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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

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Many patients often wonder how long lip fillers last, since the large majority of lip filler treatments require maintenance sessions. Dr Lanzer and his associates aim to answer these questions in detail in this comprehensive information overview on lip fillers.

What Are The Different Types Of Lip Fillers?

There are numerous compounds that can be used as a lip filler, however, each of these compounds can have its advantages and disadvantages. Because of the potential disadvantages of certain compounds, it is always a good idea for patients to do their research in the various types of fillers before their treatment.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common types of dermal fillers. In fact, hyaluronic acid is found in the human body, more specifically as a support fluid in human tissue. Subsequently, hyaluronic acid gel is less likely to cause allergic reactions during a cosmetic procedure.

Another type of lip filler is the polyacrylamide filler. These fillers tend to be longer lasting than their hyaluronic counterparts. However, they are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, even though they are relatively rare overall.

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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Depending on the type of lip filler obtained by the patient, they can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months or several years.

To maximise the results obtained from lip filler, and to avoid complications, patients are advised to avoid supplements such as fish oil, primrose oil and vitamin E. Patients should also avoid blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Your cosmetic surgeon can give you more detailed information about the supplements and medications to avoid before lip filler treatment.

How Do You Make Lip Fillers Last Longer?

The lifespan of your lip fillers can be increased by carefully following the aftercare advice obtained by your clinic. This aftercare advice cannot only reduce some of the side-effects that can be experienced post-treatment, it can also get the most from your lip fillers.

Patients should also consider the lip filler swelling stages. For example, it is not uncommon for the patients lips to swell the day after lip injections. This swelling usually dissipates over the course of your recovery. However, if you notice substantial and unusual swelling, contact your cosmetic clinic immediately.

It is also a good idea to protect your lips against direct sunlight, since UV rays have shown to cause certain fillers to dissolve quicker. Therefore, use a suitable lip balm with sun protection on your upper and bottom lip. Aside from that, it is recommended to keep your body healthy, which means enjoying a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise.

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Do Lips Go Back To Normal After Fillers?

Some swelling and discomfort can be expected shortly after the procedure, more specifically after the numbing cream wears off. Lip fillers such as hyaluronic acid gel fillers dissolve in the body, which means lips will return to normal over a period of six months. However, there are some types of fillers that might need to be removed due to their longer-term effects.

The lifespan of lip filler can come down to the amount of filler used as well as the type of filler injected by the cosmetic surgeon. It is therefore important to inform about the various types of fillers if you are looking to obtain more plump lips or have injections as part of a rejuvenation treatment.

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How Often Do You Need Lip Fillers?

Once again, this depends on the type of lip filler you have. If you have hyaluronic acid gel fillers, then the filler will dissolve over time and you are likely to need a maintenance session after six months. Polyacrylamide fillers on the other hand are more long-term.

How Much Does It Cost For Lip Filler?

When comparing the lip fillers price of various cosmetic clinics, you will quickly find out that the price of this cosmetic treatment can be quite variable depending on the clinic you choose. The reason for that is the type of lip filler used by the surgeon, but also the experience of this surgeon with lip fillers. To avoid unexpected costs, it is always best to book a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon for a detailed overview of the cost.

At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, new patients can obtain a free and no-obligation appointment at our clinic. This appointment enables patients to learn more about lip filler treatment at our clinic, but also enables them to obtain a free quote for their lip filler procedure. After this free lip filler consultation, patients can make a more informed decision about their treatment.

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