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Face Vein Therapy – Aura Laser

Face Vein Therapy – Aura Laser

Learn More About Face Vein Therapy – The Aura Laser

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There are certain procedures that fall under the facelift category, but do not require making any incisions. One of these treatments is Aura Laser Treatment, a treatment that is able to remove skin irregularities. To learn more about this facelift procedure, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Is the Aura Laser Treatment?

The Aura Lasers falls under the category of blood vessel lasers. The laser works with a beam of light, which is altered in such a way so it produces a uniform single wavelength beam of high intensity. The accuracy of the Aura laser enables the surgeon to direct the laser on fine blood vessels on the face and neck.

Facelift treatment with an Aura laser is not limited to the face and neck, because the laser can be attached to a scanner. In addition to a facelift treatment, the Aura Laser can also tackle fine blood vessels on other parts of the body.

During the treatment, the green light of the laser converts heat when it comes across red, more specifically the blood running through the veins. The heat then inflames and closes down the blood vessels. The vessels do not tend to reopen after treatment, although if reopening should occur, patients can use an additional treatment to combat the problem.

Which Skin Irregularities Can Be Treated with the Aura Laser?

There is a wide variety of skin irregularities that can be treated with the Aura laser. Suitable vascular lesions that can be treated with the Aura Laser are port wine stains, veins on the face, rosacea, Campbell de Morgan spots, venous lakes on the lips, superficial angiomas, varicose veins, spider naevi, telangiectasia, red scars, stretch marks, poikiloderma background redness, red veins and the treatment of brown and pigmented spots.Face Vein Therapy Aura Laser The large amount of skin irregularities that are able to be treated with an Aura Laser makes the treatment suitable for a great variety of patients. However, before a patient decide to go ahead with a specific treatment, they always need to discuss their aesthetic goals with the cosmetic surgeon. By discussing your option, you may discover a treatment that most suited for the aesthetic goals you want to obtain.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment with the Aura Laser?

The Aura Laser is a beneficial treatment for many patients due to the nature of the treatment. An Aura Laser will target the blood vessels directly, and leave any surrounding tissue unharmed.

During treatment with an Aura Laser, the surgeon uses a wavelength of light, which is directly absorbed by the blood vessels. Because of this phenomenon, the light does not spread to surrounding tissues or structures, leaving them unharmed.

There is still a chance of scarring when using treatment with the Aura laser; this is something patients must always take into account when they want to take advantage of any cosmetic surgery procedure. Even though the chance of severe scarring is minimal in general, patients must understand the typical risks that accompany such treatments.

Discover Face Vein Therapy Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Face Vein Therapy procedures. To ensure a patient will get the best aesthetic result, the patient needs to undergo an evaluation by a licenced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

If you’re looking to remove veins from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Face Vein Therapy clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Long Does Treatment with Aura Laser Take?

Minor procedures, for example the removal of minor red spots, do not take longer than 30 minutes. However, patients may need multiple treatments over the course of several months. These patients often deal with problems such as dilated capillaries or port wine stains, which require a minimum of two treatments. In other words, the duration is highly dependent on the problem as well as the aesthetic goals of the patient.

Can I Experience Pain During Treatment with the Aura Laser?

The Aura Laser treatment is relatively painless. To reduce any discomfort patients may be experiencing during the treatment, the surgeon or dermatologist will use a cooler or a topical anaesthetic cream. The topical anaesthetic cream or cooler is applied approximately 1 hour before the treatment takes place and covered in a plastic wrap.

Patients may experience some side-effects after the treatment. Even though the Aura Laser is considered a non-invasive procedure, side-effects are always present in cosmetic procedures. If the patient should experience any side-effects after the procedure, these side-effects usually include redness, swelling, crusting, spot bruising, scabbing, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and scarring.

Face Vein Therapy Aura Laser How Long Can I Enjoy the Effects of Aura Laser Treatment?

The results of an Aura Laser treatment are often more long term, although the Dr Lanzer Clinic cannot give any absolute guarantee regarding the more long term nature of the treatment results. Given the fact that the treatment does not prevent the development of new blood vessels over the course of time, patients may have to return to the Dr Lanzer Treatment for additional treatment.

Which Patients Are Eligible for Aura Laser Treatment?

Even though the majority of patients are eligible for treatment with the Aura Laser, the treatment is most effective for non-tanned patients with a light skin type.

How Safe Is an Aura Laser Treatment?

Treatment with the Aura Laser is deemed safe. The treatment has a long track record proving its safety and precision. Side-effects are present after an Aura Laser treatment, but are minor for the majority of patients. Any side-effects that do occur after the treatment are also of a temporary nature. We do need to state that any type of procedure always includes some degree of risk; this includes complications after a procedure. However, the medical team and Dr Lanzer at the Dr Lanzer Clinic will evaluate each patient on an individual basis to determine the eligibility of the patient in question.

Anything I Should Avoid Before Treatment?

To ensure the treatment goes smoothly, it is advised to avoid tanning or prolonged exposure to the sun. Patients should avoid tanning and sun exposure two to four weeks before the treatment takes place.

There are also some things patients need to consider after the treatment. To promote the healing process, it is recommended to use a soothing moisturiser on the skin and avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 7 days after the treatment.

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