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Aura Revlite Treatment

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Have you heard of the Aura Revlite Treatment, but not sure what it treats and what benefits it can provide? Patients who have interest in the Aura Revlite Treatment should read the information below, which explains the treatment and its benefits.


The Aura and the Revlite are both lasers, but each target specific areas. An Aura is a laser that works on targeting the red blood vessels. It is therefore effective for blood vessels, telangiectasia, and red spots. Revlite is a laser that creates a sound wave and helps break up pigment. It is therefore effective for the removal of pigmentation and colours that one finds in, for example, tattoos.

Aura Revlite Treatment

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Are There Other Uses for the Aura and the Revlite Laser?

Yes, both lasers can be used for photo rejuvenation; this occurs by targeting any pigment or colour in the dermis. In turn, this can induce a collagen reaction that leads to the tightening and thickening of the skin.

The Aura and the Revlite laser are used on specific areas to generate this effect. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, these lasers are predominantly used around the eyes and cheeks.

Should I Combine the Aura and Revlite Rejuvenation with Other Treatments?

Aura Revlite Treatments can be combined with other treatments to enhance the obtained results. Of course, combined treatments are recommended for patients who are dealing with specific aesthetic problems.

When combined with other treatments, the Aura Revlite Treatment will still help the skin to contract and tighten. Other treatments act on the surface, which can also improve the skin texture. Treatments that can be combined with the Aura Revlite Treatment include procedures such as Viva, microdermabrasion, Dermapen, Dermafraxel, and the Erbium peel.

Aura Revlite Treatment 1

How Long Have These Lasers Been Around?

Dr Lanzer’s clinics have been using these types of lasers for twenty years. We were amongst the first group of dermatologists to train and raise the interest in these procedures in 1994. Given the pioneer status of the Dr Lanzer Clinic in this field, Dr Lanzer was featured many times on television talking about laser therapy.

Can Revlite Be Used for Other Treatments?

Yes, Revlite is also used to remove hair. There is pigment in the hair follicles, so by using the laser light one can induce a reaction that could damage the follicles and stop the hair from growing. The treatment proves particularly useful in olive skinned patients.

How Do I Make an Appointment for an Aura Revlite Treatment?

Are you interested in obtaining an Aura Revlite Treatment? Determine your suitability for the procedure by making an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic! Patients can make their appointment by phoning our clinic. Making an appointment is also possible via email, instant messaging, or the website contact form.

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