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Lipedema Surgery

Lipedema Surgery

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Patients with lipedema may be looking at liposuction techniques to provide a treatment for the physical discomfort caused by the accumulation of fatty tissue. There are various forms of liposuction that can be used as a lipedema treatment, this includes power assisted liposuction and water assisted liposuction. For more information about liposuction as a treatment for lipedema, please read the information provided by Dr Lanzer and his associates below.

Does Liposuction Cure Lipedema?

The exact cause of lipedema is currently unknown, so there is no permanent cure for the condition. However, liposuction surgery in Australia can provide symptom relief for patients who find themselves in an advanced stage of the condition. If patients follow their treatment plan after the surgery, the condition can be managed.

Some patients do not notice the condition until they had a significant amount of weight loss. While the condition is not caused by obesity, many patients with this condition are overweight or obese. They often seek bariatric surgery to find a treatment for the fat accumulation they encounter in the upper arms, thighs, legs, or another affected area. Still, despite the weight loss, the disproportionate accumulation of fat is maintained in the area.

It is important for patients to manage their symptoms if they are diagnosed with the condition. If the disease progresses substantially, it can start to impact the patient’s lymphatic system and cause more physical distress. Seeking long-term treatment options for lipedema is therefore important, this can range from regular manual lymphatic drainage and compression garments to liposuction and an appropriate diet plan.

Lipedema surgery

Does Lipedema Come Back After Liposuction?

Fat cells are removed during the procedure, so the condition is unlikely to progress further in the treated area. However, patients must consider that lipedema can affect other areas as well, so it is important for patients to manage their symptoms with a good treatment plan. Patients can enquire about the proper health care options for lipedema as well as medical advice by contacting The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

During a consultation with Dr Lanzer or one of his associates, you can learn more about available treatments, which includes short-term as well as long-term treatment options. You can also enquire about treatments by filling in the enquiry form on the website.

What To Do After A Lipedema Surgery?

There are a couple of things patients must do after their surgery. Firstly, the procedure can be executed with a localized anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic, depending on the treatment area and the complexity of the procedure. If you have a general anaesthetic, please refrain from making important decisions and do not sign any important documents for at least 48 hours. It is also recommended to have someone look after you at home during this time.

The aftercare post-liposuction will be explained in detail during one of your consultations. You will most likely be required to wear a compression garment during your recovery, which helps the body conform to its new shape and also reduces some of the swellings that can be an encounter after the treatment.

Your cosmetic surgery can prescribe some medications to take after your procedure, this may include pain management medication or antibiotics to prevent infection after your surgery.

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How Much Does Lipedema Surgery Cost?

The cost of lipedema surgery is variable, as there are many factors to consider in a cost estimate. The area where you have liposuction can influence the price, but also the overall complexity of the procedure and the experience of the surgeon. Therefore, an accurate estimate should always be obtained by attending an appointment with your cosmetic surgery.

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can benefit from a free no-obligation appointment for new patients. During this appointment, you can acquire more info about your treatment as well as obtain a quote for your surgery.

Lipedema surgery

Does Health Insurance Cover Lipedema Surgery?

There are some instances where this might be the case; this mainly applies to patients whose quality of life has been affected by the condition. To check if your procedure may fall under an item number of your health insurance, it is recommended to speak to Dr Lanzer or one of his associates.

Does Medicare Cover Lipedema Surgery?

As mentioned in our previous section, this can be the case for some patients. Speaking to Dr Lanzer or one of his associates can help you determine if your procedure is covered by Medicare or not.

To make an appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, or to benefit from our free no-obligation appointment for new patients, please contact our clinic via telephone. Alternatively, you can also enter your information on the website enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that there are additional information pages available on this procedure, including before and after liposuction photographs. We urge patients to check out these pages for more information about the treatment.

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