What You Need To Know About Before And After Lipedema Surgery
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What is lipedema?
Lipedema Surgery
Before And After Lipedema Surgery

Before And After Lipedema Surgery

Before And After Lipedema Surgery

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Patients seeking liposuction treatment for their lipedema should know what to expect before and after lipedema surgery. Today, Dr Lanzer and his associates provide you with detailed information on what to expect before and after lipedema surgery, so you can make an informed decision about your procedure.

What Are The Treatments For Lipedema In Australia?

Liposuction procedures such as water-assisted liposuction and other liposuction techniques are commonly obtained to treat the symptoms and physical discomfort of lipedema. Lipedema patients often experience pain and swelling due to the accumulation of abnormal fat, so the removal of those fat cells can provide patients with relief. Of course, all liposuction procedures should be considered carefully and should be combined with an appropriate treatment plan for lipedema to manage the symptoms long-term.

When the condition advances into its later stages, lipedema can cause more than accumulation of fatty tissue in the upper arms, upper body, legs, and thighs. The majority of patients can find that their lymphatic system becomes less efficient, often causing more swelling. To manage these symptoms, patients are often referred for manual lymphatic drainage and compression garment treatment. When the condition starts to impact the patient’s daily life, it is not uncommon for patients to consider liposuction.

Lipedema recovery is more about management of symptoms than a cure, as the condition currently has no cure. As researchers continue searching for the exact cause of the disease, numerous treatments are available to manage the problem over a longer period of time.

Before And After Lipedema Surgery

What To Expect Before And After Lipedema Surgery?

Patients will discuss their procedure in detail with their cosmetic surgery before the surgery. For example, a consultation with Dr Lanzer or one of his associates could envelop discussing your general health, more information about the procedure itself as well as an evaluation of the problem. You will also be required to sign a consent form before the procedure can take place, this ensures you understand the procedure as well as the associated risks.

Once the surgery has taken place, patients will need to take some time to recover. During your recovery, you will receive special guidelines from The Dr Lanzer Clinic, giving you more information about post-operative recovery and care. You will also be required to attend a follow-up appointment; this ensures your cosmetic surgery can check on your progress and look for any signs of complications.

Discover Before And After Lipedema Surgery At The Dr Lanzer Clinic!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt to treat lipedema. If you’re looking for more information about the Before And After Lipedema Surgery, get a free consultation at any Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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What Not To Do Before And After Lipedema Surgery?

Patients are advised to quit smoking before their procedure and report any medications they are taking. In some cases, patients may have to stop certain medications and/or supplements before their treatment. Patients are also asked to refrain from strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks during their recovery.

How Long Is The Recovery Time For Lipedema Surgery?

This varies from patient to patient. Some patients can return to their regular activities quickly, while others need more time. Please refer to the guidelines provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic to ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

Before And After Lipedema Surgery

Where To Get A Lipedema Treatment?

There are various locations where you can seek treatment for lipedema, this includes The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Lipedema sufferers can inform about treatments by filling in the website enquiry form, after which our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

If you want to get a better idea about the possibilities of liposuction for lipedema, you can view several before and after pictures of patients who had this treatment at our clinic. However, keep in mind that before and after photos are meant to give patients a little more insight into the lipedema surgery, and that the results are unique for each patient. 

Dr Lanzer and his associates also recommend seeking a second opinion before having treatment for lipedema. This ensures you are properly informed about the options available to you. For more information about treatments, feel free to get in touch with our clinic.

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