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Which Face Makeover Treatments Can Correct The Grumpy Look

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A large amount of people often encounters the grumpy look as they age. No matter how much they smile, somehow their face always appears sad. The changes that occur as a result of the natural ageing process can cause this, but fortunately, there are several things that can be done to correct such a problem.

What Face Makeover Treatment Is Used To Correct The Eyes?

The eyes can be one of the main parts of the face to cause the grumpy look, so this is often the area that will be addressed by a cosmetic surgery. A common treatment that is used by cosmetic surgery is blepharoplasty, better known under the name eyelid surgery.

During the blepharoplasty, the cosmetic surgery will remove any excess fat or skin; this to correct problems such as hooded eyelids. By removing excess skin and fat, the surgeon can make the eyes appear more open and more alert, which has a rejuvenating influence on the face.

There are some instances where a brow lift or a forehead lift could be used to correct the so-called grumpy look and frown lines. There are also different brow lift techniques that can be used, this includes the endoscopic brow lift, temporal or limited incision brow lift, or the classic brow lift surgery.

When the patient has a lot of extra fat around the jawline or additional fine lines and wrinkles around the jowls or the mouth, the surgeon may choose a procedure such as a facelift. For the facelift, the incision is usually situated around the hairline. The incision also depends on the type of technique used by the surgeon.

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What Face Makeover Treatment Is Used To Tighten And Smoothen The Skin?

There are several treatments that are used to obtain skin tightness; this ranges from non-surgical to surgical procedures. Evidently, the type of procedure selected by the cosmetic surgery will depend heavily on the problems you are encountering.

One of the treatments implemented for skin tightening is laser skin resurfacing. The treatment proves particularly popular because of its anti-aging benefits. In addition to making the skin a little tighter and smoother, it can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even acne scarring.

Laser skin resurfacing can be executed as a standalone treatment, but it can also be done as an addition to another treatment such as the mommy makeover, dermal fillers, breast lift, neck lift and other cosmetic procedures that could benefit from more elasticity in the skin.

In addition to skin resurfacing, there are other treatments that can have a reconstructive effect on the patient’s skin. These include chemical peels.

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What Face Makeover Treatment Is Used For A Loss Of Volume In The Face?

A loss of volume in the face can also cause the so-called grumpy look. The loss of volume is quite a common problem though, as our face can lose fat due to the natural ageing process. So, to correct this problem, fat can be transferred into the treatment area.

Fat transfer is a treatment known for its anti-aging benefits, but it is also used to alter the shape and size of a treatment area. One of the unique aspects of this treatment is that fat is harvested from the patient’s own body and then reinjected into the treatment area.

Fat transfer is not only a procedure that can be done on the face. The procedure can also be used on the hands, an area that is also prone to visible signs of ageing. As we age, volume is lost in the hands. It causes the underlying bones and veins to become more visible. By using the fat transfer, bones and veins can remain hidden once again.

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A fat transfer can be used for a variety of other purposes, this includes breast augmentation. The fat for the procedure is usually harvested during other cosmetic procedures, this includes the tummy tuck, abdominoplasty or other body contouring procedures, breast reduction with liposuction and more.

In addition to the fat transfer, the cosmetic surgeon can also address a loss of volume with fillers. These fillers can be used to restore a more youthful appearance, but can also change the overall size of the treatment area.

Patients should consider that most facial rejuvenation procedures are accompanied by some downtime. If a patient has an injectable, then he or she can resume their normal activities almost immediately. However, they can experience some side effects after the treatment.

The cosmetic surgeon can also recommend the removal of loose skin, which usually occurs after a period of weight loss. However, some patients can have loose skin by losing volume due to the natural ageing process.

How Do I Find The Best Face Makeover Treatment?

There can be several factors that contribute to the so-called grumpy appearance. On top of that, common signs of ageing can influence the face in many different ways. To determine what kind of treatment is best, it is always advised to speak to Dr Lanzer.

When a patient comes in for a face makeover, they usually have some idea about the areas on the face that bother them most. It is important to report this to Dr Lanzer, as this can help to determine which treatment will provide you with the best results.

Patients who are considering coming in for a face makeover treatment can also look at our case studies. Our case studies include before and after photographs of various rejuvenation treatments, which can give patients better insight into the effects of certain treatments. Of course, case studies should solely be seen as examples. Every patient is unique, so the results obtained from certain face rejuvenation treatments can be quite unique too. If you want a better idea of the effects a treatment will have on your face, be sure to ask this during your consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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