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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Face Vein Therapy – Aura Laser

Face Vein Therapy – Aura Laser

Face Vein Therapy – Aura Laser

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Aura Laser Treatment Explained

Many cosmetic procedures are executed by means of a laser nowadays; this is also the case for the Aura Laser treatment. The procedure with the Aura Laser is aimed at the removal of skin irregularities, making it suitable for skin rejuvenation as well as the treatment of skin defects.

Patients who are interested in a treatment with the Aura Laser can find more information about this revolutionary procedure below. Learn more about the nature of the treatment as well as its benefits by reading the information provided by the Dr Lanzer team.

What Is the Aura Laser Exactly?

An Aura Laser is classified as a blood vessel laser; this means the device can be used on fine blood vessels on the face as well as the neck. The laser itself is nothing more than an intense beam of light, which can be used to accurately target several treatment areas by a cosmetic surgeon.

Face Vein Therapy Aura Laser

What Skin Defects Can Be Treated with Aura Laser?

There are many skin defects that could be improved with the Aura Laser. Due to the nature of the device, the Aura Laser could be use for most vascular lesions; this includes port wine stains, visible veins, superficial angiomas, varicose veins, spider veins, red scars, stretch marks, and pigmentation.

The Aura Laser can be used for a tremendous amount of skin defects, so it is no surprise that this laser is used quite frequently at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Of course, before a patient takes advantage of this treatment, it is always recommended to have a consultation with Dr Lanzer. After an evaluation, he can recommend the best course of action where treatment is concerned.

Discover Face Vein Therapy Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Face Vein Therapy procedures. To ensure a patient will get the best aesthetic result, the patient needs to undergo an evaluation by a licenced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

If you’re looking to remove veins from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Face Vein Therapy clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Does Treatment with the Aura Laser Have Benefits?

There are some benefits connected to the Aura Laser; this can be explained by the unique way in which the laser targets blood vessels. By targeting the blood vessels precisely, damage to tissue surrounding the skin defect can be avoided.

When an Aura Laser is used, the wavelength of light is also absorbed by the blood vessels. Therefore, the light will not affect the tissues surrounding the skin defect.

We must mention that despite the precise nature of the Aura Laser, complications are not ruled out completely. One of the complications that could occur is scarring, even though severe scarring is rare with the Aura Laser. Before you take advantage of this procedure, always speak to Dr Lanzer about your goals and about any concerns you may have about the treatment in question.

How Many Treatments Do I Need to Fix My Skin Defect?

The number of treatments with the Aura Laser is variable, since this depends on the specific skin defect the patient wants to fix. Certain skin defects are harder to treat than others and this is something that must be taken into consideration when choosing a treatment with the Aura Laser.

Most individual treatments with the Aura Laser will last approximately a half an hour. However, it is likely that this treatment must be repeated several times over the course of some months to ensure the patient receives the expected results. While a minimum of two treatments is usually required, this could be less or more depending on the skin defect the patient has.

Face Vein Therapy Aura Laser

Is a Treatment with the Aura Laser Painful?

While patients can experience some slight discomfort during treatment with the Aura Laser, the treatment is relatively painless for most patients. The Dr Lanzer Clinic also takes special measures before the start of the treatment to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Before the start of your treatment, the medical team at the Dr Lanzer clinic will apply a special cooling cream or topical aesthetic cream; this is applied one hour before the treatment. Once the cream is applied, a special plastic wrap will be applied on top to maximise the effects of the cream on the skin.

Even though treatment with the Aura Laser is relatively painless, patients must consider some side-effects that can be experienced after the treatment. Common side-effects that can be experienced after treatment with the Aura Laser include: redness, swelling, crusting, small spot bruises, and some light scabbing. These symptoms subside during the natural healing process.

How Long Do the Results from Aura Laser Treatment Last?

Dr Lanzer states that results obtained from the Aura Laser treatment are more long-term. Even though there is no absolute guarantee the skin defect will not return, patients usually do not need to repeat the course of treatments in the foreseeable future.

There is a chance that certain skin defects return over a longer period of time; this due to the fact new blood vessels can be created. If this problem occurs, a supplemental treatment with the Aura Laser can correct the problem for another couple of years.

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