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Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic Acid Peel

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Discover the Rejuvenating Effects of the Glycolic Acid Peel

There are many anti-ageing treatments available nowadays. Each of these anti-ageing treatments can make you look younger and refreshed, so getting more familiar with some of these rejuvenating treatments can be of benefit to you. One of the rejuvenating treatments we will discuss today is the Glycolic Acid Peel, a treatment able to remove the outer dead layers of the skin.

What Is a Glycolic Acid Peel?

When you are not quite ready for a facelift yet, but still want to benefit from skin rejuvenation, the Glycolic Acid Peel may provide you with a solution. The Glycolic Acid Peel is an alpha hydroxy acid, also referred to as fruit acid, which is commonly used by experienced cosmetic surgeons for face rejuvenation purposes.

Is a Glycolic Acid Peel the Same as a Commercial Chemical Peel?

The basic principle of the chemical peel, more specifically the removal of dead skin cells, is quite similar to the Glycolic Acid Peel. However, there are some important differences between both treatments.

While most commercial chemical peels are available in the supermarket, the Glycolic Acid Peel is usually executed under the supervision of trained medical staff. The Glycolic Acid Peel is also used in larger concentrations than most superficial chemical peels, which is why medical supervision is required in most cases.

Glycolic Acid Peel

How Does the Glycolic Acid Peel Work?

The Glycolic Acid Peel is often described as a low-invasive face treatment for skin problems such as acne, ageing and pigmentation. During such a face treatment, Glycolic Acid Peel is applied on the treatment area to remove dead layers of skin. With the removal of dead skin layers, additional unwanted by-products are also removed, which includes oil, dirt and makeup.

After a face treatment with Glycolic Acid Peel, the skin usually appears softer, smoother and clearer. Visible signs of acne, ageing and pigmentation will have been reduced as well, which is why this treatment is a popular option for many patients looking for a low-invasive treatment option.

Can the Glycolic Acid Peel Be Combined with Other Skincare Treatments?

A face Glycolic Acid Peel treatment can be combined with other treatments, however, additional treatments will depend on the specific problems the patient in struggling with, as well as the recommendations of Dr Lanzer. Still, two treatments that can be combined with Glycolic Acid Peel are Hydroquinone and the Glycolic Acid Homecare Regime.

What Is Hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone is a skin bleach treatment that is used all across the world. It specifically treats dark patches on the skin, which is why this additional treatment is recommended for patients with problems such as hyperpigmentation, melisma, liver spots, age spots and freckles.

Skin problems requiring an additional treatment with Hydroquinone can be caused by numerous things, including pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicine and skin injuries. Based on the cause of the problem, and after a thorough evaluation of present skin problems, Dr Lanzer can recommend a specific treatment plan to improve the quality and feel of your skin.

What Is the Glycolic Acid Homecare Regime?

The Glycolic Acid Homecare Regime consists of Glycolic Acid Peel that can be applied at home. However, the concentration of Glycolic Acid Peel in home kits does vary from the Glycolic Acid Peel that is used in cosmetic surgery facilities.

Before the use of any chemical peel at home, it is recommended to book an appointment with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options. Applying the wrong products on your skin can have negative consequences, so booking an appointment at the Dr Lanzer clinic before you go ahead with any form of chemical peel will be recommended.

Can I Acquire Skincare Products from the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

As an experienced dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Lanzer ensures that his patients always have a range of skincare products at their disposal. These skincare products are clinically tested and deemed safe for patients struggling with specific skin problems. However, before you choose a specific product from the available range, it can be a good idea to ask Dr Lanzer some advice.

Skincare Products for Acne

Dr Lanzer has a range of skincare products consisting of an acne wash, crème, oil-free moisturiser and more. Depending on your specific skin type and acne problems, Dr Lanzer can recommend some products that may keep your acne at bay.

Skincare Products for Ageing

Taking care of your skin is the first step towards a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. The range of products at the Dr Lanzer Clinic are also suitable as an anti-ageing treatment; this includes useful products such as antioxidants, hydrating crèmes, exfoliating moisturiser and chemical peels.

Skincare Products for Pigmentation

When you struggle with dark spots appearing on your skin, you might benefit from skincare products as well, because there is a large range of products that can reduce visible signs of pigmentation. Some of the problems that could tackle pigmentation problems are skin lighteners, herbal pigment oil, exfoliating peels and more.

Retail Products

Patients who want to benefit from good skincare products, but do not have an appointment at the Dr Lanzer clinic booked, can have a look at the range of retail skincare products and cosmetics recommended by Dr Lanzer.

The recommended range of retail products includes brands such as Jane Iredale, Neo Strata, and Hydroquinone. Even though these brands may not be the cheapest brands in the supermarket or beauty store, they are best for your skin. Remember, some skincare products can actually damage your skin, so it is important to consider your beauty products carefully before you obtain them.

Should I Avoid Retail Chemical Peels?

Not all retail chemical peels are bad, but you are not always aware of the ingredients used in them. Ideally, everyone should see their dermatologist before they use any kind of product on their skin, because there are many things to take into account when you choose your skincare products. For example, your skin type may have an impact on the effectiveness of products. In conclusion, the best products can be obtained by asking your dermatologist for advice!

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