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Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Injections

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What Is The Difference Between A Filler And A Muscle Relaxant (Cosmetic Injections)?

A lot of people find it difficult to understand the difference between these two.  The easy way to picture it, is that when looking at one’s face when one is totally at rest without smiling or frowning, if one can see lines, then these are lines that may need to be filled.  We would use a dermal filler.  There are many man-made dermal fillers that are available on the market.  They come together with a local anesthetic within them, so the injection is fairly painless.  It only takes about 5 or 10 minutes.  Other dermal fillers include fat and stem cells which can be taken from a mini liposuction of your stomach.  If one smiles, frowns, or lifts up their eyebrows and sees lines, then these are active dynamic lines and a filler may not be the right procedure or it may need to be combine with a muscle relaxant.

I Have Read The Pamphlet On Fillers And They Talk About It Being Natural. What Does That Mean?

Natural is an interesting term.  It is meant to reflect the fact that one will not look startled, pulled, or obviously different.  Unfortunately, sometimes practitioners inject too much filler, particularly around the lip and patients can have an appearance that looks almost like a duck. Then, I would not call that natural.  Good judgment and advice to the patient will always make sure that the patient does have that natural appearance.

Cosmetic Injections

I See In The Pamphlet It Says That The Injection Is Safe. How Safe Is It?

Cosmetic injections are the most common cosmetic procedure performed around the world and are now in the millions of injections over the last 2 decades.  Injections are a safe procedure since there is no cutting and no invasive surgery.  Nevertheless, all procedures have risks particularly bruising and swelling.  There have been one or two extremely severe complications with fillers when the product has gone into a vein near the eye.  This is very uncommon.  If someone has any unusual pain following the treatment or visual changes they must notify the doctor immediately.

Discover Facial Fillers Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Facial Fillers procedures. A very fine needle is used, so that the discomfort of the procedure is minimal.

If you’re looking for facial fillers, get a free consultation at Melbourne Facial Fillers clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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I Also Read That There Are Instant Results. Is That True?

Yes.  The result of the injection is instantaneous as the filler lifts up the wrinkle and the curved defect.  There may be some initial bruising which will take away from the instant result effect.

What Is The Difference Between A Lip Fillers And A Cheek Filler?

There are different types of products that are used depending on if one needs a thick product or a thin product.  Generally speaking, a thinner product is used on the lip to keep it more refined and a thicker product is used on a deeper level to elevate the cheeks.

What Is The Fold Between The Cheek And The Upper Lip?

This is called the nasolabial fold.  It is very common.  Some people have deep smiles and have a very prominent nasolabial fold.  We found over the last decade that one of the better ways to treat a nasolabial fold besides having a mini face lift is to inject a filler into the cheeks which causes a lifting and curvature of the cheeks.

Cosmetic Injections 1

Are There Different Places To Inject The Fillers On The Lips?

Yes.  The lip can be injected in a number of different planes and areas.  Generally speaking on the upper lip we focus on either the vermilion border, which is the junction between the mucous wet membrane and the dry upper lip.  It is nice to have a little curvature at that point and be well defined.  The other area that we inject in the upper lip is the actual bulk of the upper lip to make it more round and curved.  The cupid’s bow is the 2 lines below the nose and these can also be injected to create more of a shape on the upper lip rather than having a flat appearance.

What About The Corners Of The Mouth?

Yes, fillers can help this and sometimes people complain of mucous leaking through there or “bleeding” of their makeup.  By injecting a little bit of filler in the corner of the mouth, this can be significantly improved.

Can One Have A Nose Job With A Filler?

Yes.  Fillers are also used to elevated and straighten noses and can give a cosmetic result that will last over a year.

Can Fillers Be Used Anywhere Else On The Face?

Yes.  An interesting area where fillers are used is on the earlobes.  A lot of people as they get older lose tissue in the earlobes which become floppy and thin.  By injecting some filler, this can give it some volume which allows the earlobe to hold an earring in a more natural and youthful way.

What Can Be Done For The Tip Of The Nose If It Is Very Flat?

Yes, fillers can also help the tip of the nose and it gives it a more natural curve and straightening of that area.

How Are Fillers And Muscle Relaxants Used To Give A Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery is quite a complicated surgery and a lot of people do not want that surgery because it can give more of a startles appearance.  Fillers injected along the lower border of the eyebrows can give an elevation affect of the brow and give it more definition.  At the same time, muscle relaxants used to relax the muscles that pull the brow down will have the end result of lifting the brow up.

Where Can I Have These Procedures Done?

Dr. Lanzer provides muscle relaxants and facial fillers at all his clinics throughout Australia.

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