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This patient had a full makeover which included blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, mini face lift, liposuction of the jowls, erbium resurfacing of the deep wrinkles around her mouth, and fat banking. Note she now has make up and a smiling pose.

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Case Study: Face Makeover Before & After Photos

This is a classic case of a fair patient who has aged significantly. She is only in her low 50’s, but had skin textural changes and drooping that would often be seen in a patient in their 70’s or 80’s. It is often hard to understand why some patients develop this type of severe ageing. It could be related to sun exposure , but genetics is probably the main underlying cause. Initially, this lady had a skin suture lift hoping to get away with a less invasive procedure. However, the lift was not as dramatic enough as she would like. She went on to have a stage II mini face lift where the skin was actually surgically removed.

One can see that the main areas that were causing aging were the lines around the mouth. Deep wrinkles such as these, often happen from smoking, facial movement, and sun exposure. Erbium laser resurfacing uses a highly sophisticated light that is attracted to the water deep in the skin. In this way, the outer layers are vaporised away and the skin becomes smoother and tighter. This lady does have a tendency to purse her lips and therefore wrinkles can slightly recur. One of the ways to prevent this is by using muscle relaxant injections. One needs to be very careful and use tiny dots of it so that there is no weakness of the facial muscle movement which would stop her from being able to suck with a straw.

Facial fillers can also enhance the wrinkles of the lip by giving the lip more volume and definition and stretching out the lines. All patients who have laser resurfacing need to go on an antiviral tablet if they have ever had a history of cold sores as this prevents the cold sores from breaking out. The second feature that stands out in these photographs is the very heavy jowls. The jowls occur for 2 reasons, either from excessive fat and/or the excessive skin that is drooping from the cheeks down. By doing a combination of liposculpture of the jowls and a lifting procedure, one can develop a real tight and sharp appearance around the neck and jaw line as in this case. Extra care is required when performing liposculpture in the jowls as there is one of the branches of the facial nerve that is present in this area. To date, Dr. Lanzer has never seen a pivotal injury of this nerve, but it is a risk. One will also note that this patient is quite fair.

This tends to be the most ideal patient to do laser resurfacing on. Another photograph to look at in this patient is the pre-operative photograph of this lady’s neck. That shows very severe wrinkling of the skin underneath the neckline. By doing the combined liposculpture for the fat and tightening of the skin with the mini tuck we would be able to make this very smooth and tight. Sometimes patients do not notice the wrinkles as it is under the jaw line. It is definite cause of aging and concern. Have a close look at this lady’s eyelids and you’ll notice that she has more fat on the top inner corners.

Some patients do collect fat in this area which can make the skin look older. We removed a little bit of skin but a lot more of the fat to make the skin smooth. The laser resurfacing has had a dramatic effect around the wrinkles of her eye lids. She has gone on to have muscle relaxant injections on her forehead to relax the muscle in this area in order to prevent a recurrence. In summary, this lady has had a face makeover which is a combination of procedures. At one point, she also had some fat injected into the cheeks. Fat and stem cells are combined to improve volume in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions For Face Makeover

What is a face makeover?

Face makeover involves treating multiple different signs and areas of aging. They can be divided into surgical and medical.


1 – mini face and neck lift

2 – laser blepharoplasty upper and lower eyelid

3 – laser resurfacing of wrinkles

4 – fat transfer to cheeks

5 – liposculpture neck


1- lip fillers

2- muscle relaxant around eyes.

The goal of face makeover is to perform multiple procedures that are less invasive then a deep plane face lift with the purpose to create a natural rejuvenated appearance.

How much is a full face makeover?

Full face makeover prices ranges between $5000- $25000 depending on the number of procedures performed.

What does a full face makeover involve?

Full face makeover involves addressing the loose skin of the lower face with a mini face lift, the neck line with liposculpture and neck lift, the wrinkling and texture changes with laser resurfacing, the heavy and aged eyes with laser blepharoplasty.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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