Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer
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We consult & operate Australia-wide

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Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

10.07.2014 - written by Paula Grossbard

Complaints Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Dr. Lanzer is known to be a very caring cosmetic surgery and dermatologist. He understands that patients are entitled to their opinion and that sometimes procedures do require adjustments or further maintenance. Therefore, Dr. Lanzer welcomes complaints from his patients and feedback. Fortunately, as a result, Dr. Lanzer offers every patient a feedback form where they can express both the good and any possible complaints they have. Sometimes it may be a complaint related to one of the staff that they feel did not prepare them appropriately.

Sometimes, a complaints might be that they hoped to get more fat removed from an area of liposuction and this may result in a repeat procedure which is usually free of charge. Dr. Lanzer says that probably the most common complaint that he sees is that patients are not sure about their results. Fortunately, once they see the before photographs, they remember the dramatic difference. Dr. Lanzer was training overseas with a plastic surgeon. He said that he takes photographs of patients and tells them before surgery, “I am taking a photograph now because in 3 weeks time you will completely forget what you looked like and you will probably complain.” It is true that it is hard for us to remember visually what we looked like and therefore photographs become very important.

There are other avenues of which the patients or the public can complain. Most doctors are members of specialist societies which have people that complaints can be leveled to. It is always better to complain directly to the doctor since he understands what has been done. Most doctors will be very caring and will help resolve any complaints should they exist. Dr. Lanzer’s rooms are ISO (2:39) accredited and have the latest safety and healthy standard accreditation. Part of that accreditation is to monitor and do feedback on any complaints. In Dr. Lanzer’s rooms there is a complaints officer and you can always report to that person or Dr. Lanzer will always be happy to directly deal with any complaints. If I look at complaints that other doctors have had, it is usually related to lack of understanding of what the outcome of the procedures are going to be.

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