Lipedema Treatment In Brisbane + How Much Does It Cost
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What is lipedema?
Lipedema Treatment
Lipedema Treatment In Brisbane

Lipedema Treatment In Brisbane

Lipedema Treatment In Brisbane

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There are various options for lipedema treatment in Brisbane, and these options can be surgical and non-surgical. Lipedema is characterised by a bilateral symmetrical swelling of the lower limbs, caused by fatty tissue and fluid. In this article, we will discuss lipedema treatment in Brisbane and the options available to you.

How Do You Treat Lipedema In Brisbane?

When you are looking for lipedema treatment in Brisbane, you will quickly notice that there are several options available to you. Since lipedema treatment in Brisbane can vary depending on the severity of your symptoms and the impact they have on your daily life, we will discuss the most common options in a little more detail.

Since lipedema can eventually impact the lymphatic systems as the condition progresses, many specialists recommend manual lymphatic drainage. The treatment is a special massage that focusses on draining lymph from a specific limb or limbs. It has also shown to increase the blood flow in both deep and superficial veins.

The use of compression garments is also relatively common for patients with lipedema. While it does not remove the fat that is already there, it can reduce the growth of the fat cells in the respective area. In addition to that, the use of compression garments has also shown to reduce pain and heaviness in the associated area.

lipedema treatment in brisbane

In some cases, the excess adipose tissue (fatty tissue) reaches such levels that it starts to impact a person’s quality of life. While lipedema mainly occurs in the lower legs, the arms can also be a location where this condition arises. Therefore, the following treatment can be used for lipedema arm treatment and lipedema leg treatment.

Waterjet assisted liposuction is a common advanced lipedema treatment. This lipedema treatment is available in Australia and is implemented in patients who experience a serious reduction in quality of life because of their condition; this may be caused by chronic swelling which leads to mobility problems.

During this cosmetic surgery, the surgeon will focus on the removal of excess fat from the treatment area. By doing so, the patient can enjoy better mobility and overall quality of life. Of course, health professionals always recommend getting a second opinion before undergoing any form of surgery.

How Much Does Lipedema Liposuction Cost In Brisbane?

The cost of this procedure can be quite variable, as the cost is calculated according to a number of variables. The experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the procedure, and the desired result the patient wants to achieve can all influence the cost of your treatment. It is therefore recommended to take advantage of the free no-obligation appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, during which you can obtain a quote for your treatment.

Discover Lipedema Treatment In Brisbane!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt to for lipedema treatment in Brisbane. If you’re looking for lipedema treatment in Brisbane, get a free consultation at any Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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Where To Get Lipedema Treatment in Brisbane?

While there are many options out there, The Dr Lanzer Clinic in Brisbane is one of the recommended places to obtain liposuction or lipedema-related treatments. Dr Lanzer specialises in fat reduction treatments and has over thirty years of experience. In other words, patients will find themselves in capable hands when they visit our clinic for a lipedema treatment.

lipedema treatment in brisbane

Does Lipedema Stop Progressing After Liposuction?

Even though there is no cure for lipedema, there are ways to manage the condition and prevent further rapid growth of fat cells after your treatment. Since the fat cells are removed during your surgery, they are unlikely to return. However, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle and good exercise routine after their treatment.

While liposuction removes the fat cells permanently, it does not mean that fat cells cannot start to accumulate in another area if you experience a period of significant weight gain. Eating the wrong foods as a lipedema patient can also contribute to the problem, so it is advised to speak to a nutritionist about a diet that is safe for you to enjoy. In addition to that, patients should also consider an exercise routine, as regular exercise has also proven to reduce the chances of lipedema returning.

For more information about lipedema treatments at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, do not hesitate to contact our friendly receptionists by telephone, email, or website enquiry form. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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