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Cosmetic Surgery Shepparton

Liposuction Shepparton

Liposuction Treatments

This is the treatment of choice to get rid of stubborn fat deposits anywhere in the body. Most commonly done areas include Face, double chin, arms, waist, abdomen, waist region love handles, side bulge at upper thighs, inner thighs, buttocks and knee joint region. Virtually any area with localised unwanted fat can be treated by this method.

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Liposuction for Males Shepparton

Liposuction For Males

Even after diet, exercise and gym training some areas fail to respond and shed off fat. Such areas are most effectively improved by this procedure. Depending on area 5 to 7 litres of fat can be sucked out in one sitting. However this is not a weight reduction surgery but body reshaping surgery focusing on toning.

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Breast lift and Reduction Shepparton

Breast Lift & Reductions

Increase in the size of breasts and uplift gives a great feeling of satisfaction to most of the cases. It enhances one’s appearance and self esteem. Depending upon the size of the implant there is one or more increase in the cup size of the bra. Consult with Dr Lanzer at the Cosmetic Surgery Shepparton to find out more.

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Face Resurfacing Shepparton

Face Surgery

A facelift can make you look younger and fresher, and it may enhance your self- confidence. This surgery is commonly performed after the age of 40 years and there is no upper age limit.

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Cosmetic Surgery Shepparton

Cosmetic Surgery Shepparton

At the Cosmetic Surgery Shepparton, Dr Lanzer is an renowned expert and has successfully performed thousands operations during his career spanning over 25 years.  Contact Dr Lanzer by completing this form to get your free consultation in Shepparton.

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before & after LIPOSUCTION




before & after MEGA LIPOSUCTION

before & after NECK LIPOSUCTION

before & after FEMALE STOMACH

before & after FEMALE STOMACH