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Sydney Laser Resurfacing

Anyone who wants to get a treatment such as Sydney laser resurfacing often look for more information before their initial appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. To ensure you can find accurate information on this Sydney laser treatment quickly, we have listed some important facts about this treatment below.

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What Can Sydney Laser Resurfacing Do for Me?

What Can Sydney Laser Resurfacing Do for Me?

Sydney Laser resurfacing is a treatment that is often obtained at our clinic since Sydney laser resurfacing has countless benefits for the skin. This skin resurfacing treatment is quite popular among patients who want to reduce some visible signs of ageing. It also has benefits for the treatment of skin abnormalities; this includes anything from acne scars, pigmentation to sun-damaged skin. Laser resurfacing can also promote new collagen and skin rejuvenation.

How Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Done?

How Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Done?

The skin resurfacing procedure is executed with a special laser; this laser tackles a specific layer of the skin and causes localised damage; this causes the body to start producing more collagen. Naturally, this collagen production has a positive rejuvenation influence on the skin. There are many patients who could benefit from a treatment such as erbium laser resurfacing or fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Often, patients want to reduce some of the obvious signs of ageing on the face, neck, and hands; this may include wrinkles, age spots and fine lines. Patients with skin abnormalities could benefit too, as laser resurfacing procedures can minimise acne scarring, skin texture and similar skin problems.

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    Which Laser Will Be Used for My Laser Resurfacing Treatment?

    Patients can encounter various lasers when it comes down to laser resurfacing. The common lasers
    used for this treatment are Erbium laser or fractional laser. Sometimes, a cosmetic surgeon prefers
    a specific type of laser. Other times, a cosmetic surgeon selects a laser based on the patient’s skin
    tone, skin type and their requirements for the treatment area.

    Common lasers that are used for laser resurfacing include the fractional carbon dioxide laser and the erbium laser. Each of these lasers has its own benefits. We must also mention that certain lasers might be more suitable for your skin tone than others.

    A laser that is often used for patients with a fair skin tone is the erbium laser. It is effective for the reduction of common signs of ageing as well as acne scarring. Of course, the suitability of this laser for acne scarring will depend on the severity of the problem; this is why it is important to speak to Dr Lanzer during your initial appointment.

    Since there are various lasers used for laser resurfacing in Sydney, patients must be aware that the
    type of laser can influence their recovery time or the number of treatments they need. For example,
    the non-ablative laser is less harsh on the skin and has a shorter recovery time than the ablative
    laser. That being said, multiple treatments are usually required to obtain the same results. Of course, recovery time is not solely subject to the equipment used during your procedure, since each patients healing process is unique and will occur in his or her own time.

    Will I Experience Any Side-Effects After My Laser Resurfacing Treatment?

    Skin Redness

    Skin Redness

    Most patients will experience some side effects after their laser resurfacing treatment. A common side-effect is skin redness; this is quite common as the laser will evaporate or warm up some of the layers of the skin. However, skin redness will dissipate over time and can be covered up with some mineral makeup during your recovery downtime.

    Skin Sensitivity

    Skin Sensitivity

    Patients should be aware of the fact that their skin will be somewhat sensitive after their laser resurfacing treatment. Because of this, prolonged sun exposure is not recommended. Patients should also ensure their skin is protected sufficiently against the sunlight and sunburns when they head out the door.

    Post-treatment Skincare Routine

    Post-treatment Skincare Routine

    In addition to following the post-treatment guidelines from The Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can also benefit from adopting a good skincare routine. There are various products that can prove beneficial after your laser resurfacing treatment, so be sure to enquire with Dr Lanzer or a member of his medical team for more information about your post-treatment skincare routine.

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    An increasingly large number of patients in NSW now opt for Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedures. Dr Lanzer offers a free no-obligation assessment regarding scar treatment and laser resurfacing.

    If you’re looking to remove scars from the face, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne Erbium Laser Resurfacing clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Sydney Laser Resurfacing

    A local anaesthetic can be used during laser resurfacing, but in most cases, Dr Lanzer or one of his associates will use a topical anaesthetic. If you have a question about the use of anaesthetic during this procedure, be sure to inform us about this at our clinic.

    The duration of a laser resurfacing treatment is subject to many different factors. Firstly, the size of the treatment area can influence the overall duration of the procedure. For example, if you want an area such as the abdomen treated with laser resurfacing in Sydney, it could take considerably longer than if you solely treat the neck. Layers of the skin are treated during this procedure, so the overall size of the treatment area contributes greatly to recovery time. While most people can return to work relatively quickly, it is always recommended to listen to your own body. You should also take your regular skincare routine under advisement, as good aftercare is important too.

    Please note that the skin will be sensitive for some time after its treatment. Therefore, it is advised to avoid treatments such as chemical peeling until you have healed. You should also avoid sun damage and similar environmental factors.

    If you would like an estimate of your procedure duration, we recommend speaking to Dr Lanzer during your initial appointment. After an evaluation, Dr Lanzer can determine how long your laser resurfacing procedure is expected to take.

    For a consultation for laser resurfacing in Sydney at our clinic, please get in touch with our receptionists. During business hours, patients can contact us by telephone. If you cannot contact us during business hours, simply fill in your information on the online enquiry form and submit it to our team. A member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible to make your appointment.

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