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Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen Treatment

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What Is the Dermapen Treatment?

When patients are looking for the latest in skin rejuvenation treatment, they often come across the Dermapen. Despite the fact this treatment has been executed on numerous patients on the past couple of years, not everyone is aware of this treatment and its benefits. To ensure patients get a little more familiar with the Dermapen, we have created an overview of essential information below.

How Does the Dermapen Work?

The Dermapen is a skin needling procedure. During this treatment, the device vertically pieces the skin with its vibrating needles and moves across the entire treatment area. By doing this, the Dermapen reactivates the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, creating a more rejuvenated skin appearance.

During a treatment with the Dermapen, various channels are created in the skin. These channels can hold onto a lot of topical nutrients, estimated at an increase of 80%. Therefore, topical products used post-treatment will be much more effective.

Dermapen treatment

What Skin-Related Problems Is the Dermapen Used for?

The Dermapen treatment is commonly used for premature signs of ageing as well as a naturally aged skin. It is used for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, but also smoker’s lines above the lips, caused by repeated puckering.

In addition to basic rejuvenation benefits, the Dermapen has proven effective for other rejuvenation purposes. The treatment can have a positive influence on skin tightening, large pores, stretch marks, and even scars. Of course, to determine the suitability of a patient for Dermapen treatment, an evaluation by Dr Lanzer is always recommended.

The Dermapen can be combined with other rejuvenation treatments at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Also, before leaving our clinic, be sure to inform about the proper skincare products for your routine, which will become more effective after having treatment with the Dermapen.

What Areas Can Be Treated with the Dermapen?

Treatment with the Dermapen can be executed in areas that are prone to signs of ageing; this includes the face, neck, and the hands. However, the Dermapen can be used on other areas too, since it can tackle abnormalities caused by sun damage.

Does Dermapen Treatment Require Special Preparation?

The Dermapen does not require a lot of preparation on the patient’s side. However, we do recommend using a little vitamin A cream before the treatment starts; this helps prepare the skin and can make the treatment a little more effective.

Not sure which vitamin A cream is most suitable before treatment with the Dermapen? Do not hesitate to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic and speak to a member of our team for skincare recommendations.

Discover Dermapen Treatment Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Dermapen Treatment procedures. The
 Dermapen treatment is even suitable and safe to use on delicate and
 hard to reach areas such as around the eyes and lips and on the nose.

If you’re looking for a dermapen treatment, get a free consultation at Melbourne Dermapen Treatment clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Many Treatments with the Dermapen Do I Need?

The amount of treatments with the Dermapen can vary from patient to patient. It is subject to the size of the treatment area, but also the specific abnormality the patient wants to fix. However, we can provide you with some average treatment times for specific problems.

Patients looking for facial rejuvenation should have anything between four to six Dermapen treatments. Each treatment takes place after a period of four weeks has passed.

More intense treatments usually have a longer treatment take and more sessions. A good example is acne treatments. Most patients will have six treatments, with each treatment every two weeks.

How Long Until One Sees Result from Dermapen Treatments?

Most patients will see a difference after their first Dermapen treatment, although this difference can be minor. For the most significant results after Dermapen, we recommend that patients evaluate their results after four to six treatments.

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Does Dermapen Treatment Hurt?

A session with the Dermapen can feel a little uncomfortable; this because the skin is penetrated with tiny needles. However, the Dr Lanzer Clinic ensures every patient is as comfortable as possible during the sessions. A topical numbing cream will also be applied before the Dermapen is applied; this will reduce any discomfort that patient experiences.

Due to the nature of the treatment, patients can experience some mild redness for the first two days after treatment with the Dermapen. Even though patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure, some may feel a little uncomfortable with the redness. If this is the case, redness can easily be hidden with a special camouflage cream called Lycogel; this gel will be applied at the Dr Lanzer Clinic too, so you can leave our clinic with confidence.

Can I Have Dermapen After Fillers?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic recommends that patients wait at least seven days before acquiring a treatment with the Dermapen after fillers. However, some patients choose to start their Dermapen treatment two days before they have their fillers.

Do you have another question about the Dermapen? Or do you want a Dermapen appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? Please contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone, email, or contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Dermapen

Dermapen is a form of controlled micro needling. Micro punctures to the skin stimulate the skins natural healing process.

No makeup should be worn for 12 hours and we recommend mineral makeup for a few days. We give patients lycogel which can be used immediately to cover any redness.

Dermapen is the name of a device that performs the microneedling.

Yes the collagen stimulated may help to tighten the skin.

Yes dermapen can help in treating acne prone skin.

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