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We consult & operate Australia-wide

Which Treatments Can Be Used For A Face Makeover?

Which Treatments Can Be Used For A Face Makeover?

Which Treatments Can Be Used For A Face Makeover?

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There are many treatments that can be used for a face makeover; these treatments can be surgical and non-surgical in nature. Of course, the large number of treatments available does not make it easier for patients to find the treatment that is most suitable for them. To help patients make their way through the world of face makeover treatments, we have listed the most common options below.

What Is The Blepharoplasty And How Does It Influence The Face?

The blepharoplasty is a term used to describe eyelid surgery. During this kind of procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will focus on the removal of excess skin and/or fat. Through this removal, the surgeon can create a more alert look for the patient in question.

A blepharoplasty is often used as an anti-ageing treatment, since the eyes are often the first place that show visible signs of ageing. Common problems that can be addressed though eyelid surgery include hooded eyelids and bags underneath the eyes. Therefore, if the patient’s visible signs of ageing are mainly situated around the eyes, then the blepharoplasty may be the best option for face rejuvenation.

What Is Laser Resurfacing And How Does It Influence The Face?

One of the non-surgical treatments that can provide a patient with a more rejuvenated appearance is laser resurfacing. During this treatment, the cosmetic surgeon uses a specialised laser to target certain layers of the skin. By causing damage to certain skin layers, the body’s ability to create collagen is started. In turn, the collagen that has been produced will make the skin tighter and smoother.

Most patients will require several laser resurfacing treatments to obtain the desired result. The exact amount of laser resurfacing treatments will be subject to the specific problem. For example, someone who wants to treat acne scarring may need more treatments than someone who wants a single treatment to improve their skin texture and skin tone.

Since laser resurfacing can be done with different types of lasers, it is always advised to attend an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon first. After determining the patient’s skin tone as well as their requirements, the cosmetic surgeon can recommend a treatment route.

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What Is The Suture Lift And How Does It Influence The Skin?

One of the face makeover treatments that can have a dramatic effect on the youthfulness of the face is the suture lift. Because of the dramatic difference this kind of treatment can create, it is often a treatment obtained by patients who experience quite severe signs of ageing; this may include sagging facial skin as well as deeper lines and wrinkles.

The natural ageing process can cause the facial structure to change. So, even people who have looked after their skin over the years will still notice the dramatic changes the natural ageing process brings. In those cases, a cosmetic surgeon may have to tighten the underlying muscles of the skin and even remove sagging skin to create a more youthful appearance. Naturally, these are techniques often implemented during a suture lift.

A cosmetic surgeon will use specific techniques for facial rejuvenation during a suture lift, so it is important for patients to know that not all facelifts will provide the same results. Always speak to your cosmetic surgeon about the different types of facelifts available and the influence they will have on your appearance.

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What Is Liposuction And How Does It Influence The Skin?

When you think of facial rejuvenation, one of the last treatments you probably think about is the liposuction. However, strategic liposuction can cause a rejuvenating effect as well; this especially applies to areas such as the neck.

The natural ageing process can cause an accumulation of fat in the neck. As a result, the neck can start to sag, while the overall neckline becomes less defined. These changes cause the patient’s face to look older.

During a neck liposuction, the cosmetic surgeon can target fat inside the neck and subsequently remove it. Through the removal of that fat, the neck becomes more defined again.

Please note that in extreme cases, the patient can also encounter excess skin and problems with the underlying muscles. If this is the case, the cosmetic surgeon could recommend a combination of the neck lift and liposuction. During this procedure, the surgeon will still remove the fat, but also tighten any underlying muscles and remove excess skin.

Which Face Makeover Treatments Will Be Best For Me?

To find the treatment – or combination of treatments – that will benefit you most, it is always recommended to book an appointment with an experienced cosmetic surgeon such as Dr Daniel Lanzer. During your consultation, you can discuss the areas that bother you most and find out how certain treatments can provide a solution.

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