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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Cosmetic Surgery Perth

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Dr Daniel Lanzer MB BS (Hons) FACD

Dr Lanzer is extremely experienced, meticulous and caring.
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    Cosmetic Surgery Perth

    Cosmetic Surgery Perth

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    Liposuction For Females

    Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures in the world today. As it may removes fat cells long term to improve a women’s body’s contour. Liposuction may be utilised in conjunction with various body contouring treatments, such as breast reductions, tummy tucks, arm lifts and thigh lifts. The liposuction procedure involves a suction tube to be inserted through a tiny incision which is placed in an inconspicuous location on the skin. Fat cells can then be removed via this tube. The result is a more attractive contour of your body.

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    before & after LIPOSUCTION

    Liposuction Video 1

    Clip Taken from Cosmetic Coffee Ch7 Ep 3 Click Here to watch on YouTube

    Male Liposculpture Perth

    Liposuction / Liposculpture For Males

    The most common parts treated by liposuction in men are the waist, chest, abdomen and neckline. In women, frequent areas the upper and lower back, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, knees, lower leg, cheeks, and double chins. Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Perth, Dr Daniel Lanzer will aim to understand patients priority and concerns. Dr Lanzer will consult and provide all levels of liposuction for you. From a minor area, which may be a minimally invasive, local anesthesia procedure to large area’s. The most common area to have treated and transform to a ‘4 pack’ or ‘6 pack’ in males. To book a Free consultation online, simply fill in the Contact us form with your details and we will get back to you shortly.


    Liposuction Video 2

    Clip Taken from SBS Insights Click Here to watch on YouTube

    Female Breast Reduction Liposuction Perth

    Breast Augmentation And Lifts

    Dr Lanzer performs breast augmentation and lifts consulting in the Cosmetic Surgery Perth. After a breast augmentation procedure, your breasts will be larger, rounder and project forward. Our surgeon, Dr Daniel Lanzer will guide from your first consultation right through to the procedure and also the post-recovery period. Dr Lanzer’s professional staff are all highly skilled in this field and will inform you with each intricate part of this procedure.

    before & after FEMALE BREAST REDUCTION

    Liposuction Video 3

    Clip Taken from Cosmetic Coffee Ch7 Ep 4 Click Here to watch on YouTube

    Neck Perth Liposuction

    Mini Face Lifts

    Dr Lanzer now has an extraordinary array of non-surgical and surgical options for correcting the effects of ageing, environmental influences and even genetics. There are various times of options for treating aging symptoms, no matter if its surgical or non-invasive treatments, Dr Lanzer’s staff can assist you with your queries.


    Liposuction Video 4

    Clip Taken from Cosmetic Coffee Ch7 Ep 4 Click Here to watch on YouTube

    Liposuction Perth Tummy Tuck

    Cosmetic Surgery Perth

    At Dr Lanzer’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Perth, we pride ourselves in nurturing and helpful approach to all our patients. Our aim is for our clients to feel comfortable and requirements are fully met and we take the time to understand what your needs are.


    Liposuction Video 4

    Clip Taken from Today Tonight Click Here to watch on YouTube

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    The Dr Lanzer Clinic – Explore Available Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for Perth Residents

    Perth residents can count on the Dr Lanzer Clinic for their cosmetic procedures. Dr Lanzer is one of Australia’s most prominent surgeons, specialising in treatments such as liposuction and breast augmentation. With several decades of experience, Dr Lanzer is one of the most popular surgeons in the area.

    To get more information about the cosmetic surgery treatments available for Perth residents, please refer to the overview of treatments displayed on the website. Each treatment has its own page with detailed information, so patients can gain more information about a treatment they are interested in before they make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

    Want to make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? Book your consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer via telephone, email, or the website contact form. Our friendly receptionists will provide you with a suitable consultation.

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