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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Dermapen Treatment
Dermapen Treatments Explained

Dermapen Treatments Explained

Dermapen Treatments Explained

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The Dermapen is one of the latest advancements in rejuvenation technology. It is a non-surgical treatment, which involves using tiny needles to vertically puncture the skin.

To learn more about the treatment and its benefits, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer team below.

What Does a Dermapen Do?

During a treatment with the Dermapen, tiny needles will automatically pierce the skin; this creates tiny holes, subsequently prompting the production of collagen and elastin.

The principle of the Dermapen lies with the body’s natural healing function. When our skin gets a tiny puncture, the body will react by letting its cells produce more collagen and elastin. In turn, this will make the skin firmer and smoother.

What Can a Dermapen Be Used for?

Dermapen treatments are commonly used for rejuvenation treatments. It can be used for wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and even stretchmarks. The additional benefit of this type of treatment is that it can be used on most parts of the human body, enabling patients to benefit from an efficient rejuvenation treatment without surgery.


Do I Require More Than One Dermapen Treatment?

The Dermapen is a non-surgical treatment, which does mean more treatments are required for the procedure to provide its effects. Most patients will require several treatments to see an improvement. The total amount of treatments ranges between four and eight for most patients.

Treatments with the Dermapen are provided in intervals. So, after your first treatment, you must wait a couple of weeks before you can have the treatment again. The interval duration does depend on the specific problem the patient wants to fix. For example, acne scars will require shorter intervals than wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Special Preparation Required for Dermapen Treatment?

Dr Lanzer recommends using a special cream to increase the strength of the skin before the treatment takes place; this involves using a cream that contains active vitamin A or vitamin C. If you do not know which creams might be suitable before your treatment, please contact the Dr Lanzer clinic for advice.

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What Will Happen During My Dermapen Appointment?

When a patient comes in for his or her Dermapen treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Since tiny needles will make punctures in the skin, the numbing cream can make the patient more comfortable.

In addition to the numbing cream, hyaluronic acid serum will also be applied to the patient’s skin. The serum does not only promote skin hydration, it further stimulates the production of collagen.

Shortly after the application of the Dermapen, it is common for patients to experience a hot and tight feeling on the skin; this can be compared to a mild sunburn. These symptoms usually subside within a couple of hours.

Before the patient leaves the clinic, a special antiseptic camouflage cream will be applied to the treatment area. The camouflage cream will hide any redness, but also promotes the natural healing process.

Patients should be aware that the applied antiseptic camouflage cream must be kept on overnight. In the morning, patients can use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser, but must avoid products that contain vitamin A and AHA.


What Are Some Side-Effects or Risks Accompanied with the Dermapen?

Even though the Dermapen is a non-surgical treatment, it is accompanied by some common side-effects patients must be aware of. For example, it is common to experience a little dryness, flakiness, bruising, and swelling a day after the procedure.

During the healing process, and afterwards for that matter, it is important for patients to protect their skin against sunlight. Dr Lanzer recommends a sun lotion with SPF30+. To hide any remaining redness post-procedure, patients can use some mineral makeup.

Why Should I Use the Dermapen Instead of a Skin Needle Roller?

The Dermapen can be quicker and is generally less painful than the traditional skin needle roller you will find in stores. There are also no problems with cross infection, since the needles of the Dermapen are disposable.

One of the additional advantages of the Dermapen is the adjustable needle depth, a benefit you will not encounter with skin needle rollers. Since every patient is unique and has therefore unique requirements, needle depth can be adjusted to be more effective for a patient’s specific problem.

How Do I Book an Appointment for the Dermapen?

Patients can acquire the Dermapen treatment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. To acquire the treatment, you simply book an appointment with our friendly team of receptionists and visit the Dr Lanzer Clinic near you.

To make an appointment for the Dermapen, please telephone our receptionist team. If you cannot make a call during business hours, you can also make your appointment via email or the website contact form. We will provide you with an appointment to meet your schedule.

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