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Mummy Makeover – Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and Dr. Lanzer who has 10 children is the first to advise people that there is a lot of happiness that can come out of having children. Unfortunately, pregnancy does change the body. The post-pregnancy body can involve a combination of stretching due to excessive weight gain over a short period of time together with hormonal changes. The mummy makeover is a term that refers to changes that happen during pregnancy.

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Post-pregnancy Upper Body Changes

Post-pregnancy Upper Body Changes

There is a combination of procedures and cosmetic surgery that can be utilised to address the common issues faced post-pregnancy. The areas of the body that typically change are the breasts. The breasts, particularly if the mother was breastfeeding, can become deflated, flatter, less firm, and often droopy.

Post-pregnancy Lower Body Changes

Post-pregnancy Lower Body Changes

The other change that can occur is on the stomach, where there is excessive loose skin. The pressure of the baby can cause splitting and stretching of the underlying abdominal muscles as well as excessive hanging skin which may contain stretch marks. Sometimes, another effect of the pregnancy is that there will be residual fat such as on hips and outer thighs.

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    Breast Treatments Available for Mummy Makeovers

    The first treatment that we look at is to regain the volume of the breasts to emulate your pre-baby body. Dr. Lanzer can perform breast surgery where he uses a silicone implant, which he places under the chest muscle and gives an immediate elevation and new volume to the breast. Generally speaking, approximately 200 mL will increase the breast by one breast cup. This may vary depending on how much loose skin there is on the breast and how many pregnancies the individual has had.

    Ultimately, the size is never an exact prediction but there will be some indication of what the general goal is. Interestingly, bras are not universal in sizing and it makes it impossible to offer a specific size. The implants not only expand the breast, but they do give an illusion of a lift. If there is loose skin, the implant may also stretch out that loose skin. For patients who have excessive loose skin and drooping, a breast surgical lift would then be required.

    This procedure would be done with surgical excision of the breast tissue. It starts with a cut around the nipple that extends down to the fold below the breast. The excess skin is removed and the area is sutured closed. Most patients are happy with this procedure and recovery time however, there is scarring because of the amount of cutting.

    Dr. Lanzer has trained in America under Ted Eisenberg, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He performed many breast lifts and augmentations with Ted. Ted helped develop a procedure called the Staple-First technique for augmentation mastopexy. This is a procedure that may often be required following pregnancy. Dr. Lanzer’s approach is always to see if the patient can get away with an implant and avoid scarring.

    Lipo Tuck Treatments Available for Mummy Makeovers

    Lipo tuck

    Lipo tuck

    The second procedure that we perform for a mummy makeover is a lipo tuck. The lipo tuck is a variation of a tummy tuck/abdominoplasty. Interestingly, Dr. Lanzer has had a lot of patients get pregnant after liposculpture and as a general rule, he finds that the body becomes fat all over during pregnancy and then is lost all over. The areas that had the liposuction do not tend to be resistant again after pregnancy. Obviously, there is a difference between all groups.

    Advantages of a lipo tuck

    Advantages of a lipo tuck

    The advantage of the lipo tuck is that by combining liposuction and a reduced form of tuck, patients may have a quicker recovery period and less scarring. Dr. Lanzer performs this procedure as an outpatient so that patients can actually go home and do not need hospital admission.

    Forms of tucks

    Forms of tucks

    1. A full tuck involves removal of skin, removal of fat, tightening of the underlying muscle due to the stretching of the muscle, and moving the umbilicus back into its regular position, and closing up the skin.
    2. The second form of a tuck does not involve moving the umbilicus but just working on the skin, fat, and muscle below the umbilicus.
    3. The last form is for somebody who just has loose skin alone where the skin is just excised.

    Discover Mummy Makeover Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients in Australia now opt for Mummy Makeover procedures. Dr. Lanzer will spend extensive time discussing with each patient the exact size they are after.

    If you’re looking to remove fat from your tummy, get a free no-obligation consultation at our Melbourne or Sydney Mummy Makeover clinic.

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    What else do I need to know about a mummy makeover

    How long after pregnancy should someone consider a mummy makeover?

    This is a really good question. Generally speaking, we would recommend waiting 12 months. Interestingly, some people will wait many years before they decide to have the mummy makeover.

    How many children would one need before a mummy makeover is required?

    Every person reacts differently to pregnancy. The body heals completely differently in each person. Some people have just one child and their body has changed significantly. Others can have many children with very little change.

    How can liposuction help a mummy makeover?

    Some patients end up with pre-disposed areas of fat post-pregnancy. This is often on the hips, outer thighs, or stomach. Liposculpture is done using the tumescent technique and removes the fat selectively so that those areas are no longer resistant and more prominent. This may help with reshaping the body, allowing the body to be more in harmony so that the patient feels they have the same size all over.

    How will having a mummy makeover affect future children?

    A person can get pregnant following a breast implant and can get pregnant following a lipo tummy tuck procedure. There may be further changes that will occur that would need to be corrected.

    Before & After Photos

    Click on the picture above to see a range of ‘before & after’ pictures of Dr. Lanzer’s amazing tummy tuck results.

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    Dr Lanzer on Tummy Tuck

    View a recent Channel 7 ‘Today Tonight’ episode where Dr. Lanzer’s tummy tuck results are discussed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Mummy Makeover

    A mummy make-over can involve up to 6 different surgical procedures and multiple nonsurgical procedures. Anaesthesia may be required; this may be general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic depending on the procedure. The ultimate pricing will depend on what is required. Surgical costs including surgeon's fee range between $8995 to over $20,000.

    Mummy makeover surgery involves different surgery procedures aimed at removing the residual effects of pregnancy or large weight loss. It may involve breast augmentation with excess fat or an implant and a breast lift; body contouring, full-body liposuction with a tummy tuck, and sometimes lower face and neck lift surgery. Multiple different methods and approaches are available for a mummy makeover and the procedures are tailored to the specific needs and desires of the patient.

    Dr. Lanzer is fairly conservative when it comes to pregnancy and he does not recommend any treatment during pregnancy. The only therapy that could be done is skin rejuvenation with glycolic peels. Some surgeons are less conservative and would use lasers during pregnancy.

    Stretch marks on the stomach are excised and removed together with the tummy tuck. Otherwise, stretch marks are not easily treatable. We use a Dermapen and Viva radiofrequency to improve stretch marks. When the stretch marks are red, blood vessel laser treatment like Aura can also be of assistance.

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