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Vital Information On The Gold Coast Facelift
Facelift Surgery In The Gold Coast – Essential Information For New Patients

Facelift Surgery In The Gold Coast – Essential Information For New Patients

Facelift Surgery In The Gold Coast – Essential Information For New Patients

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The facelift is a relatively common procedure that is quite known across Australia. While the treatment goal of rejuvenation or a more youthful appearance is evident for many patients, not everyone knows about the inner workings of the facelift and other considerations surrounding these surgical procedures. If you wish to learn more about the facelift surgery Gold Coast, please read the information provided to you by The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of The Facelift In The Gold Coast?

A facelift is commonly used to address signs of ageing; this may include signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines, drooping facial muscles, sagging jowls, loose skin and excess skin. Contrary to popular belief, a true facelift is no longer associated with a startled appearance, as cosmetic surgerys try to achieve the natural look as much as possible. Various techniques can be implemented to execute a facelift and these techniques can be subject to the location of wrinkles and fine lines as well as the overall severity of ageing signs. For example, some procedures may only require the treatment of the lower eyelid, while other patients would benefit more from a a neck lift procedure.Therefore, it is important to get a thorough evaluation by an experienced cosmetic surgery.

In many cases, the facelift can be combined with some post-operative treatments as well; this includes the skin resurfacing treatment. The skin resurfacing treatment is another facial rejuvenation procedure, but it does not require any incisions. Skin resurfacing can also be executed on the facial skin during the facelift, as it has numerous benefits for skin elasticity and texture.

To counter some of the signs of ageing, the cosmetic surgery can also remove excess fat from trouble areas such as the neck area. When there is excess fat in the neck, it can have an overall ageing effect on the face. By removing excess fat from the neck area with liposuction, the natural silhouette of the neck is restored, providing an overall younger appearance. 

Facelift Surgery Gold Coast

Do I Need To Do Anything Special Before I Have Facelift Surgery In The Gold Coast?

There are certain things patients must do before their procedure, although these things usually pertain to lifestyle or reporting certain things to the cosmetic surgery before the procedure takes place. It also depends on the type of procedure the patient is having, as some facelifts can include a neck lift, brow lift or other methods. Therefore, it is important to speak to your cosmetic surgery team before the procedure takes place.

One of the things that is required before facelift surgery is that a patient who smokes ceases smoking several weeks before the procedure. Smokers are more likely to encounter complications post-surgery; this may include poor wound healing and infection. Subsequently, patients are advised to quit well before their treatment takes place.

Before you have your facelift surgery, it is also important to report any medications you are taking to your cosmetic surgery. Certain medications can interfere with the healing process, while others could increase the chance of bleeding during your procedure. Therefore, it is vital to report all medications and/or supplements you are taking to the cosmetic surgery before the procedure takes place. In some cases, you may be required to stop the use of certain supplements and medications before the procedure.

Your cosmetic surgery will also ask you about any allergies or sensitivities to medications. It is important to report any allergies or sensitivities to your surgeon, as you may be given medication post-surgery for pain management and infection prevention.

Do I Need To Take Time Off Work After A Facelift Procedure?

Any facelift procedure is accompanied by some degree of downtime, so patients should always take some time off work after their procedure. The amount of time you will need to recover can be variable, as it is subject to the technique used during the procedure and the overall size of the treatment area. It is also subject to any additional treatments you may be having in addition to the facelift.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Facelift Surgery Gold Coast procedures. 

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Facelift Surgery Gold Coast

How Should I Take Care Of The Treatment Area During The Recovery Process?

There are some things patients can do to improve the healing process. Detailed information will be provided to you during an appointment, but here is some vital information that patients should be aware of. Common side-effects that can occur during the recovery process include bruising and general discomfort.

During their recovery from a facelift, patients should always avoid strenuous activity. Heavy exercise or too much physical activity can cause complications during your healing process. Therefore, it is only recommended to resume these activities once you have received the all clear from your cosmetic surgery clinic. That being said, patients are allowed to do some light walking to stimulate blood flow during the healing process.

Patients who are having a facelift at our clinic should always have someone ready to drive them home. Most patients will have a facelift under a general anaesthetic, which means you will not be allowed to drive for some time after your procedure. You should also have someone stay with you for at least twenty-four hours after surgery; this since a general anaesthetic can make you feel a little unwell for the first twenty-four hours after surgery.

For patients who are planning their recovery beforehand, it is certainly a good idea to prepare your home environment for your recovery. Sanitary conditions are incredibly important post-surgery, so always make sure you put fresh sheets and pillowcases on the bed. If you intend on spending some time on the sofa underneath a blanket, make sure that the sofa is clean, and the blanket washed.

How Can I Acquire A Facelift In The Gold Coast?

As we briefly mentioned already, The Dr Lanzer Clinic provides facelift cost estimates and facelift procedures in the Gold Coast including SMAS and the mini facelift. If you are interested in this procedure, we urge you to take advantage of a first free appointment; this appointment is available to new patients of The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

To make your appointment with Dr Lanzer in the Gold Coast, please call our friendly team of receptionists via telephone during office hours. If you are unable to get in touch during office hours, please enter your information on the online enquiry form.

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