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Common Questions On Ultherapy Answered

Common Questions On Ultherapy Answered

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Ultherapy Brisbane is one of the non-surgical treatments provided at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. The treatment can make the face appear tighter and firmer, which means it can be a good option for mild skin elasticity problems and common signs of ageing. If you wish to learn more, be sure to read some of the common questions and answers regarding Ultherapy below.

Which Patients Are Good Candidates For Ultherapy Brisbane?

Patients who have a mild form of skin laxity tend to be good candidates for Ultherapy. The procedure can address some loose skin underneath the neck and chin, but also some fine lines and wrinkles on other areas such as the chest.

There is no age limitation or restriction to Ultherapy. That being said, patients who are older and only experience a mild case of loose skin can benefit from the treatment.

Ultherapy Brisbane

What Is The Cost For Ultherapy At The Dr Lanzer Clinic In Brisbane?

Ultherapy is very much a treatment that is customised to meet the needs of the patient in question; this also means that the cost of the procedure can vary on your needs. For example, some patients want multiple areas treated, while others will focus on a specific area. This could influence the price considerably. If you wish to get an accurate quote for this treatment, we recommend contacting our clinic for more information.

Do Patients Experience Any Side-Effects After Ultherapy?

Side-effects experienced after Ultherapy can vary from patient to patient. Some patients experience some minor redness, which usually disappears a couple of hours after the treatment. Other patients can experience some minor swelling and tenderness. Please note that these side-effects are also temporary in nature.

How Many Treatments Of Ultherapy Should I Obtain?

The majority of patients only require one treatment with the Ulthera device. Of course, there are some cases where multiple sessions of Ulthera could be recommended; this depends on the droopiness of the patient’s skin.

How Long Can I Expect Results From Ultherapy?

One of the unique aspects of Ultherapy is that the procedure forces the production of collagen, which in turn makes the skin tighter and firmer. Naturally, the production of collagen does not stop when the treatment with the Ulthera device is over. Collagen production will continue for several months after the treatment, which means patients can see more results over time.

Discover Ultherapy Brisbane Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Ultherapy Brisbane procedures. Ultherapy jump starts a repair process that produces fresh, new collagen.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Ultherapy Brisbane clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Does Ultherapy Have Any Downtime?

Since Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure, the treatment is not associated with any downtime. Most patients who have this procedure return to their regular activities immediately; this may include returning to work. There are also no special post-treatment measures patients must take, although patients could benefit from a good skincare routine.

How Does Ultherapy Influence Collagen Production?

In the previous sections, we already referred to the fact that Ultherapy can reboot the production of collagen. To help our patients understand the principle of the treatment, we will elaborate a little further on this process below.

Collagen is a natural protein that is responsible for certain functions in the human body; this includes keeping our skin firm and tight. Unfortunately, the natural ageing process can influence the amount of collagen available in the body, which in turn can lead to drooping skin and other signs of ageing.

When the Ulthera device is used, one of our therapists can trigger a thermal effect underneath the skin. By triggering this effect, the body has to respond by creating more collagen; this production of collagen continues for several months. As a result, the patient will experience a tighter and rejuvenated skin.

Ultherapy Brisbane

Is Ultherapy Suitable For Everyone?

Ultherapy is a treatment that could prove beneficial for most patients. That being said, it does depend on the problems the patient is facing. For example, a patient with extreme skin laxity may not experience the same benefits as someone who has mild skin laxity. Because of this, it is important to speak to a dermatologist about the best treatment route.

Dr Lanzer is not only an experienced cosmetic surgeon, he is also a licensed dermatologist who you can speak to about skin-tightening treatments. During a consultation, he can recommend a treatment route most suitable for your needs. He could also advise you on your skincare routine post-treatment, which could enhance the results obtained from a treatment.

Can I Book An Appointment For Ultherapy At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the cosmetic surgery clinics that provides this treatment. The treatment is executed by our beauty therapists in a state-of-the-art facility. If you are interested in trying out this treatment for its anti-ageing benefits, please make an appointment by contacting our friendly receptionists via telephone or the online enquiry form.

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