too. Today, The Dr Lanzer Clinic lays out the essential information about stomach lipedema and its associated treatments.

What Causes Stomach Lipedema?

The exact cause of lipedema is currently unknown, and this can make the diagnosis of the condition a little more difficult. The condition can occur in the lower and upper body and is characterised by a disproportionate body shape. Women with lipedema also tend to bruise easily and have excess fat in an area that is abnormal compared to the rest of the body.

While the cause of excess fat tissue in the body is unknown for patients with lipedema, researchers suspect there might be a genetic component. In addition to that, researchers are also looking at a link between hormonal imbalances and fat disorders. However, until an exact cause is found, patients have to manage their symptoms to prevent the condition from progressing and impacting their quality of life.

Stomach Lipedema

How Do You Know If You Have Stomach Lipedema?

As mentioned briefly already, the condition almost solely occurs in women. Over time, as the stages of lipedema progress, the condition can start to impact the lymphatic vessels and the lymphatic system. As the condition progresses, this can be named as lipo lymphedema.

Patients with lipedema often have an accumulation of fat in a specific area such as the legs, thighs, stomach, and upper arms. Even though the condition is often misdiagnosed, and patients are advised to lose weight, the condition remains despite their weight loss.

With lipedema, it is also important to know that the condition can change over time, and so the symptoms can start to change too. Some of your existing symptoms may become worse, while there also might be some new symptoms that appear over time. This is important for patients to know, as lipedema is often misdiagnosed in the earlier and even advanced stages.

Finally, there are additional symptoms patients can encounter with the condition, this includes easy bruising as well as pain in the area where the lipedema fat accumulates.

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What Are The Treatments For Stomach Lipedema?

There are numerous treatments available for stomach lipedema, and these can be recommended depending on the stage of lipedema the patient is in.

Diet and exercise are often the first treatment options proposed to patients with lipedema, since diet and exercise can slow down the progression of lipedema and manage some of its symptoms. Other treatments can be recommended when the patient’s quality of life becomes more impacted due to the condition.

One of the treatments that is used to reduce swelling and associated pain symptoms is decongestive treatment, which may include the use of a compression garment as well as manual lymphatic drainage. Both therapies can reduce pain and swelling. Their effectiveness can vary from patient to patient, which is why it is so important for patients to be involved in the therapy.

When patients find themselves in one of the advanced stages of the condition, they often look at procedures such as liposuction. A liposuction procedure can physically remove the fat accumulation from the affected area, and this can improve the mobility and quality of life of the patient. However, patients must maintain a good diet and exercise plan after their treatment to prevent fat from returning in another area. Even though the fat cells are physically removed, patients with lipedema can experience a return of the fat in another area when they do not manage their symptoms.

Where To Get Treatments For Stomach Lipedema?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic provides a variety of treatments for lipedema, this includes liposuction amongst other treatments. If you have been seeking treatment for your lipedema, feel free to take advantage of our free no-obligation appointment for new patients. During your first appointment, you can speak to a cosmetic surgery about the treatment options available to you.

How Much Does Liposuction For Stomach Lipedema Cost?

Liposuction for lipedema can have a variable cost. It depends on the area being treated, but also the clinic where you have your procedure. To get an accurate cost estimate, it is always best to attend an appointment at your chosen clinic. By doing so, you can get an accurate estimate without any unwanted surprises down the line.

As mentioned briefly earlier, new patients can obtain a free appointment at our clinic. If you wish to take advantage of this appointment to get a quote, feel free to contact our team via the website enquiry form or telephone.

Lipedema patients can also contact Dr Lanzer or one of his associates via email to get a quote for their future procedure, this can be useful for patients who live rather far from one of our clinics.

Please note that Dr Lanzer and his associates always recommend that patients get a second opinion on their procedure. Being informed is important when it comes to treatment, and this applies to surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. So, be sure to speak to your cosmetic surgery in great detail about your expectations, but also the complaints you have because of your lipedema. Doing so can provide you with a tailored treatment that is right for your needs.

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