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Laser Resurfacing Sydney – What Do I Need To Know?

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Laser resurfacing is a treatment that can be obtained to reduce common signs of ageing; this includes fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is also suitable to tackle skin abnormalities such as pigmentation and acne scarring, so there are many applications for laser resurfacing for Sydney residents.

Prospective patients who wish to learn more about laser resurfacing in Sydney can find a lot of information on our website. Below, you can find the most important information about laser resurfacing in Sydney, so be sure to read on if you wish to learn more.

How Is Laser Resurfacing Done In Sydney?

A cosmetic surgeon will execute laser resurfacing with a specialist laser. The laser uses a pulse beam on the treatment area of the patient, subsequently impacting the properties of the skin. By aiming the beam on the treatment area, the cosmetic surgeon can eliminate specific layers of the skin. By doing so, he can stimulate the production of collagen but also remove dead skin cells.

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Which Sydney Patients Benefit Most From Laser Resurfacing?

Most Sydney patients will acquire laser resurfacing to reduce some of the signs of ageing on the face, hands, neck or chest. Some patients also obtain laser resurfacing to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, as this treatment forces the skin to repair itself.

Please note that not all acne scars can be treated effectively with laser resurfacing. If acne scarring is the reason why you are looking at this treatment, be sure to consult with Dr Lanzer first to determine the suitability of the procedure.

Which Laser Resurfacing Lasers Are Used In Sydney?

There are several different lasers that are currently being used by cosmetic surgeons. Some cosmetic surgeons have their preference for a specific laser, while others use a combination to ensure the patient obtains the best results possible.

Currently, there are three lasers that are commonly used for laser resurfacing; this includes the Fraxel laser, erbium laser, and fractional carbon dioxide laser. Naturally, the type of laser that is most suitable for your laser resurfacing procedure can be subject to factors such as skin tone and the results the patient wishes to obtain.

So, what are the benefits of an erbium laser? The erbium laser is most commonly used for patients with a fair skin tone. It proves especially effective for patients who are looking to reduce common signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. In some cases, it is used for acne scarring and other skin abnormalities in patients with a fair skin.

While the erbium laser is probably the most commonly used laser in laser resurfacing, surgeons can offer the choice between ablative and non-ablative laser. The ablative laser tends to provide the biggest difference after one treatment, but it comes with additional recovery time. The non-ablative laser has a reduced recovery time, although multiple treatments are usually required to provide the same result.

Discover Erbium Laser Resurfacing Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedures. Dr Lanzer offers a free no obligation assessment regarding scar treatment and laser resurfacing.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Erbium Laser Resurfacing clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Long Does A Laser Resurfacing Appointment Take?

The treatment time for laser resurfacing is subject to the size of the treatment area. For example, if only a small area must be treated with a laser, the treatment will not take as long as when a larger area must be treated. Of course, some patients will require laser resurfacing on multiple treatment areas, which will have an influence on treatment time too.

Do I Have To Recover After Laser Resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing can be accompanied by a recovery process, depending on the type of laser that is used for your treatment. Most patients will experience some skin redness, which dissipates as the skin heals. One week after their procedure, patients can cover the redness with some mineral makeup.

Patients are advised to avoid contact with direct sunlight during their recovery process. The skin can be tender during the first few weeks after your treatment, so prolonged sun exposure of the treatment could certainly cause complications.

When the patient has recovered from laser resurfacing, it is recommended that the patient maintains a good skincare routine. A good moisturiser as well as other beneficial products could certainly enhance the results obtained from the treatment and slow down future signs of ageing.

How Can I Get Laser Resurfacing In Sydney?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the facilities that provides laser resurfacing in Sydney, so patients interested in the procedure can certainly book an appointment at our clinic. To book an appointment for laser resurfacing, simply contact our team via telephone or fill in the website enquiry form.

Do you require more information about this procedure? There are other information pages on laser resurfacing available on our website. There are also various case studies, obtained from patients who had laser resurfacing in our clinic. Still, if you have any additional questions, you can also contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic for assistance.

is a treatment that is executed throughout Australia; this includes Sydney. The treatment is often used for the rejuvenation of the skin. Of course, most patients like to obtain more information before they obtain the treatment. To ensure patients have all the information they need, we have provided a full overview of laser rejuvenation procedural information for Sydney below.

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