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What Is the Face Makeover At The Dr Lanzer Clinic!

What Is the Face Makeover At The Dr Lanzer Clinic!

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Some cosmetic surgery clinics provide specific treatments in a bundle; this often helps patients to obtain the results they wish to obtain without having to sift through each of the treatments individually.

One of the treatment “bundles” available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic is the Face Makeover. The Face Makeover may include a number of treatments with rejuvenation in mind. To understand and learn more about these treatments, please read our compact guide below.

What Treatments Are Included In a Face Makeover?

There are various treatments that can be included in a Face Makeover. The most common treatments include the blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, suture lift, neck liposuction, mini face lift and fat transfer.

What Does a Blepharoplasty Do?

Blepharoplasty is a term used to describe eyelid surgery. The treatment is often used to correct problems such as hooded eyelids , since eyelid surgery can effectively remove excess skin and fat from the eye region and give the patient a more rejuvenated look.

What Does Laser Resurfacing Do?

Laser resurfacing is procedure where the surgeon will use a laser beam to remove certain layers of skin. Through the removal of the skin layers, the surgeon can force the body to react, creating more collagen and more radiant looking skin once the skin has healed.

What Does the Suture Lift Do?

A suture lift is a specific type of facelift procedure. During a suture lift, the cosmetic surgeon aims to create a natural lift for the face; this by addressing problems such as sagging cheeks and jowls. Due to the nature of the procedure and how it is executed, a suture lift is often recommended for older patients.

Discover Face Makeover Procedure Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Face Makeover procedure. This procedure causes less risks and is accompanied with fewer risk

If you’re looking for a face makeover, get a free consultation at Melbourne Face Makeover Procedure clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Does a Neck Liposuction Do?

During a neck liposuction, the surgeon will remove fat deposits strategically; this through a gentle suction process. By removing these deposits of fats, the surgeon can reshape the neck of the patient.

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What Does a Fat Transfer Do?

A fat transfer can be implemented for a number of reasons, but before we get to that, let us take a look at how the fat transfer works.

Before a fat transfer can be executed, a cosmetic surgeon must harvest some fat from the patient’s body; this is done from an area that has an accumulation of fat. Common areas that are used for fat harvesting include the thighs, abdomen, and hips. Once this fat has been harvested, it is stored in a fat bank for later use.

During a fat transfer, the cosmetic surgeon will reintroduce the harvested fat in the treatment area; this could be the hands, the face, or another area that requires rejuvenation. As we age, the face and the hands can lose volume. Reintroducing fats to those areas can solve some of the problems such fat loss brings.

Of course, a fat transfer can be used for other reasons as well. In some cases, a fat transfer will be used to alter the shape of a certain area of the body; this can include the buttocks or the breasts. Depending on the size difference the patient wants, the fat transfer can be implemented.

For more information about the treatments mentioned today, please head over to the treatment overview on the main page or contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic for additional info.

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