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Case Study

Minimising The Signs Of Aging With Erbium Laser Resurfacing


A common concern by patients is that as they age their skin loses its elasticity causing wrinkling of the skin. These deeper lines can be minimised and smoothed through use of an Erbium resurfacing laser.


This is the patient post Erbium resurfacing treatment. This procedure is often combined with a Suture Lift procedure which has aided in lifting the excess skin. The skin resurfacing treatment as well as the Suture Lift has improved the appearance of her skin.

Combat the Loss of Skin Elasticity with Laser Resurfacing

The loss of skin elasticity is a problem we all have to face sooner or later. When the elasticity of the skin is lost, it usually results into wrinkling of the skin and an overall saggy appearance of the face, as can be seen in our laser resurfacing treatment case study below.

How Was Skin Elasticity Restored for the Patient in This Laser Resurfacing Treatment Case Study?

The patient in this case study suffered from a loss of skin elasticity due to the natural aging process. However, the loss of skin elasticity resulted in deep lines and wrinkles on the face, which gave the patient an older appearance.

In order to restore the elasticity of the skin, Dr Lanzer executed a laser resurfacing treatment with Erbium laser. A treatment with Erbium laser can also be combined with a suture lift procedure, which helps to lift any excess skin the patient may have, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Laser resurfacing is a treatment that can reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities. For that reason, laser resurfacing can also be a viable treatment option for blemishes and severe acne scars. During a laser resurfacing laser resurfacing treatment, the cosmetic surgeon uses a pulsating beam of light on specific areas of the skin; this treatment also enables the surgeon to target specific areas of the face and body.

Why Do We Lose Skin Elasticity?

There are many different factors that can make your skin lose its elasticity, although there are six denominators that are most common in the majority of patients. Age will reduce the ability of collagen and elastin to perform their function. For that reason, the loss of elasticity can mainly be attributed to factors that can have an impact on collagen and elastin. These factors are genes, smoking, UV radiation, stress, a lack of sleep and poor eating habits.

What Impact Do Genes Have on the Loss of Skin Elasticity?

Genes are probably the biggest contributor to the loss of skin elasticity. Unfortunately, we do not choose the genes we end up with, nor can we influence them. However, with a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to reduce the speed in which your skin loses its elasticity.

What Impact Does Smoking Have on Skin Elasticity?

Smoking is another factor that can have an impact on the elasticity of your skin and the appearance of your face in particular. A smoker will develop wrinkles around the brows, eyes and mouth quicker than a non-smoker; this is caused by the physical action of smoking, for example pursing the lips and squinting of the eyes.

What Impact Does UV Radiation Have On Skin Elasticity?

UV radiation is a big contributor to the loss of skin elasticity as well. UV radiation can ravage your skin, because it damages the proteins in the skin as well as its collagen. UV can also have a negative impact on the DNA of the skin cells, which leads to genetic mutations and eventually skin cancer.

What Impact Does Stress Have On Skin Elasticity?

Stress can also have a negative impact on your skin elasticity.Too much stress will lead to the release of the cortisol hormone, which causes skin problems such as skin inflammation. When skin inflammation keeps on appearing over a long period of time, the inflammation can destroy collagen and elastin. Because of the destruction of collagen and elastin, more long term scars may appear on the skin.

What Impact Does a Lack of Sleep Have on Skin Elasticity?

Sleep can have a negative impact on your health, but also on your skin elasticity in particular. A lack of sleep will increase stress, which means that the negative impact of stress on the skin will appear when you do not get enough sleep. Sleep is also needed to regenerate your skin, so without enough sleep, your skin will not get the opportunity to heal. Signs of premature ageing can therefore appear because of a lack of sleep.

What Impact Do My Eating Habits Have On My Skin?

To keep your skin healthy and youthful, it is recommended to avoid sugar at all cost. Sugar may cause your skin to sag and age prematurely; this occurs because of a process called glycation. During glycation, sugars will attach themselves to elastin and collagen. This connection between sugar, collagen and elastin will disturb the normal cohesiveness of the skin, subsequently causing wrinkles and sagginess.

How Do I Know When My Skin Is Losing Its Elasticity?

A good way to evaluate the elasticity of your skin is by pulling the skin. For example, when you pull the skin on your hand and it snaps back into place immediately, it means your skin elasticity is good. However, if you pull the skin of your hand and it takes some time to get back in place, it means that your skin has lost some elasticity.

Are There Ways to Prevent the Loss of Skin Elasticity?

There are many ways to prevent the loss of skin elasticity. First of all, it is necessary to always use sun lotion, especially during warm days. Sun rays can be devastating for your skin, so ensuring you are properly protected is essential to prevent the loss of skin elasticity.

Another way to maintain the elasticity of your skin is drinking plenty of water. Water has the ability to provide nourishment for the skin cells. Also, water will give you a healthier complexion, because dehydration can make your complexion seem dull.

The use of moisturiser is also important to keep your skin healthy. It is best to choose a moisturiser after you had a consultation with a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to recommend a moisturiser that matches your skin type. If you have the right moisturiser with the right ingredients, you may be able to keep your skin elasticity for many years to come. For that reason, be sure to book an appointment with your dermatologist to get the best skincare products for your skin, or visit our Medi Day Spa to get access to some of the best skincare and makeup products on the market.

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