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Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review

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    Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast

    Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast

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    Female Liposuction

    Female Liposuction is a very popular treatment. It is the removal of excess fat with a suction cannula via tiny incisions. Fat can be taken from areas with high fat content including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms, chin, knees and neck. These can have dramatic results on your body’s contour.

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    before & after LIPOSUCTION

    Liposuction Video 1

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    Male Liposculpture Gold Coast

    Men Liposuction / Liposculpture

    Hi-Def Vaser Liposculpture procedure is mostly for active males and females who find it difficult to achieve muscle toning because of fat cells which are non-resistant to dieting and exercise. Dr Lanzer at the Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast will guide you and ensure you understand this procedure and give you advice for its ability to factor in the shape & form of anatomical structures beneath the skin to help create enhanced body contour.


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    Female Breast Reduction Liposuction Gold Coast

    Breast Augmentation & Breast Reductions

    At the Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast Surgery consulting rooms , you can discuss with Dr Lanzer, a Cosmetic Surgeon with 30 years experience your goals over a free no-obligation consultation. Some patients will experience a boost in self-esteem after the surgery as their breasts look how they envisioned them to look.

    before & after FEMALE BREAST REDUCTION

    Liposuction Video 3

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    Neck Gold Coast Liposuction

    Face Lift Treatment

    The face and neck lift is a treatment that will effectively tighten your skin for a more youthful and will make you look more radiant. Loose droopy excess skin, fat deposits and underlying muscles in the face and neck caused by ageing, gravity, genetics, sun exposure and the environment are all restored to a more youthful look. Contact us to book in free no-obligation consultation with Dr Lanzer, himself on any of our Cosmetic Surgery treatments.


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    Liposuction Gold Coast Tummy Tuck

    Cosmetic Surgery Gold Coast

    Dr Lanzer is experienced and caring and provides personal treatment and puts patients needs first through surgical & non-surgical surgery procedures of the body, breasts, face and skin. Dr Lanzers Clinics philosophy places a heavy emphasis on patient education, as a method of ensuring that informed surgical decisions are made to enhance results.


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    Need Cosmetic Surgery in the Gold Coast? Look Up Dr Daniel Lanzer, the Most Prominent Cosmetic Surgeon in Australia!

    When you are looking for cosmetic surgery in the Gold Coast, you may notice that you have many options. Of course, you could choose Dr Daniel Lanzer above all the rest, who is one of the most prominent Australian surgeons.

    Dr Lanzer does not only have more than two decades of experience, he also helped to introduce advanced cosmetic treatments into Australia. Dr Lanzer has multiple clinics across Australia, so anyone from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth can take advantage of his services and experience.

    Do you reside in the Gold Coast and would like to make an appointment with Dr Daniel Lanzer? Get in touch with our friendly receptionists via telephone, email, instant messaging, or the website contact form.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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