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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Eyelid Surgery Before And After Photos
Improving the Aesthetics of the Eyes with laser resurfacing

Case Study

Improving the Aesthetics of the Eyes with laser resurfacing


This patient presented to Dr Lanzer with a very heavy upper eyelid and bags on the lower lids. Notice the loose skin on the upper lid and the thickness on the inner corner of the crease. This causes the entire eye to significantly close over, making for a very aged appearance and a possibly obscured eye sight. The lower lid has some fine lines and creases which can be smoothed out using the Erbium resurfacing laser.


Dr Lanzer performed an upper and lower Blepharoplasty procedure on this patient. He removed the excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid and the bag of fat from the lower eyelid. To tighten the skin on the lower eyelid, an Erbium resurfacing laser has been used. This has removed the fine lines and helped smooth the skin for a refreshed appearance. The patient looks much more awake, still maintaining a natural look.

Defy Signs of Ageing Around the Eyes with Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a popular procedure to reduce the signs of ageing. One of the areas that can be treated with laser resurfacing is the face, which means that patients can use laser resurfacing to get rid of wrinkles and creases around the eyes. A good example of such a procedure can be found in the case file below, where the patient chose laser resurfacing to correct cosmetic problems around the eyes.

How Did Laser Resurfacing Improve the Aesthetics of the Eyes in This Case Study?

The patient in this case study suffered from a heavy upper eyelid and bags underneath the lower eyelids, which made the patient look considerably older. There was a significant amount of loose skin on the upper eyelid and considerable thickness on the inner corner of the crease; this made the eye look a lot heavier and created an older appearance. However, it also created some physical problems for the patient.

One of the problems that may arise from excess skin on the upper eyelid, is restricted vision. The eye closes over because of the weight of the excess skin, which obscures the eyesight of the patient in question. In order to correct this problem, the patient chose a treatment with Erbium resurfacing laser.

Dr Lanzer executed a blepharoplasty on the upper and lower eyelid of the patient. The procedure successfully removed excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid, as well as tightened the skin of the lower eyelid. Thanks to the use of the Erbium laser, Dr Lanzer was also able to smooth the skin and remove some of the fine lines that gave patient an older appearance; this subsequently led to a more natural and youthful appearance.

What Are the Common Signs of Ageing Around the Eyes?

Unfortunately, the area around the eyes is often the first place to show signs of ageing. Common signs of ageing are dark circles, wrinkles, sagging skin, hollowness, puffiness and the loss of eyelashes.

What Are the Causes of Dark Circles Underneath the Eyes?

Dark circles underneath the eyes are often associated with your genes, so if dark circles are quite common in your family, it is likely you will struggle with them as well. However, dark circles can also appear because of other reasons, for example exhaustion and allergies.

One of the main causes of dark circles under the eyes is a loss of fat and bone volume. The loss of fat and bone creates a concavity, often referred to as a tear tough. The concavity will create a shadow, leading to dark circles.

The loss of collagen can also cause dark circles. Because of the loss of collagen, the skin becomes a lot thinner. The thinning skin makes the skin almost translucent, which means that the underlying veins become more visible and lead to darker skin underneath the eyes.

Allergies and sleeping on your stomach can also cause dark circles, because it may cause congestion of the blood vessels. These denominators can also cause dark circles under the eyes with women and men under the age of 25.

Hyperpigmentation is the last cause of dark circles underneath the eyes; this phenomenon is more common in people with darker skin tones. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can tackle hyperpigmentation.

What Causes Wrinkling and Sagging Around the Eyes?

Wrinkling and sagging of the skin around the eyes is usually caused by underlying volume loss, thinning skin, loss of elasticity and dynamic creases.
Thinning skin is mainly caused by the breakdown of collagen during the ageing process. The loss of collagen leads to a thinner dermis, which actually supports and gives a certain thickness to your skin. When collagen is lost, the thinning skin will become wrinkly and fine lines will become more visible.

The loss of skin elasticity is another big contributor for wrinkly and saggy skin. Just like collagen, elastin is a component in our body that keeps our skin youthful and resilient. Due to the ageing process, elastin production will slow down dramatically as well. As a result, your eyelids will have less elasticity and start to sag.

Dynamic creases are also a common cause of wrinkles. These are mainly caused by repetitive movements, for example squinting the eyes. There are also some risk groups for these dynamic creases, for example smokers. Smokers are more likely to get creases around the eyes and deep lines around the mouth because of the repetitive movement of smoking.

Last but not least, a loss of volume is probably the main contributor for ageing eyes. The loss of fat and bone underneath the skin will take away the support the skin needs to appear youthful.

What Causes Hollowness and Puffiness?

When the patient still has a youthful appearance, there will be a certain amount of fat underneath the eye; this fat is not a bad thing, because it actually provides the skin with a youthful appearance. However, when we age, the fat starts to move downwards because of a weakened membrane that keeps the fat in place. Due to this migration of fat, the bone surrounding the eye starts to deteriorate and there will be a bigger hollow space underneath the eyes.

What Are My Treatment Options?

The common causes of ageing around the eyes can be tackled with laser resurfacing, as well as other cosmetic treatments that rejuvenate your appearance. If you are struggling with a specific cosmetic problem around the eyes, it is recommended to book a consultation with Dr Lanzer.

Dr Lanzer provides a free and obligation free consultation to new patients, who can use the appointment to discover their treatment options. Dr Lanzer can also provide you with a detailed treatment plan as well as more information about the treatment you could take advantage of. To book your appointment with Australia’s number one cosmetic surgeon, please contact the Dr Lanzer clinic.

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