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Muscle Relaxants For Facial Rejuvenation: How Do They Work?

Muscle Relaxants For Facial Rejuvenation: How Do They Work?

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If you have been searching for facial rejuvenation treatments at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, you have undoubtedly come across the term “muscle relaxants”. Many patients obtain treatment with these muscle relaxant to achieve a younger appearance, but how do these relaxants work? If you wish to know more, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer team below.

What Is A Muscle Relaxant And How Does It Work?

The muscle relaxant is made from a specific type of protein, obtained from a bacterium. The protein has a unique effect on the muscles of the skin, since it prevents certain lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement.

It is important to mention that various types of wrinkles and fine lines can appear on the face. Dynamic lines and wrinkles are those that are treated with the muscle relaxant. They are the fine lines and wrinkles that only become visible when facial muscles are moving.

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What Are The Benefits Of Muscle Relaxant Treatment?

As we mentioned briefly already, muscle relaxants will reduce the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles on the face. Common dynamic wrinkles that may occur on the face include frown lines, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

While some dynamic lines and wrinkles only become visible due to facial movement, some of these dynamic lines and wrinkles can become more permanent; this is caused by repeated movement of the same facial movement. For example, a patient who has frowned a lot over the course of her life may encounter permanent frown lines later in life.

Does Muscle Relaxant Treatment Require Sedation Of Any Kind?

Most muscle relaxant treatments are relatively painless and do not require sedation. For most patients, the implementation of the muscle relaxant will feel like a small pinch on the skin.

Will Results Take Long To Appear After Treatment With A Muscle Relaxant?

Muscle relaxant treatment is one of those treatments that yields immediate results. Patients who leave The Dr Lanzer Clinic after their procedure will be able to see the results from this treatment almost immediately, not considering the side-effects that can occur as a result of the treatment.

Side-effects that can be experienced after treatment with a muscle relaxant can vary from patient to patient. Most patients will have a tiny bruise where the injection was inserted into the skin; this bruise will heal over time and can easily be hidden with some makeup. A small percentage of patients can also experience some minor swelling at the incision site.

We must mention that it is important to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon for any treatment involving muscle relaxants. While this is a relatively safe procedure, the treatment can pose some dangers when executed by someone without the necessary qualifications. Therefore, always choose a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist with extensive experience.

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Are The Effects From Muscle Relaxants Permanent?

While the results obtained from muscle relaxant treatment can last for some time, patients will have to return to The Dr Lanzer Clinic for maintenance sessions. The amount of time before maintenance sessions can vary from patient to patient as well.

Most patients return to The Dr Lanzer Clinic for a maintenance session six months after their last muscle relaxant treatment. As muscle relaxant treatments are repeated over time, some patients can hold off longer before needing another maintenance appointment. Of course, this is different for every patient, so some may be required to keep having maintenance sessions every six months.

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Should I Have A Dermal Filler Or A Muscle Relaxant?

Dr Lanzer will be able to tell you which will be more effective for the results you are trying to achieve. Dermal fillers work differently compared to muscle relaxants, so it is important to ask Dr Lanzer about this alternative treatment and its inner workings before you have it done.

Some patients may choose a combination of dermal filler and muscle relaxant; this is done when a patient has a specific aesthetic goal that cannot be achieved with muscle relaxant alone. However, we urge patients to always obtain enough information about the treatments they will have. Information is always provided before any treatment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, but you can also find interesting information on our website.

How Can I Get An Appointment For Treatment For Dynamic Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

If dynamic fine lines and wrinkles are bothering you, you can make an appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic to discuss the available treatment options. To make an appointment with Dr Daniel Lanzer at a clinic near you, please use one of the available contact methods on our website. Patients can contact us via telephone or the website enquiry form. We always aim to provide patients with an appointment that works for them, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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