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Melbourne Laser Resurfacing – What To Expect From This Treatment In Australia?

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Laser resurfacing is often obtained by patients who are looking for a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment. It is also a treatment that is combined with certain surgical procedures; this to enhance the results obtained from the procedure. So, it is certainly a treatment that is obtained quite often.

There are lots of things patients should know about laser resurfacing, since this can help them make a more informed decision. To ensure patients are fully informed about laser resurfacing, we have provided an overview of facts about the treatment below.

Why Do Patients Obtain Laser Resurfacing In Australia?

Patients can obtain laser resurfacing for a variety of reasons; this since laser resurfacing can have a variety of effects on the skin. So, while most patients will obtain laser resurfacing for anti-ageing purposes, there is also a large fraction of people who obtain the treatment to tackle acne scarring and pigmentation.

Certain treatment areas are more common for laser resurfacing than others; this can be explained by the fact that certain parts of the body can be more prone to problems such as acne scarring and visible signs of ageing. Therefore, the most common areas treated with laser resurfacing include the face, hands, and the chest.

Laser Resurfacing Melbourne

How Visible Are The Results Obtained From Laser Resurfacing?

Even though laser resurfacing is a non-surgical procedure, the results from the treatment can be quite visible. That being said, the result from laser resurfacing tends to be natural, so patients who prefer a natural look will often look at this treatment.

Cosmetic surgery procedures have become more advanced over the years; this does not solely include the surgical options, but also non-surgical options such as laser resurfacing. Cosmetic surgeons have discovered the benefits of various lasers; this has led to various lasers being used for laser resurfacing treatments. Common lasers currently being implemented in laser resurfacing include the erbium laser and the fractional carbon dioxide laser.

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When you visit a certain cosmetic surgery clinic, it is likely that your surgeon will prefer a certain laser. That being said, the type of laser used for your treatment can also be subject to your skin tone and the problems you wish to correct.

Looking at the types of lasers currently being used for laser resurfacing, you can make a clear distinction between the so-called ablative and non-ablative laser. When a cosmetic surgeon uses an ablative laser, the surgeon will remove the outer layer of the skin; this promotes the production of collagen. The non-ablative laser also promotes the production of collagen. However, the non-ablative laser will focus on the deeper layers of the skin or dermis.

Patients tend to choose the non-ablative laser if they wish to have laser resurfacing that is somewhat gentler on the skin. Of course, the non-ablative laser will require multiple appointments to achieve the desired result. Therefore, the cosmetic surgeon will take all factors into consideration before making a recommendation for your laser resurfacing treatment.

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What Will Happen During My Laser Resurfacing Treatment?

It is unlikely you will experience any discomfort during the treatment itself, since most types of laser resurfacing include the use of a numbing cream. Of course, you may experience some side-effects shortly after laser resurfacing; this includes mild redness of the skin and some discomfort.

Patients are required to take excellent care of their skin after laser resurfacing. Since the skin will be rather sensitive, it will be more prone to damage. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your skin after your treatment.

Before you leave the clinic, a member of our medical team will apply a special ointment to the area that has been treated with laser resurfacing. The medical team can also add some dressings. Both will protect the treatment area against factors such as sunlight and other factors in the environment that could cause harm to your skin after laser resurfacing.

Please note that patients who visit The Dr Lanzer Clinic for laser resurfacing will also receive some post-treatment instructions. It is important to read these instructions carefully and to follow them when you leave our clinic. The post-treatment guidelines do not only promote your recovery from laser resurfacing, they could also enhance the result you obtain from the treatment.

Patients who wish to look at some before and after photographs of patients who had laser resurfacing can refer to our countless case studies. When viewing our case studies, please remember that certain patients in these studies had laser resurfacing on top of another treatment; this is mentioned in the description. The case studies should also be seen as an example and not as a definite result to be obtained from laser resurfacing.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Laser Resurfacing

With sun damage and effects of pollution and smoke the outer layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) become damaged. These changes can be removed with a laser that vaporises the skin and following 5 – 7 days healing produces a smoother refreshed skin surface texture.

The surgical fee for laser resurfacing acne scars starts at $2000 and may be $5000 for an entire face plus hospital costs if relevant.

Performed correctly laser resurfacing is very safe. Ultimately the safety is determined by the amount of energy used on each wrinkled mark. It takes years of experience to understand what is the ideal setting. If performed wrongly there may be scarring or lack of result.

The laser beam vaporises the skin surface layer away specialised dressings are applied which enhance healing over the next 5-7 days. Based on Dr Lanzer’s 3 decades of using lasers he has found that the contour erbium laser resurfacing is the safest and most effective since it removes the lasers in a non thermal (no heat) way. Heat is usually the cause of poor healing.

The earlier CO2 lasers left redness for many months. The newer breakthrough erbium laser performed correctly may leave no redness other than a slight flushed appearance. Healing varies between patient sea areas treated.

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