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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Laser Resurfacing Treatment At The Dr Lanzer Clinic
Sun Damage

Sun Damage

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More About Sun Damage

I just returned from Queensland and I noticed on many people walking in the street or on shopkeepers that the Australian sun, which is so much stronger in north Australia, takes its toll on patients. Many people had wrinkling, particularly around their mouth and eyes, and solar keratosis.  Solar keratosis present as fine scaly red lesions and are precursors of skin cancer. In time these can develop into squamous cell carcinomas. Under the microscope, one sees abnormal cells in the top epidermal layers of the skin. Cosmetic surgery can really improve this skin-damaged appearance and also help prevent further cancerous growth and cancerous changes. All treatments that are aimed at resurfacing and taking off the outer epidermis and dermis lead to a new rejuvenated skin layer. Treatments are usually started with fractionated therapy such as fractionated Dermapen, fractionated erbium, and fractionated CO2. Treatment takes about half an hour. Patients can resume normal duties usually in 2-3 days. Some patients do require multiple treatments with this type of therapy.

Sun Damage

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What I call the Rolls Royce of resurfacing is the contour erbium resurfacing. This is usually a one-off therapy which vaporises the outer layers, leading to a fully rejuvenated new skin layer. The healing occurs in about 5-8 days. Once the skin is healed, it is usually a little bit pink and can be covered with makeup. Besides the new skin texture which will have smaller pores, tighter, firmer, smoother, and cleaner, there is also some skin contraction and tightening which does cause an element of elevation. Laser resurfacing can be performed by itself as a stand-alone procedure and can be performed on the entire face or in localised areas such as around the mouth and eyes. When I perform laser resurfacing in conjunction with face lift surgery, I usually use the laser on a gentle mode for the outer face and more deeply around the mouth and lips.

Sun Damage 1

The cost of laser resurfacing does depend on how many areas are treated and if general anesthetic is required. Costing usually starts around $2,000 for the contour erbium laser. There is no question that in order to prevent further sun damage, some protection is important. This can be done with skin protection effective creams or with appropriate protective make-up. A lot can be gained by studying the before and after photographs and you will find different examples in our photo gallery. It may be of interest to watch some of the television highlights where Dr. Lanzer has spoken about laser resurfacing on programs such as A Current Affair and Today Tonight. Jennifer Keyte also ran a special on laser resurfacing nearly 20 years ago which Dr. Lanzer featured in. Another useful source of information is to watch Healthy Me TV. Dr. Lanzer is the chosen cosmetic surgeon for that program and can be found on the internet.

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