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Learn More About The Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Used In Laser Resurfacing

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Fractional carbon dioxide laser is one of the laser types that is used during laser resurfacing. Like other types of lasers, the fractional laser has certain advantages and disadvantages, so we always recommend that patients read the information about the different lasers available before they have their treatment.

Please note that detailed information about your treatment will be provided to you at the clinic before your treatment takes place. That being said, certain patients prefer to read info before their initial appointment; this allows them to ask certain questions they have. If you are considering having laser resurfacing with fractional carbon dioxide laser, please read the information provided by our medical team below.

What Type Of Laser Is the Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser?

The fractional carbon dioxide laser is a light energy laser; this means that a beam of light will be used on the treatment area in question. When the fractional carbon dioxide laser is aimed at the treatment area, the light of the laser will start to remove thin layers of the skin. Through the removal of these layers, patients can experience multiple benefits; this includes the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin abnormalities.

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When Do Patients Obtain Laser Resurfacing With The Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser?

Most patients obtain this kind of treatment to reduce visible signs of ageing. It is a procedure commonly executed on locations where signs of ageing can be more prominent; this includes the hands, face, and the chest. Of course, other locations are possible as well. It all depends on the requirements of the patient and the suitability of the fractional carbon dioxide laser for that treatment area.

Shortly after treatment with the fractional carbon dioxide laser, most patients will experience an increase in skin tightness as well as an improvement in skin texture. Because of these benefits, the fractional carbon dioxide laser is not only suitable for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, it is also a treatment that can address sagging of the skin.

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What Should I Tell Dr Lanzer During My Initial Appointment For Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing with a fractional carbon dioxide laser may not be a surgical procedure, it is still a cosmetic procedure that can have certain side-effects; this is why it is important for patients to provide Dr Lanzer with accurate information during their initial appointment.

Patients should always report to Dr Lanzer if they are prone to outbreaks. Outbreaks such as acne, fever blisters and cold sores could cause serious complications during your recovery from laser resurfacing, so it is necessary to prevent these outbreaks as much as possible. To keep potential outbreaks at bay, Dr Lanzer can prescribe some medication.

There are certain products and medications that could influence your recovery in a negative manner, so it is important to discuss any medications you are taking before having skin resurfacing. Ibuprofen is one of the medications that could influence your recovery, as well as products that contain a high level of vitamin E. If you are taking certain medications for a medical problem, always provide the information to Dr Lanzer. If required, he can provide you with an alternative that will be safer for your recovery.

Naturally, there are certain lifestyle choices that can have a negative or a positive influence on your recovery process. One of the negatives is smoking. Not only can smoking cause cancer and other life-threatening problems, it also influences the quality of your skin. It can also cause premature signs of ageing and negatively impact your recovery process. Therefore, patients will be advised to stop smoking before their treatment takes place.

What Happens During The Recovery Process After Laser Resurfacing?

Patients are required to take good care of their skin during the recovery process; this includes the use of a good moisturiser and keeping the skin clean. However, since the skin can be rather sensitive after laser resurfacing, it is essential to check the products you are using during your recovery.

When you prepare your selection of beauty products for your recovery process, be on the lookout for products that contain ingredients such as Retin A or glycolic acid. Due to the sensitivity of your skin after laser resurfacing with the fractional carbon dioxide laser, these products should be avoided. So, make sure your remove these products from your regular skincare area before you come in for your appointment.

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