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Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

28.10.2014 - written by Paula Grossbard

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

(Unusual Complaints Regarding Cosmetic Factors)

Over the years, I have seen many different complaints about patient’s appearances and what drives them to seek advice from a cosmetic surgery or plastic surgeon. An interesting one is lipstick leaking and dribbling across the edge. This is from fine wrinkles that occur around the mouth and typically occur with smoking or sun damage. Generally, we find this type of wrinkling much more common in fair skin patients. It results from a breakdown of the normal collagen elastin in the layers around the skin of the lips. The complaint can be resolved with lip dermal fillers. Generally, the fillers that are currently used last between 12 and 18 months and give a nice volume to the lip. When injecting the lip with cosmetic fillers, we try and enhance the volume of the lip and the definition of the lip at the margin of the mucous membrane and the edge of the lip.

Another common cosmetic complaint, particularly in patients with olive skin or Asian skin, is the development of pigmentation and pigmented spots, particularly on the cheeks. There is a very strong genetic tendency for these. The Australian sun plays a major role in the development of these types of lesions. One needs to be extremely cautious in treating this problem as there is a high risk of patients who have this type of lesion to develop post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that is further pigmentation if the lesions are treated too strongly. Lasers can be very effective such as the RevLight laser. Initially, my preference is to start with very strong glycolic acid creams and concentrated fading lotions. Often we use a combination of hydroquinone together with cosmeceutical fading creams.

Another interesting complaint that we are seeing a lot of is the earring holes stretching and a loss of volume of the earlobe. Fillers can also be used in the ears and will give a nice volume repayment to the lobe and can last up to 18 months.

A common complaint is ingrown hairs. This can occur around the neck and on the legs or on the face. The new lasers that treat excessive hairs are very effective in preventing these types of ingrowths. The laser only works on the dark colored hairs and usually multiple treatments are required. Patients with olive skin particularly care as there is a risk of burning the skin and sometimes the cosmetic surgery would consider forming a test spot before treating the entire area.

Pain is another complaint that people present to me for. Pain is often related to large breasts which affects the balance of the body. A number of cystic lesions can be quite painful and require treatment. There are forms of lipomas, collections of fat, that can also be painful. It is not uncommon for me to treat multiple lipomas with a liposculpture technique. Another common complaints that we hear about is patients say that they cannot buy one type of clothes because the upper body and lower body do not match and they have to buy 2 separate pieces of clothing. This often results from large hips or stomach which is out of proportion to the legs or vice versa. Liposculpture is particularly effective in this situation to re-balance the body shape.

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