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Cosmetic Surgery Cairns

Liposuction Women Ballarat

Liposuction Women

At the Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat, Dr. Lanzer offers liposcuplture. Fat accumulation happens due to an unbridled life style, dietary indiscretion or both. Women who have gone through childbirth also find themselves in such a situation due to difficulty in losing weight and having stretch marks and loose skin in addition. Liposuction long term removes fat cells from these areas and the body is sculpted back into shape.

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Liposuction Men Ballarat

Lipo Men

This procedure is an advanced body sculpting procedure, which removes fat, defines underlying muscles and significantly improves the overlying skin and your body proportions. It targets pockets of fat, eliminating them while redefining the shape of your body. Vaser Hi Def Liposuction procedures can target fat on the upper arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks, back and upper legs to help transform and improve your body and give it a boost.

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Breast Augmentation Ballarat

Breast Surgery

Today’s era, Breast Surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure. There may be a various reasons to choose a breast surgery. Our expert and experienced surgeon, Dr Lanzer will ensure you have a natural result and explain every step. Feel free to consult our staff to boost your self-confidence.

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Face Resurfacing Ballarat

Facial Surgery

Our expert surgeon, Dr Lanzer will analyse each and every aspect and will suggest the best solutions for you.We have been delivering impeccable results to our patients ever since our Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat was established. We offer various type of facial surgeries.

Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat

Cosmetic Surgery Cairns

The Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgery Cairns comprises of a panel of experts (all of whom have trained under Dr. Daniel Lanzer) representing not only their expertise but also their area’s of interest and led by Dr. Lanzer.  The Cosmetic Surgery Ballarat provides proven and safe main stream cosmetic services after extensive research on treatments and procedures.

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before & after MEGA LIPOSUCTION

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before & after FEMALE STOMACH

before & after FEMALE STOMACH