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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne

Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne


Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne has undergone many changes during the last 25 years. I graduated through the Alfred Hospital and Monash Medical University some 25 years ago, completing my dermatology training at those centres. In the early days, the dermatology surgeons were involved in a number of new areas in cosmetic surgery. One of the big interests was collagen injection where dermatologists and other surgeons would take collagen that was derived from cattle and inject it into wrinkles and facial defects. Because there was a risk of allergy to the collagen, patients required 2 test injections.

One of the first cosmetic surgery procedures that I have performed in Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne was dermabrasion. This used a spinning wide brush. A dermatologist developed a freezing mechanism where the skin was frozen through a direct spray. This made the skin very hard and an ideal surface to plane away the damaged skin. It produced excellent results. However, there was really no control other than the steadiness of the surgeon’s hand. I spoke in Melbourne in many surgeon’s meetings about the procedure and once infectious diseases became more known such as HIV we started to wear gas masks and sterile gowns. It became quite cumbersome and certainly not a procedure that could be handed over to other cosmetic surgerys in Melbourne or Australia.

Probably the biggest change in cosmetic surgery in Melbourne was the development of the tumescent technique. In 1992 I organised the first hands-on workshop in Melbourne where we taught plastic surgeons, general surgeons, and dermatologists how to use the tumescent liposculpture method that was developed by Jeffrey Klein. Through the Skin and Cancer Foundation, I helped convene the conference and we brought to Melbourne one of the expert dermatologists who ran a hands-on meeting. One of my Melbourne patients kindly agreed to be the first patient to have this procedure which was done under local anesthetic. Her outer thighs and hips were treated. I later was featured on national television on a number of occasions explaining this procedure in Melbourne and to the rest of Australia.

Cosmetic Surgery MelbourneThe next development was that in 1994 when a group of dermatologists started to perform cosmetic laser surgery.
The first laser that we used for wrinkles was the UltraPulse laser and this changed the whole way we looked at removing wrinkles. Lasers could be controlled and settings were made to more safely remove wrinkles and to resurface the skin. At that time, I also underwent hands-on training of using the lasers in laser blepharoplasty in Melbourne. Further training occurred in America. The public in Melbourne and throughout Australia took well to the concept of lasers. The idea of having a device that did not cause immediate bleeding that was direct, safer, and accurate and that did not involve blood, appealed to patients. There was an immediate affinity for this procedure.

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In Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne, I have performed many studies of new procedures and devices. This has included more long term fillers, different fat blasters, cellulite treatments, sutures, skin face lifts, lipo tummy tucks, and many types of liposculpture such as high definition liposculpture and breast reduction through liposculpture. I found that in Melbourne, the public opened to new procedures, new ideas. I felt that it has always been very important to be honest and upfront with patients so that they can make an informed decision about a new procedure and what its potential benefits could be. Patients liked being in the first group of patients to have procedures. They very kindly shared their experience with myself. This helped me develop a number of procedures. In the year 2000 in Melbourne I conducted a study of 250 patients on breast reduction via liposuction.

I have also been involved in many conferences regarding cosmetic surgery in Melbourne. For many years I arranged and convened the annual winter cosmetic surgery conference in Melbourne under the College of Dermatologists and the Skin and Cancer Foundation. I arranged for different speakers to attend from overseas. We were very much focused on giving dermatologists a practical insight into different cosmetic procedures. The dermatologists in Melbourne over the years have grown in their surgical skills and now operate a foundation for advanced skin cancer surgery as well.

About 8 years ago, I built our own cosmetic day surgery centre in Melbourne in Malvern. The cosmetic surgery centre is fully dedicated to cosmetic surgery. I am the only principle cosmetic surgery in that centre. This means that we do not allow any other surgery in the premises. All patients who have other illnesses, which means that the risk of becoming contaminated as seen in other hospitals, is extremely unlikely. We currently have 3 operating theatres and 3 recovery beds. The patients attend our centre from all around Australia and overseas. Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne has become a centre for cosmetic surgery.

This has been affected significantly by cheaper airlines and the introduction of internet. Patients frequently email me photographs of their concerns. I am able to give them a detailed full assessment via the internet and through phone consultations. It also means that patients who have cosmetic surgery in Melbourne can have easy follow up in other states.
In Melbourne, we also try to avoid putting patients into hospitals because of the expense. There are some recovery centres where patients can stay where there are caregivers onsite. Also in Melbourne we have dedicated drivers who have some medical basis that help transport patients to the centre.

Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne is really a multi professional practice. We have some half a dozen, highly qualified cosmetic nurses who are back up by a highly specialised cosmetic anesthetist who has been performing cosmetic surgery in Melbourne for over 20 years. Also, we have highly specialised cosmetic surgery beauty therapists who administer a lot of the post operative care for bruising and swelling with radiofrequency and pressure devices. We also have a number of cosmetic nurses and cosmetic liaison people who are all aimed at keeping good contact and followup with our patients. One of the important parts of cosmetic surgery is to have good ancillary service. In our centre, we make and design our own garments. We have designed a specialised foam binding garment that is excellent for after liposculpture particularly of the stomach. It reduces the swelling. There are a number of post-operative vitamins, creams, and anti-bruising medications that are available in Melbourne through our dietitian who works in our clinic as well.

Most patients are surprised that we do also ask our patients in Melbourne to have a consultation with a psychologist. We feel it is very important that patients are thoroughly prepared and have had a chance to discuss their deep inner concerns with a 3rd party.

As part of our service to our Melbourne and victoria patients, we do also run other centres in different suburbs throughout Victoria. Patients from centres in Ballarat, Geelong, Glen Waverley, Shepparton, Hoppers Crossing, and the city all can be treated for surgery in our day surgery centre and receive their aftercare in the satellite clinics. For any further information Dr. Lanzer offers a free no-obligation consultation. See DrLanzer’s Sydney page for Sydney’s procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions For Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne

Is muscle relaxants cosmetic surgery?

No muscle relaxants are ways to temporarily paradise the unwanted facial expression lines with an injection.

Is cosmetic surgery covered by Medicare?

A number of cosmetic procedures have a medical reason for them being performed such as pain and scarring. Some procedures like tummy tuck, breast reduction, gynaecomastia, blepharoplasty and acne scar therapy will attract some coverage from medicare or private health insurance.

Is gender reassignment surgery considered cosmetic?

Many procedures are called cosmetic surgery yet they have true medical and psychological reasons for being performed. This includes procedures such as mega liposuction for obesity, eyelid surgery for vision, man boobs for gynaecomastia face lift for self esteem and work related needs.

What is the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery often involves changing a persons appearance with procedures such as nose job or chin implant. Cosmetic surgery is focused on improving the cosmetic and aging appearance of the body. Many of the advances in cosmetic surgery over the last 3 decades were developed by dermatologists in particular liposuction and laser.

Is cosmetic surgery dangerous?

All surgery has risks some are general such as pain, swelling and infection and some are related to the specific procedure such as scarring and the cosmetic result. Safety of cosmetic procedures is often related to experience and technique. The overriding goal in cosmetic surgery in the last 3 decades has been to make it safe and natural.

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