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Uncover The Benefits Of The Aura Revlite Laser

Uncover The Benefits Of The Aura Revlite Laser

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The Aura Revlite Laser is a specific type of laser used at our clinic for skin rejuvenation. Much like other lasers used for rejuvenation procedures, the Aura Revlite Laser has specific properties and benefits. If you are curious about these properties and benefits, be sure to read the information we have provided for prospective patients below.

What Does The Aura Revlite Laser Do?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Aura Revlite Laser does have some unique properties. It consists of a unique laser light, which is aimed at the treatment area to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. So, the Aura Revlite Laser goes through the outer layers and influences the deeper skin layers.

Since the Aura Revlite Laser tackles the deeper layers of the skin, this type of laser can be used for more than anti-ageing benefits alone. The laser can also reduce the appearance of skin abnormalities; this due to the increased production of collagen created by the laser.

Collagen is a compound that has a profound influence on our skin. Among many other functions, it makes the skin smoother and helps the skin to contract. So, if you struggle from mild skin sagging, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles, the Aura Revlite Laser can certainly be used to eliminate those problems.

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How Many Aura Revlite Laser Treatments Are Required To Achieve Results?

The amount of treatments a patient needs to achieve the desired result is subject to the problem they want to correct. For example, if a patient wants to correct some acne scarring, the patient in question will need more treatments than someone who just wants a single treatment to improve their skin tone.

For an accurate estimate of the amount of treatments you require, it is recommended to attend an appointment with Dr Lanzer. During the appointment, you can tell Dr Lanzer what you hope to achieve with laser resurfacing, after which Dr Lanzer can determine the suitability of the procedure and how many treatments you will require.

Discover Laser Skin Treatment Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Laser Skin Treatment procedures. It is also effective if there are red veins and brown spots on the skin especially when combined with the Aura Laser Skin treatment procedure.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Laser Skin Treatment clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Should I Take Care Of My Skin After Aura Revlite Laser?

The skin can be rather sensitive after a treatment with the Aura Revlite Laser, so patients are advised to take good care of their skin after their treatment. While you will be provided with some post-treatment guidelines, here are some important things to remember where aftercare is concerned.

One of the post-treatment side-effects patients can experience after their treatment is skin redness. The redness will decrease as the skin heals, but some patients prefer to hide the redness if they have to go out to work. If this is the case, it is recommended to use a mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is better than most commercial makeup products, as it is gentler on the skin and does not clog the pores.

Patients should also avoid exposure to sunlight during their recovery. Since the skin is relatively sensitive, it is easy for the sun to cause damage. Therefore, during the first couple of weeks post-treatment, sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.

There are some instances where the patient must take some medication after treatment with the Aura Revlite Laser. If a patient is prone to outbreaks of acne for example, the patient must take medication to prevent such outbreaks during their recovery.

Can I View Some Examples Of Laser Resurfacing With The Aura Revlite Laser?

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, we regularly provide case studies. Our case studies show you before and after photographs of certain treatments; this also includes laser resurfacing. Since laser resurfacing can be executed with various types of lasers, we can provide case studies relating to the erbium laser, Aura Revlite Laser, and the fractional carbon dioxide laser.

We always ask patients to see our case studies as examples, not as results that are guaranteed to be obtained through a treatment. Every person is unique in his or her own way, so the same can be said about the results that can be obtained through a procedure such as laser resurfacing.

Please note that our case studies can also contain more information about the treatment itself. Some case studies involve patients who had several different treatments to obtain the results in question. If this is the case, this will be mentioned on the case study page too.

How Can I Book My Appointment For Aura Revlite Laser Treatment?

Patients who are interested in obtaining a treatment with the Aura Revlite Laser can benefit from a free no-obligation appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic; this is an appointment available to new patients of our clinic. Patients can book their initial appointment by contacting The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone and by speaking to our friendly team of receptionists. Alternatively, you can also make your appointment by entering your information on the online enquiry form.

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