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What Is Laser Resurfacing At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

What Is Laser Resurfacing At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

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The Dr Lanzer Clinic provides various anti-ageing treatments to its patients. Anti-ageing treatments can be surgical or non-surgical in nature, which can have an influence on their suitability for patients. One of the non-surgical treatments that is obtained often at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is laser resurfacing. If you wish to know more about this procedure and its benefits, please read the information provided by our team below.

Which Patients Obtain Laser Resurfacing?

There are many patients who could potentially benefit from laser resurfacing; this can be explained through the versatility of this treatment.

One of the reasons why patients obtain laser resurfacing is tackling skin abnormalities. It is not uncommon for a patient to encounter blemishes and abnormalities caused by pigmentation, acne, freckles, and even sun damage. For these types of problems with the skin, laser resurfacing can be an option.

Another major reason why patients choose laser resurfacing is its anti-ageing benefits. Since the laser focusses on certain layers of the skin, it can be used to create a rejuvenated effect on the face. In fact, laser resurfacing procedures can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While laser resurfacing is commonly obtained as a standalone treatment, it can be combined with surgical procedures as well. The implementation of laser resurfacing during such a procedure depends on the requirements of the patient as well as the nature of the other treatment being executed.

What Does Laser Resurfacing Do To The Skin?

The effect of the laser on the skin depends on the type of laser that is being used. To illustrate this, we will take the example of the erbium laser; this is a common type of laser used for laser resurfacing at The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

When an erbium laser is used, it starts to interact with the water that is present inside the skin. By interacting with this water, burns from an erbium laser are less likely. Of course, burns are not beyond the realm of possibility, so patients should take this into consideration when they choose their surgeon. Always choose a surgeon with experience in laser resurfacing to reduce the chance of this sort of complication.

Laser resurfacing will tackle specific layers of the skin and will evaporate them. By effectively “damaging” the skin, the body will respond by producing more of the compound collagen. Naturally, collagen is the compound in our skin that keeps the skin smooth and wrinkle-free. So, this reaction is what provides patients with a more rejuvenated appearance after laser rejuvenation.

Will I Experience Any Side-Effects After Laser Resurfacing?

Most patients will experience some side-effects after a laser resurfacing treatment; this since certain layers of the skin are evaporated during the treatment. In most cases, patients experience some discomfort, which is often described as a mild sunburn.

To protect your skin after the treatment, the treatment area will be covered in some thin dressings. Patients will be advised to wear these dressings for a couple of days after the procedure; this will keep the treatment area free from infection and other complications.

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Patients must also consider that their skin will be somewhat sensitive after the procedure, so ensuring your skin has the proper protection is vital to your recovery. One of the things patients should be especially careful of is direct sunlight. Too much sun exposure could damage the skin or cause complications, so it is necessary to stay out of direct sunlight or provide your skin with adequate protection if you do encounter it.

Erbium laser resurfacing

During the initial recovery process, patients should avoid using makeup; this is usually restricted to several days after the procedure. Once the skin had the chance to recover a little, patients can use gentle makeup products on the skin. Ideally, mineral makeup products, since these do not clog the pores.

To ensure your can take the best care of your skin after your treatment, you will be provided with some post-operative guidelines. It is important to follow those post-operative guidelines carefully, as they enhance your recovery and protect your sensitive skin too.

Is Laser Resurfacing A Suitable Treatment For Me?

Most patients are eligible for Erbium laser resurfacing, as it is a relatively simple procedure. Of course, it is always best to speak to Dr Lanzer before you have any kind of procedure. During a medical evaluation, Dr Lanzer can evaluate your skin and your requirements, after which he can provide a suitable treatment option.

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