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Vital Information On The Gold Coast Facelift
Facelift Surgery In The Gold Coast – Essential Information For New Patients
Want To Obtain The SMAS Facelift? Learn More About This Procedure At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Want To Obtain The SMAS Facelift? Learn More About This Procedure At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

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The SMAS Gold Coast facelift is a specific facelift procedure that addresses the so-called superficial muscular aponeurotic system; a system that is a part of the face’s musculature. When this area is addressed, it can have a rejuvenating influence on the face. Therefore, this technique can be used by a variety of cosmetic surgerys in Australia.

Want to learn more about the SMAS facelift and the problems it addresses? Do you want to know if this procedure could be right for you? Please read the information below to learn more.

What SMAS Technique Does Dr Lanzer Use?

Cosmetic surgeons can use variants of the basic SMAS technique to execute a facelift. Since the SMAS involves a lot of nerves, Dr Lanzer prefers a combination of tumescent liposculpture and facelift. While this does not completely exclude complications and risks, it does reduce some of the risks this kind of procedure brings.

With a procedure such as the SMAS facelift, it is important for patients to know about the risks involved with a facelift. While complications are rare at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we always urge patients to read their consent form carefully and to contact us if they have any additional questions before they sign it.

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Are There Certain Problems That Cannot Be Addressed With A Facelift?

Most facelift procedures will focus on the lower part of the face; this includes areas such as the jaw, neck. Naturally, this means that areas such as the eyebrows and the forehead should be addressed with another kind of procedure.

To ensure a facelift can benefit you, it is important to speak to your cosmetic surgery about your cosmetic goals. If you wish to address certain areas specifically, it is vital to convey this to your surgeon, so you will receive the right treatment.

Is A Facelift The Recommended Treatment For Wrinkles And Fine Lines?

It is a common misconception that the facelift will address all wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, a procedure such as laser resurfacing could be more suitable for this kind of aesthetic goal. With a facelift, the cosmetic surgery will address problems such as drooping jowls and skin, loose underlying facial muscles and more. To address fine lines and wrinkles specifically, the surgeon can recommend an additional treatment with laser resurfacing. In some cases, laser resurfacing alone could be enough.

Discover SMAS Gold Coast Face Lift Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for SMAS Gold Coast Face Lift procedures. The procedure can be performed under a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic, and can be combined with other surgical treatments depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Gold Coast Face Lift clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Where Is An SMAS Facelift Performed?

The SMAS facelift usually takes place in a hospital or at a cosmetic surgery clinic; this since the procedure does involve making an incision. Therefore, the procedure must be executed by an experienced cosmetic surgery in a clean and professional environment.

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we have our own Day Surgery Centre; this means patients do not have to pay the high operating theatre fee commonly associated with hospital surgery.

Does A SMAS Facelift Require A General Anaesthetic?

Most cosmetic surgery procedures can be executed under a local anaesthetic or under a general anaesthetic. While the SMAS could be executed under a local anaesthetic, most patients choose a light general anaesthetic; this to ensure the patient’s overall comfort during this procedure.

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How Much Does An SMAS Facelift Cost In The Gold Coast?

The cost of a SMAS facelift procedure is subject to various things. Firstly, the techniques used by the cosmetic surgery can influence the procedure cost. It is also subject to the complexity of the procedure and the overall experience of the surgeon. So, to get the most accurate quote for an SMAS facelift, it is advised to get your quote directly from your clinic.

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can take advantage of a first free appointment to obtain a quote for your SMAS facelift. During this consultation with Dr Lanzer, you can also obtain more info about the procedure itself, which enables you to make an informed decision about the treatment and whether or not you want to go ahead.

Some patients travel interstate to benefit from a SMAS facelift at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. For these patients, a quote could be provided by emailing Dr Lanzer. Please contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic to determine if this could be an option for you.

How Do I Make An Appointment For A Facelift In The Gold Coast?

Patients can easily make a first appointment with Dr Lanzer to discuss the SMAS Gold Coast facelift or another facelift technique. To book your consultation, simply contact our friendly receptionists via telephone. Our clinic can be contacted by telephone during office hours. However, if you cannot contact us during office hours regarding the SMAS facelift, you can also contact us through the online enquiry form. Simply enter your information and your question. Then, submit the form to our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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