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    Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat

    Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat

    Body Girl Lipo Malvern image

    Liposuction Women

    At the Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat, Dr. Lanzer offers liposcuplture. Fat accumulation happens due to an unbridled life style, dietary indiscretion or both. Women who have gone through childbirth also find themselves in such a situation due to difficulty in losing weight and having stretch marks and loose skin in addition. Liposuction long term removes fat cells from these areas and the body is sculpted back into shape.

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    before & after LIPOSUCTION

    Liposuction Video 1

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    Male Liposculpture Ballarat

    Lipo Men

    This procedure is an advanced body sculpting procedure, which removes fat, defines underlying muscles and significantly improves the overlying skin and your body proportions. It targets pockets of fat, eliminating them while redefining the shape of your body. Vaser Hi Def Liposuction procedures can target fat on the upper arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks, back and upper legs to help transform and improve your body and give it a boost.


    Liposuction Video 2

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    Female Breast Reduction Liposuction Ballarat

    Breast Surgery

    Today’s era, Breast Surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure. There may be a various reasons to choose a breast surgery. Our expert and experienced surgeon, Dr Lanzer will ensure you have a natural result and explain every step. Feel free to consult our staff to boost your self-confidence. Contact Dr Lanzer for more information.

    before & after FEMALE BREAST REDUCTION

    Liposuction Video 3

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    Neck Ballarat Liposuction

    Facial Surgery

    Our expert surgeon, Dr Lanzer will analyse each and every aspect and will suggest the best solutions for you.We have been delivering impeccable results to our patients ever since our Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat was established. We offer various type of facial surgeries.


    Liposuction Video 4

    Clip Taken from Cosmetic Coffee Ch7 Ep 4 Click Here to watch on YouTube

    Liposuction Ballarat Tummy Tuck

    Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat

    The Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat comprises of a panel of experts (all of whom have trained under Dr. Daniel Lanzer) representing not only their expertise but also their area’s of interest and led by Dr. Lanzer. The Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat provides proven and safe main stream cosmetic services after extensive research on treatments and procedures.


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    202a Sturt Street, Ballarat VIC 3350

    Looking for Cosmetic Surgery in Ballarat? Consider Australia’s Experienced Surgeon Dr Daniel Lanzer!

    Dr Daniel Lanzer is one of Australia’s finest cosmetic surgerys. To ensure everyone can gain access to Dr Lanzer’s services, he runs various clinics across Australia; this now includes a clinic in Ballarat. Curious why you should choose Dr Daniel Lanzer over other cosmetic surgerys? Read on to find out.

    Who Is Dr Daniel Lanzer?

    As mentioned briefly in the introduction, Dr Daniel Lanzer is one of the best cosmetic surgerys in Australia. Many patients seek him out for treatments since Dr Lanzer has more than twenty-five years of experience and contributed to the introduction of modern cosmetic surgery procedures in Australia.

    Aside from his extensive experience, patients might know Dr Lanzer from television or magazines! Dr Lanzer has been featured in shows such as “Cosmetic Coffee” but has also given many lectures to other professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry; this includes at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the Australian Division of the International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, the American Academy of Dermatology, and many others.

    In conclusion, Dr Daniel Lanzer is certainly one of the most experienced surgeons in the country, making him a good surgeon choice if you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure.

    Which Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Executed in Dr Lanzer’s Ballarat Clinic?

    Various cosmetic procedures can be executed in Dr Lanzer’s Ballarat clinic. Patients can find a summary of these treatments on this page. For more details about one of the treatments, simply click on the name of the treatment. You will be taken to a new page that contains additional information about the procedure in question.

    Does Dr Lanzer Specialise in Certain Procedures?

    Like most cosmetic surgerys, Dr Lanzer specialises in certain treatments. However, you will find that Dr Lanzer has more specialisations than other cosmetic surgerys in Australia, making it easier for you to find a surgeon that is specialised in the treatment you are looking for.

    Dr Lanzer’s specialised treatments include liposuction, Vaser Hi-Def liposculpture, breast reduction, fat transfer, eyelid rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, facial rejuvenation, facelifts, and face makeovers. Cannot find your treatment in this list? No worries, because Dr Lanzer has a lot of experience with other cosmetic treatments too.

    Can I Make an Appointment with Dr Lanzer in Ballarat without Committing to Treatment?

    Patients can always make an appointment with Dr Lanzer to discuss a treatment they are interested in. By making an appointment, you are not committing yourself to any treatment; this requires a special consent form to be signed.

    When it comes to your procedure, the Dr Lanzer Clinic finds it important that patients are well-informed. Therefore, patients are free to contact us for information, but they can also make an appointment with Dr Lanzer to discuss a potential treatment in more detail.

    How Do I Know If Dr Daniel Lanzer Is the Right Surgeon Choice for Me?

    Choosing a cosmetic surgery is often a personal choice. Since it is important that you are comfortable with your surgeon, and that you have confidence in his ability, it is essential to research the surgeon you intend on using.

    On the Dr Lanzer website, patients can find more information about Dr Lanzer, his qualifications, and his clinics. Based on this information, patients can determine if Dr Lanzer is the best choice for them, even before they make an appointment at our Ballarat clinic!

    Of course, the best way to determine if Dr Lanzer is the right fit for you is by making an appointment. The Dr Lanzer Clinic in Ballarat provides new patients with a free appointment to do just that. During a free appointment, you get to meet Dr Daniel Lanzer and speak to him about a procedure you are interested in. However, you can also determine if you feel comfortable with Dr Lanzer as your surgeon.

    During your initial appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can also get familiar with the Ballarat clinic and its facilities. You will also get to meet the team; this does not only include Dr Lanzer, but also his nurses and receptionists. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, we find it important that you are comfortable in our clinic, so a visit will certainly help you determine that.

    How Do I Get a Consultation with Dr Lanzer in His Ballarat Clinic?

    Patients who are considering a cosmetic surgery treatment can certainly contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic in Ballarat. In his Ballarat clinic, Dr Lanzer executes common cosmetic surgery procedures, which are listed in more detail on this page.

    To contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can choose from one of many contact methods. Firstly, patients can contact our friendly team of receptionists directly via telephone. If you do not have time to contact us during business hours, you can also contact our clinic via instant messaging, email, or the website form.

    Do you need more information about our clinic before you can book a consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer? Be sure to check out the “about us” pages on our website to learn more about Dr Lanzer, his team, and the Ballarat clinic.

    Do You Have Any Further Questions About Cosmetic Procedures in Our Ballarat Clinic?

    Are you left with some questions about the cosmetic procedures that can be executed in our Ballarat Clinic? For more information about our procedures, please refer to the information pages on the Dr Lanzer Clinic website. Of course, you can also contact our friendly team of receptionists for additional information. To contact our team, please give our receptionists a call, or contact our receptionists via email or instant messaging. Our friendly receptionists will be more than happy to assist you.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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