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Vital Information On The Gold Coast Facelift
What Should I Expect From Laser Resurfacing In The Gold Coast?

What Should I Expect From Laser Resurfacing In The Gold Coast?

What Should I Expect From Laser Resurfacing In The Gold Coast?

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Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast is a cosmetic treatment available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. The treatment is available in various areas of Australia; this includes the Gold Coast.

Patients who are interested to learn more about laser resurfacing can find more information below; this includes more info about the laser resurfacing procedure as well as its aftercare.

Which Patients Could Obtain A Laser Resurfacing Treatment In The Gold Coast?

A laser resurfacing treatment is commonly used as a facial rejuvenation treatment. That being said, the treatment also proves popular to address certain skin abnormalities such as pigmentation problems and acne scarring.

Is Laser Resurfacing Always Executed With The Same Type Of Laser?

No, a cosmetic surgeon can prefer a specific type of laser. The cosmetic surgeon can also use a special laser that is more suitable for certain skin abnormalities or the skin tone of the patient. Therefore, various lasers can be encountered for laser resurfacing; this includes the erbium laser, carbon dioxide laser, and fractional laser.

Before you have a laser resurfacing treatment, it is always a good idea  to ask about the type of laser that will be used during your treatment. Some lasers require more recovery time than others, so by asking which laser will be used, you can be more prepared for your recovery process.

Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast

Can I Encounter Complications After A Laser Resurfacing Treatment?

Complications are rare with this kind of non-surgical procedure, but this does not mean they cannot be encountered at all. For example, complications that can arise as a result of laser resurfacing include infection and abnormal healing. Subsequently, it is extremely important to follow the post-treatment guidelines provided to you by your clinic.

How Long Will I Need To Recover From A Laser Resurfacing Treatment In The Gold Coast?

As mentioned briefly earlier, your recovery time after a laser resurfacing procedure can be down to the type of laser that was used by the cosmetic surgeon. There are also additional factors to consider when it comes down to your recovery; this includes the size of the treatment area.

When it comes down to recovery time, the ablative laser can increase the recovery time of a patient. On the other hand, a non-ablative laser may require a patient to repeat the treatment several times to obtain similar results. So, in some cases, the choice of laser with its advantages and disadvantages is down to the discretion of the patient.

Discover Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast procedures. 

If your looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Kind Of Results Can I Obtain From A Laser Resurfacing Treatment In The Gold Coast? 

Naturally, results will be subject to the kind of treatment you are having, e.g. if you are coming in for skin rejuvenation or the reduction of certain skin abnormalities. Patients who have laser resurfacing for facial rejuvenation will notice results relatively quickly; this shortly after the skin had some time to heal. With skin abnormalities, patients usually need more than one treatment before they can see a clear reduction in skin abnormalities. Of course, this can be different from patient to patient.

The results you obtain from a laser resurfacing treatment can be relatively long-term, providing the patient maintains a good skincare routine and a healthy diet after the treatment. If you need some advice on your skincare routine or diet, you can find some additional assistance at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast

Is A Laser Resurfacing In The Gold Coast Painful?

Every patient has a different threshold for pain and discomfort, so we will not say patients will not feel any discomfort during the treatment. Some patients experience some discomfort, while others do not feel anything at all.

As mentioned earlier, the type of laser can have an influence during the treatment; this is no different for the kind of discomfort certain lasers can cause. If this is of concern to you, it is essential to speak to someone before your treatment.

Discomfort experienced during a Laser Resurfacing Gold Coast can also be subject to any additional treatments you are having. For example, it is not uncommon for patients to have a laser resurfacing at the same time as a blepharoplasty. If you should have such an additional treatment, pain management medication is usually provided post-procedure.

How Can I Make An Appointment For Laser Resurfacing In The Gold Coast?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the cosmetic surgery facilities that provides laser resurfacing in the Gold Coast. Patients can find more detailed information about laser resurfacing on our website or can acquire additional info by contacting our clinic.

Patients who wish to make an appointment for a laser resurfacing treatment in the Gold Coast can contact our friendly team of receptionists by telephone. If you are unable to contact us during business hours, you can also get in touch through the online enquiry form, available on our website.

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