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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work at The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work at The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

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Laser hair removal is popular with many women these days, as it provides a more painless manner of hair removal and more long-term results. Laser hair removal is also a treatment that is offered at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. If you wish to learn more about this treatment, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Effect Does Laser Hair Removal Have on Hair?

During laser hair removal, a special laser is used to slow or even eliminate the return of hairs. Several treatments are usually required to get the most of this treatment, mainly because maintenance sessions will keep the return of hairs at bay.

Naturally, hair growth can be unique and vary from patient to patient. Thus, some patients will require more maintenance sessions than others. In some cases, patients notice they require less maintenance sessions over time.

We must mention that laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone. Patients with blonde or lighter hair are a prime example. Since the laser interacts with the pigment in the hair to travel to the hair follicle, it requires the pigment in darker hair. So, with blonde and lighter hairs, such a transport is not possible. Fortunately, we can provide advice on additional hair removal methods for patients with lighter hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Are There Different Types of Lasers That Are Used During Hair Removal?

As you may know already, lasers are constantly evolving and improving in the world of cosmetic surgery. At the moment, The Dr Lanzer Clinic uses two of the more advanced lasers to provide hair removal services to patients; this includes the Revlite laser and the IPL laser. Naturally, each of these lasers has benefits for a specific type of patient.

Patients with a darker skin tone tend to benefit more from laser hair  removal with Revlite laser; this since the laser has proven to be more effective for hair removal for these types of patients. For patients with a lighter skin tone, the IPL laser can be most effective.

Discover Laser Hair Removal Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Laser Hair Removal procedures. This procedure causes less risks and is accompanied with fewer risk

If you’re looking to remove hair from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Laser Hair Removal clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Many Treatments Are Required to Get Maximum Hair Removal?

As mentioned earlier, the amount of hair removal treatments required differ from patient to patient.  It also somewhat depends on the location where you have laser hair removal treatment; this can include the face, bikini line, legs, underarms, and other locations subject to hair growth.

Most patients require anything between eight and ten treatments. Most treatments are executed in a four to six-week interval; this ensures the hair becomes thinner and eventually does not return. Still, as mentioned earlier, patients will require some maintenance sessions after their initial laser treatment has been completed.

How Much Time Does a Laser Hair Removal Appointment Take?

The duration of your treatment can be subject to the treatment area. For example, if you have laser hair removal on the upper lip, it will take less long than having hair removal on the bikini line. If you wish to learn more about the duration of your treatment, be sure to enquire during your initial consultation at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Do I Need to Shave Before My Appointment?

It is always recommended to shave the treatment area before you come in for laser hair removal; this since this kind of treatment is aimed at hair reduction and preventing the regrowth of hair. Of course, patients must be aware that hair removal should be avoided during the laser hair removal period; this especially applies to hair removal methods such as waxing and plucking. It is also advised to take good care of the treatment area post-laser  treatment.

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